Which Hair Color Get the Most Attention Online

September 25, 2016Infographic, Standard

Which Hair Color Get the Most Attention Online

We calculated the number of matches created based on a user’s hair color and compared it to the site-wide number of matches per user. For example, blonde females received 28% more matches than the average female user. Here are the results from over three million interactions:

#1 Blonde 28% more matches  and  #1 Silver 29% more matches

#2 Brown 25% more matches  and   #2 Grey 27% more matches

#3 Red 6% more matches  and  #3 Bald 5% more matches

#4 Black 4% fewer matches  and #4 Brown 1% fewer matches

#5 Silver 20 % Fewer Matches  and #5 Blonde 2% fewer matches

#6 Grey 25% fewer matches  and #6 Black 16% fewer matches

#7 Red 17% fewer matches

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