Hollywood Hairstyles

Hollywood Hairstyles

Hollywood Hairstyles

  • 1,500
    The average salon occupies about 1500 square feet and is located in a mall or strip center
  • 20%
    The need for hairdressers, hairstylists cosmetologists will increase by 20 percent by 2018
  • 104 Is number of times the average woman changes hairstyles in her lifetime
  • 4 of 5 Women mimic celebrity hairstyles.
  • Glee star Matthew Morrison uses body lotion lubriderm to give his hair extra life.
  • “The Rachel” is the most requested hairstyle of all time

Hairdressers, Hairstylists Cosmetologists 773,000

Feathered Angled Bob Beachy Waves Extensions Blunt Bangs Choppy Shag Pixie Cut Curls Classic

  • 1920s Greta Garbo
  • 1930s Shirley Temple
  • 1940s Ava Gardner
  • 1950s Marilyn Monroe
  • 1960s Jane Fonda
  • 1970s Farrah Fawcett
  • 1980s Demi Moore
  • 1990s Meg Ryan
  • 2000s Victoria beckham

Celebrity Touples
Mel Gibson. Chuck Norris. John Travolta. Sean Connery. Charlton Heston. William Shatner. Fred Astaire

  • The Term MULLET was first coined in 1994
  • 100g: A single strand of hair can support 100 grams in weight ( The average person has up to 150,000 hairs on his or her head.)
  • In 2010, California hairdressers and hairstylists made $21,468 as annual salary and $10.32 as hourly wage

Lather Rinse repeat
In the book “the plagiarist” by Benjamin Cheever, an advertising executive increases the sales of his client’s shampoo by introducing the word “REPEAT” to its instructions.


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