Wash Hair before Dyeing: important things you should know before coloring your hair

Wash Hair before Dyeing: important things you should know before coloring your hair

Hair coloring is one way to become trendy and to give yourself a makeover with supreme impact, so to be sure that you will end up with the color of your choice and stay great looking in between the color jobs; this article can be helpful to you. Hair coloring is best in covering gray hair or restore the hair that was bleached or discolored. There are few things that you need to keep in mind when dyeing your hair like as follows.

Essential things to keep in mind before dyeing your hair

Does the length of your hair affect the quantity of dye that must be used for your hair?  Well, if your hair is shoulder length or longer than this and thick, you need to prepare at least 2 packs of the colorant to fully soak the hair. Make sure that the ends of the hair will be able to absorb all the dye. The process timing might be different for the ends.

Do hair type matters? Your hair type really matters when it comes to the time for the coloring process to go on. It is very essential to consider the texture of the hair during the hair coloring process. For those with coarse hair, it will take more time for the hair to absorb all the coloring, so you need to allot more time, while for those with fine hair type the coloring will be easily absorbed by the hair, so short processing time is required.  If you have a dry or newly permed hair, it may absorb the coloring faster. This is because there are few factors that affect the duration of the colorant on the hair. But no matter what the type of hair you have, it is always best to go through a strand test. This is good to predict the coloring time and to know the result of your chosen shade and brand on your hair.

Is it ok to wash hair before dyeing? Well, you must not wash hair before dyeing, since washing can eliminate the natural oils of the hair that protects the scalp during the coloring procedure.  You can shampoo your hair twelve to twenty four hours before coloring with a non-permanent colorant and twenty four hour period before the coloring the hair. This can help in making the hair color last until your next scheduled visit to your hairstylists.

Is it ok to cut or perm the hair before coloring? Well, you need to color your hair first before you cut it. Since the hair is best to cut when and you must not shampoo your hair before coloring it. You need to do this to preserve the natural oils on your scalp that protects the hair during the coloring procedure. On the other hand, it will be nice if you will have your hair perm first before coloring it, this will make sure that the procedure will not inhibit with the newly applied colorant. If you will use a permanent hair color, you have to wait for around ten days before you wash your hair and then wash hair before dyeing only once.

If you intend to use a non-permanent hair color, it may last up to eight shampoos. This will happen if the product doesn’t have ammonia or peroxide. You can also go through perming the say day, just make sure that your scalp is not affected and is in great condition. You need to check the instructions stated on the box of the colorant, since there are some that may last up to twenty four shampoos & yet they still contain peroxide. If this is the case, you need to wait for ten days after perming your hair. You still need to go through a strand test before coloring your hair, perming agents and relaxing agents can leave porous substances in the hair and it will enable the color to be absorbed quicker.

Is it best to use a conditioner than a shampoo after coloring the hair? Yes, it will be best to use a conditioner that comes with the hair dye after the coloring process. This is because the conditioner in the package has been particularly tested for use along with the hair dye to help in making the hair shine and softer after coloring.

The key to achieve the best color

For you to achieve the color result that you want from a dye brand is to make sure that your hair is in great condition. Having a healthy hair is the key to keep the color vivid for the longest time possible. You need to always treat the hair mildly and then do not use harsh products like shampoos and conditioners when applying the dye for at least once monthly.

  1. It’s best to use a hot oil treatment cream 3 days before you color your hair. This is the first step to prepare the hair strands for the hair dye you will use.
  2. Do not wash hair before dyeing to preserve the natural oils of the hair. With the oils you will be able to achieve the color that you want.
  3. Whenever you wash your hair, you can use a clarifying shampoo to eliminate the dirt and residue coming from the hair products and to also make sure that the strands are cleaner. When you have used a detoxifying shampoo, you can use a conditioner next time. Do not use them all at once.
  4. Pick the right hair color. Regardless if you will be the one to color your hair or you will go to a salon, picking the right type of hair dye will make a big difference into your life. As soon as you decide about the color you prefer to use on your mane, be sure it is a natural dye and do not go beyond dual hues blacker or brighter to make sure that you will achieve the color that is suited for the color of your skin.
  5. If you want something different from your natural hair color or you wish to have more complicated highlights or you want to have 2 toned hair color, you need to look for help from a professional hair color expert. This will prevent possible hair damages.
  6. If you will be the one to color your hair and it will be done at home, keep in mind that the color indicated on the label of the box is not the precise color that you will achieve afterwards. It is also best to do a strand test even at home for you to know the end result of the treatment and if you are not allergic to it.  This process will give you a hint if the result is what you want and if you will be happy with it.

After the hair dye process

  1. After coloring your hair, you need to wait for 2 days or so before you wash your hair, this way there will be enough time for the color to settle on your hair.
  2. Use a shampoo with a conditioner that is meant for color treated hair. This can help in keeping the color or you can also use a regular shampoo that is meant for boosting colored hair. There are various brands of hair products in the market and most of them are specially designed for different color shades.
  3. You can use shampoos and conditioners or styling cosmetics with a sunscreen formula to secure the color from fading by the sun and this will also help in protecting your scalp from possible sun damage.
  4. You can use a hair treatment weekly to keep the color in top shape. Moisturizers can help in locking the moisture from the hair, which is important for those with red hair to keep the color vivid.
  5. Those with darker hair color can use shine enhancing formulas. These can help in bringing out the shine and smoothness from your color treated hair.
  6. There is color glossary in the market today, go grab one now. The shade does not really matter at all. You can get them from salons; they have various brands to offer you there.
  7. When you start coloring your hair, you have to do this regularly or else there may be faded parts that will be very obvious and it will damage the look of the hair color, especially after 6 months. If you cannot spend a lot in going to a salon regularly, then you can look for a low maintenance type of hair color that you can maintain even at home.

Before you think of anything else like if you need to wash hair before dyeing, you need to consider the allergy and strand test first. They are very important not just to achieve the look that you want, but also make sure that you will be safe while you are in the process of hair coloring. Hair coloring products may cause serious allergic reactions, which can be serious and fatal if not properly treated. If you have had previous allergic reactions, you shouldn’t color your hair. If you still want to push through with it, then you need to go through the skin allergy test 2 days before the coloring process.  The strand test is also recommended to make sure that the end result is what you are expecting. There are cases when the person was not able to achieve the hair color that she/he wants and he/she wants a new shade. This strand test can lessen this kind of problem along the way.

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