The Great Hair Affair

The Great Hair Affair

The Great Hair Affair

Most  women will tell you that a bad hair day has the power to affect your whole day. It is time to feel the love of a great hair day!

A Good Hair Day Is A Good Day!

  • 81% of women feel more confident on a good hair day versus a bad one
  • 90% Agree that a good hair day can positively impact their whole day

With Good Hair On Their Side, (Love Your Hair)

  • 50% Of women are more likely to post a picture of themselves on facebook
  • 2 in 5 women are more likely to have an in-person conversation

How Bad Is A Bad Hair Day?
For 1 in 3 women, everything seems harder when they’re having a bad hair day

What Does  Hair Feel Like on a Bad day?

  • 61% Say their hair feels lifeless
  • 45% Say their hair feels heavy, weighed down or sticky with reside
  • 20% Will not leave the house
  • 40% Will refuse to be in photos
  • 50% Will feel generally annoyed
  • 33% Will wash their hair again

Which means a good hair day is worth a lot!
For a good hair day every day for a year, what would women give up

  • 35% Would give up chocolate
  • 44% Would give up wine
  • 33% Would give up social media
  • 1 in 3 women will skip a shower or a workout to preserve their style

So How Do Women Have A Great Hair Affair?

  • 70% Have not found the solution to having a good hair day everyday
  • 74% Say they are always looking for new products to help their hair look good


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