GetAwayGrey Catalase Pills Vs Hair Dye

GetAwayGrey Catalase Pills Vs Hair Dye

GetAwayGrey Catalase Pills Vs Hair Dye


  • Based on documented scientific studies from the university of Bradford, in the United Kingdom, the anti-grey Super-vitamin works by replenishing a naturally occurring enzyme we all have called catalase that slowly depletes as we age causing hair grey.
    The cost is 29.95 For A Month Supply
  • Hair dye refers to artificial coloring of the hair through the use of varying chemical compounds for cosmetic appearances. There are two ways to dye one’s hair: either through visiting a professional hair salon, or buying the necessary materials to do it alone home.
    The cost is 75.00 For 1 Visit At Salon

***Of course, hair dye treatments can be done at home with a much lower costs, but doing so is dangerous without adequate expertise and knowledge of hair care products – an initial home treatment may be cheap, but any mistakes made could be costly and potentially dangerous to one’s own hair.

Ingredients & Effects:

  • Get Away Grey is an all natural product, and because of this side effects are brought to a minimum. ( Developed with the highest quality & purity of ingredients)
  • Hair dyes pose great risk in terms of health and effects on the body

***”Over 5,000 different chemicals are used in hair dye products, some of which are reported to be carcinogenic (cancer-Causing) in animals. Because so many people use hair dyes, scientists associated with an increased risk of cancer in people


  • Get Away Grey’s product solves the crisis of grey hair at its root, rather than just masking the problem with artificial dye and coloring.
  • Hair dye, while effective in the short term, may not be the best option for those seeking to permanently remove the problem of grey hair at its source


  • The time required to use Get Away Grey Calase pills is minimal, involving only the consumption of a pill. (2.3) seconds
  • With hair dye, extensive time is required. Hair salons require those seeking to remove grey hairs to revisit every five to six weeks, and personal research is required if one wishes to dye hair without outside assistance. (5-6 weeks)




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