Washing your Hair with Beer

Washing your Hair with Beer

Beer is a type of alcoholic drink that a lot of people find in the bar. But only few people know that a few sips of it will provide advantages for the hair if used in the right manner. One of the benefits of beer is in the form of growth enhancement. If you wish to have a longer hair, then there is nothing better than considering this option. It is safe, easy to use and accessible as well. It is side effects free in the first place. Is beer safe for hair growth? Well, yes. But for you to know the other uses and advantages linked to beer, then read on to find out. According to a research, beer contains a natural ingredient called silica. This is a type of mineral that is well known to add volume to the hair that makes it thicker. It means that beer is a great option in terms of enhancing the hair naturally and adds volume to it too.

Nutrients for hair growth

Aside from silica, the beer is full of nutrients to nourish the hair like phosphorous, copper, magnesium, iron and other kinds of vitamin B. If the hair is given all the important vitamins and minerals it needs, it will be easier to keep it healthy and problem free. This is just one way to trigger hair growth. As soon as the hair gets the nourishment it needs to grow, your goals will be achieved in no time. Go ahead and grab a cold beer for your hair. If you are tired of begging your hair to grow with all the hair products you have bought, well a bottle of yeasty brewed beer can add strength & shine to limp hair and it is not just that, it can also make your hair grow even more. Unluckily, you don’t have to drink the beer to reap its benefits. You just need to soak your hair in it.

You probably know the feeling of using a shampoo or hair product for the very first time, right? Everyone is saying that your hair looks great on that day and people keep on asking where you bought the product you used. Well, using beer to rinse your hair can provide it with the glamorous feeling. The malt & hops visible in beer are filled with protein, which will provide the nourishment and will make the hair stronger.  The nutrients found in beer can help in repairing the hair even if it is dry and damaged to bring back its health and shine. The protein will be the one to bind the hair and make it well hydrated.

It will bring back the body to it lost during chemical treatment and blow drying. The alcohol in the beer is loaded with B vitamins that will make the hair shiny. They can also help in making the cuticle of the hair tight to make it bouncy. You can try washing your hair with beer to enhance its look. It will be easier to do this at home. You can just pop a bottle of beer in the shower and soak your hair there during the final rinsing. You also try mixing the beer with apple cider vinegar to rinse the hair. To achieve the best result, you can use an organic beer for your hair. The organic ones have less chemicals and additives that may be harmful to your hair. Just bear in mind that you can also use a warm brewed beer if you are not comfortable with using an ice cold one.

Beer for the hair

Beer for rinsing the hair

Washing your hair with beer can be done instead of washing it with conditioner. But you can always use a gentle type of shampoo for your hair before rinsing it with beer. The beer must reach your scalp and then leave it there for 45 minutes before you rinse it off. The smell of the beer may be close to the smell of plain water after rinsing it.

Beer can be used as a hair mask

Instead of using water, you can also use beer to make your very own hair mask. This is one of the best ways to get benefits from this alcoholic liquid beverage for hair growth. You can make the mask using natural products that may boost the growth of your hair and then just add the beer to achieve its maximum effects.

Take a bottle

You can also take a sip of your favorite beer, having it inside and outside of your body can boost hair growth. On the other hand, this shouldn’t be done regularly, especially if you are not a beer drinker or you are an expecting mother. Having it once in a while is just fine for the hair, but not on your skin. You can see wonders on your hair after sometime.

Beer as a shampoo

Washing your hair with beer can make it grow longer and shinier. You can do this by mixing a cup of gentle shampoo and ¼ cup of boiled beer. 1.5 will be a good start before you boil it and let it cool in a room temperature. Even if the alcohol in the beer has cleansing agents, mixing it with a shampoo goes more than just eliminating the dirt & the grime on your hair to boost its beauty.

Why beer?

Beer is truly a product in hot demand and for noticeable reasons, but who would ever though that beer will be beneficial for the hair as well?  Since beer is filled with high amount of minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins, its benefits are not just starting out and explored by spas and beauty salons. It also offers supreme nutritional value to the hair & it contains a lot of ingredients that other hair care products do not have. B vitamins, sucrose, protein and maltose are just some of the ingredients found in beer and they are very beneficial for the health of the hair. The magnesium found in beer along with phosphorous, magnesium and potassium can make the beer very effective for the hair.

A bottle of beer is filled with proteins to help in repairing the damage to your hair, B vitamins are for hair growth, maltose is to make the hair stronger, sucrose is to enhance the natural shine of the hair and for tightening the hair cuticles, while corn, wheat and rice proteins can help in inducing the volume and help the hair looks thicker. Beer is filled with biotin, which is very important for healthy growth of the hair.  The biotin can help in preventing dandruff from progressing and hair loss too.

The beer will act as the right conditioner for your hair; it has a natural conditioning agent that will help in bringing back life on your hair. It will also bring back the nutrients by using unknown yet effective home hair care system monthly. Your hair will thank you for washing your hair with beer. Beer will be highly effective when left on your hair for a few minutes. Make sure your hair is not colored; because color treated hair when poured with the beer can become dry.

Is there a specific brand to use for the hair?

The beer brand & its quality don’t contain considerable difference to the results you might encounter. This is the reason why there is no definite brand recommended for your hair, which means you can buy any unknown brand of beer in the market you come across with. This is the best way to try out some of the beer brands you come across with that you haven’t tried.  Expert suggests you use dark beer for your hair like stout. Biotin is higher in this type of beer, so next time you hit the liquor shop, pick a few bottles of Guinness to get the maximum effect.  Flat beer is also more advantageous and it is also recommended. You can leave the bottle open at night time before you put some on your hair. Shampoo your hair first before you use the beer mixture, this will also affect the results of this process.

There are people who doubt the effectiveness of beer for the hair, because it is smelly during the wash, but this smell to be gone after you rinse off the beer from your hair completely. There is nothing wrong using an alcoholic product for your hair if you have an oily hair, but beer will not be suited if you have dry hair and scalp or if you are using a hair dye. It will just make your hair drier and your scalp will feel itchy and uncomfortable with it. If you want to still go through washing your hair with beer you need to eliminate the alcohol from it by heating it up, but make sure not to boil it. Those with color treated hair or those with blond hair can use any brand and any kind of beer, though some want the lighter option. If your hair is very light or it was bleached, you better avoid using beer, because it can darken your hair color.

Beer for the hair is not a result of disparate women looking for solutions for their hair, but it is a result of women trying to look for something new that can boost their hair growth, make it shinier, bouncy and vibrant without spending huge amount of cash in salons and spas. It is a known fact that women want to feel and look good to the point that they want to try something new if it will not cause them harm and it will not cost them a fortune.


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