Is it Bad to Wash Hair Everyday?

Is it Bad to Wash Hair Everyday?

Though there are no definite rules for shampooing your hair, there is one thing that is definite and that is keeping the proper scalp hygiene. This is very important to lavish hair, because personal hygiene is to keep your entire body healthy at all times. The scalp can be compared to a garden soil. If it is clean all the time and there is no contamination, the nutrients can easily penetrate into the roots of the plant. This goes for the scalp, the nutrients can penetrate through the roots of the hair via proper blood circulation, and the hair will grow accordingly and will flourish to shine.

Picking the best type of shampoo should be on top of your list when it comes to keeping the hair healthy all the time. If the shampoo will be able to provide the natural requirements of the hair, there will be no problem at all. Your shampoo must be non-detergent, doesn’t have artificial colors and scents. A lot of commercially formulated shampoos in the market today are filled with artificial colors, scents and detergents that can cause dryness and damages to the hair. These shampoos can also cause hair follicle clog more than cleanses the scalp.

Be cautious about chemicals

Shampoos with detergents & color additives usually leave residue on the coating on your hair, while the artificial scents dry out the shafts of the hair, cause damage and make the hair brittle too. Chemical additives can cause dryness of the scalp and they can also disturb the natural pH balance of the scalp that may lead to itchiness, dandruff, thinning of the hair and hair loss later on. Aside from the harmful chemicals, it is also best to not use shampoos with berries, tomatoes, guava and the like. On the other hand, temptingly natural, these fruits & veggies derived shampoos can clog the pores of the scalp, dry the hair and disturb the pH level of the scalp too. It can also harm the natural texture of the hair.

Don’t be deceived

Opposing to the traditional wisdom, it is important to buy a special formula if you have dry or oily hair type. These shampoos are specially formulated for people with special needs, but oftentimes they have more harmful and toxic ingredients when compared to regular shampoos. There is this Morocco method of shampooing wherein they impose the all-natural hair care system. They promise to remove too much oily and dryness from the hair while keeping the natural balance of the scalp.  When you pick a shampoo, you can perform the nose test. This is the best barometer.

You need to rely on your sense of smell. It is very dependable. If the shampoo doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredient and the smell is acceptable and even appealing to your nose, it might be the right shampoo you need. But, what might be good for someone might not be suited for you. Every individual has his/her own chemical balance and those changes with situations and age too. There is no particular shampoo that will be suited for everyone.

Is it Bad to Wash Hair Everyday?

Preferably, shampooing the hair must be done at least 2-3 times a week. Over time, your hair & scalp will become immune to the shampoo you use and this will cause upsetting of the alkaline pH balance. What you can do is to alternate the shampoos you use, this can help in keeping the hair and the scalp friendly & responsive to the formula of the shampoo. This process will make sure that thorough cleansing is observed and the scalp and hair are properly nourished. Some shampoo manufacturers claim that their shampoos are all based on the rotation principle and natural methods of hair and scalp care.

Of course, you need to assess the truth behind this claim. There is a company that has developed 5 shampoos formulated conferring to 5 different elements such as the air, earth, fire, ether and water in different degrees. These elemental shampoos contain the finest ingredients from across the globe.  The shampoos contain the power of nature’s most important herbs, minerals and oils and they were developed, blended and bottled according to the lunar astrology cycle to boost the verve. Well, some people are very much interested in this shampoo, because of the claim that it can cleanse, detoxify and nourish the hair along with the scalp. It can also help in stimulating the flow of the blood and every shampoo type highlights a specific treatment.

Is it Bad to Wash Hair Everyday? When is the right time?

There are lots of contradictory views written about shampooing that people are now confused. Though, some say that it is best to shampoo every day, while others say that everyday shampooing is bad, because this can cause hair drying and damages too. Luckily, it is not as troublesome as it is. Well, you just have to observe your hair and then from there decide how often you need to shampoo it. Your hair and scalp will dictate the number of times they need to be shampooed.  If you will ask an expert in hairstyling if, it is bad to wash hair every day, he/she will tell you that the final decision is still yours to make at the end of the day. Your hair and scalp condition will tell you how often they must be washed.

There are some who are comfortable in shampooing their hair 2 times daily, while for others they are contented in just once daily. Doing these can deplete the natural oils of your hair and scalp and it will cause severe dryness. For a lot of people, shampooing daily keeps their hair healthy and the chemical balance is kept both for the hair and scalp. However, for others who keeps brushing their hair and observe the right brushing habits, shampooing their hair every 3 to 4 days is fine. All of these routines can be very effective for you as long as you are comfortable and your hair and scalp condition are not compromised. As long as the new growth of the hair is keeping its health and vividness, the routine you are doing is just suited for you.

Things you should know about shampooing

Do you know that shampooing is not the most essential part of cleansing the hair and scalp?  You can use the most costly shampoo available in the market, but if you are not using it the right way, you will not be able to see visible results.  Massaging the scalp and the hair and then rinsing them are the most essential parts of washing your hair. Experts suggest you use the cushions of your fingers to gently massage the scalp while you shampoo it to eliminate the sebum secretion like the oily and greasy substance. This way, the hair follicles will grow healthily from the scalp. You need to make sure that the shampoo is rinsed off totally from the hair to prevent build-up.

Shampoos made from natural products do not mean they are better than the others. Just because a shampoo contains all natural ingredients indicated on the box doesn’t mean that it is good for you. For instance, lemon this is an all-natural ingredient found in some shampoos, but it is not good for the scalp. It can cause irritation and dryness of the scalp and hair follicles, so it is not always recommended by experts. Mint and menthol are also natural and when used in a salon, it can make your scalp feel good and refreshed. But do you know that these 2 can cause allergic reactions? This is the reason why you shouldn’t use shampoo as a guide to what must be used on your hair, they should be developed and balanced by hair experts first.

Less is really more. When you use a lot of shampoo more than a quarter sizes to make lather is not advisable. The lather can help you in massaging the hair and the scalp, but a lot of it, can prevent you from properly doing what you need to do.  Even if in the past you might have heard that buying shampoos in a drugstore is not advisable because they dilute the shampoo in water or they sell low quality brands of shampoos, but this is not true at all. With the economic status of the world today, companies look for ways to get their products out for selling. So, some of the brands are really looking for a marketplace where they can hit their sales quota daily.

If your hair is chemically treated, you need to buy a clarifying shampoo for the consistency. When the hair is colored or bleached it becomes porous, so it can easily absorb yellowish tones from the environment like sweat, smog, Hairspray and minerals from the shower water. If you will use a clarifying shampoo once a week, it can help in dissolving the product and the natural buildup thus it can neutralize the unnecessary tones.

If you have noticed over time that your shampoo brand is not doing anything good on your hair, don’t throw the bottle yet. The hair also changes with the seasons, this might be the reason why your hair as a different texture at the moment. If you do not rinse your hair well, there might be a buildup of the product on your scalp. This has nothing to do with the shampoo that is not working well for you anymore.  Keep in mind that when you wash your hair with the right type of shampoo, your hair will look good over time and not overnight.


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