Best Natural Ingredients For Curly Hair

Best Natural Ingredients For Curly Hair

Best Natural Ingredients For Curly Hair


This oil has a combination of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, EFAs and chemical constituents that come together to moisturize, enrich hair color, and eliminate frizz.

Not only is this oil rich in fatty acids that help to give hair a smooth and silky texture, but it also protects from stress, deterioration and stress

While argan oil helps moisturize, it can also be used after you style on dry hair to add shine and control frizz

Although coconut oil helps repair damaged hair, it also fights damage. Apply to damp hair for at least thirty minutes then wash off with sulfate free shampoo for soft, moisture rich hair

Grape Seed:
This antioxidant packed oil is perfect for those with thinner hair as it is a lighter option than coconut or olive oil. Warm up the oil and massage onto the scalp in a circular motion.

Best for those with thick, unruly curls, jojoba oil is widely used ingredient in natural hair products for curly hair. However, it should be used sparingly. it works perfectly as a split and remedy by applying to just the ends of damp hair.

This kitchen standby is great because you likely already have a bottle at home. Olive oil makes a great hair mask. Simply heat it up and apply to damp hair, leave on for ten to forty five minutes, then rinse with sulfate free shampoo

Did you Know?
Some stores bought shampoos and moisturizers contain phtalates, a class of chemicals used in plastics, and formaldehyde.

Why Natural

  • Natural products aren’t aggressive as man- made products that are packed with chemicals.
  • Natural products do less damage than traditional hair products
  • Instead of building up layers of silicone, natural products wash out and don’t leave hair dull with product build up.

Other Essentials

We know and love aloe for its healing and soothing properties after a sun bur. But it can also be used in hair products for natural conditioning. It also may stimulate blood flow to the scalp to promote hair growth

In addition to being delicious, avocado also makes a great addition to hot-oil treatments and hair masks for soft, conditioned hair.

Since bamboo is both strong and fast growing, the extract calms frizz and add shine. it also makes hair more flexible.

The butter made from the murumuru palm trees, which grow in Brazil and around the Amazon, forms a great protective barrier and softens coarse, thick culs.

Shea Butter:
Because Shea butter is rich in vitamins A, E and F, it is one of the best treatments for dry, brittle hair. It absorbs quickly without leaving greasy residue and also boasts natural sun protecting qualities.

Although it softens and defines curls, seaweed also has a high mineral content which is good for hair growth and strength.


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