How Many Times a Week Should I Wash My Hair If you Have Issues with DHT?

How Many Times a Week Should I Wash My Hair If you Have Issues with DHT?

Dealing with DHT

Ladies, shampooing your hair is really common these days, especially after being at work. There is nothing more comfortable and enjoyable than coming home with a relaxing shower and a lavish lather. In spite of all the hydrating styling products, you can tell if the hair texture has changed from being oily to becoming dry. Normal shampoos have detergents and chemicals better known as sulfates. These can strip off the dirt from the hair, but that may include the oil as well. The chemicals from the shampoo can cause the lather that will give the clean feeling. This sensation is just normal whenever you wash your hair, but it is quite harmful.

The scalp is just an extension of your face. Can you imagine washing your face using harmful chemicals? It will be very irritated. The cleansers clean the hair even without all the coarse stuff while the natural oils add hydration. You can compare the product to skin care cleansing balms and oils. Emollients & oils can draw away the impurities while continuously giving layers of moisture to the skin. This is the same idea with the hair.  There are herbal shampoos that help by protecting the hair and keeping the moisture and makes the natural escape to wash away all the dirt and the oil.

How many times a week should I wash my hair?  The answer to this question depends on the condition of your hair and scalp. It also depends on their needs.  There are several questions about lessening the DHT and how it affects the scalp and the hair. The hair may be lost for more than 90% and it is because of androgens, genes and sensitivity. A lot of people ask questions about shampooing and how it can help you if you shampoo all the time. How many times a week should I wash my hair if you are suffering from hair loss? There are people who truly believe that regardless of how spontaneous it may seem, daily washing is very essential, especially if you are having issues with your hair like hair loss. It’s hard to see all the hair falling in the drain and then knowing that you are doing more harm than good to your hair.

But there are few things people must understand the hairs in the drain are actually dead hair. They are not embedded anymore into the scalp and they are not getting any amount of nourishment as well. It is probably like that is possibly that DHT, androgens and inflammation has done the damages to the strands. It will be best to cleanse your scalp and let go of them. If you will skip washing, you will likely enable damages to build-up on your scalp. Though you’re shedding less even on days that you do not wash your hair, you will likely lose more when you wash daily.

There are really shampoos that were made to lessen the DHT in you. There are lots of other famous shampoos in the market these days that claim that they have all the ingredients that were proven to lessen the androgens. The truth is that people have genetic hair loss and they will have a sensitivity issue with androgens. They are genetically prone and they cannot tolerate them. People who have androgenic alopecia or AGA do not have more androgens and DHT on their scalp than folks with healthy scalps & full heads of hair. They are more sensitive to what they have. Unluckily, there is no other way to eradicate it, so that it will be gone until the next time you shampoo your hair.

On the other hand, there are topicals that you can put on your hair to stimulate your scalp and to lessen its sensitivity & inflammation. The comb can actually lessen the DHT on your scalp, but you cannot do this regularly. Lessening androgens along with your sensitivity is a continuous process that you need to take into considerations through different methods. Some have known all of these things about DHT and shampoos, since their hair was thinning too.

How many times a week should I wash my hair? : For people without DHT

In terms of taking care of the hair, you would want to do your best, so that it will be healthier and stronger. How many times a week should I wash my hair is a question that pops up when it comes to hair care. You will come across various conflicts, but you may consider washing your hair all the time if you think it is badly needed. The scalp contains natural oil it secretes and washing your hair daily can strip off the oil from the scalp. This can lead to dryness, which can turn into the primary source of itching and flaking. It’s not just that, you might also make your hair dry even more. You can test if your scalp and hair can handle daily washing, every 2 days or so and see if your scalp will become itchy. If you are fine after a day or so without washing, then you can try doing this for days.

If you will be fine after 2 days of not washing your hair, then you can handle washing your hair every other day or even every 2 days or so. This just means that you can prevent serious scalp problem and hair dryness. When you wash your hair, you need to use a high quality shampoo to prevent dryness. It is nice to spend in a good type of conditioner too. When you wash your hair, your aim should be to keep all the moisture as much as possible in the hair and scalp. Some cheap brands may strip more oils than the higher priced brands in the market.

Aside from how many times a week should I wash my hair, another thing you need to consider is the temperature of the water. As soon as you jump into the shower for a relaxing bath, make sure that the water is not too hot. Though, it feels good to have a warm bath, you need to understand that hot and cold water have good and bad effects on your hair. So, next time you take a shower, think twice. Hot water can really help in rinsing all the dirt and oil on your hair and scalp and it can also open the pores. This is beneficial for exfoliating and eradicating the oil from your skin. If your scalp is very oily, washing it using hot water is truly advantageous. Warm water will enable the dirt and the hair cosmetics that have progressed on the scalp to leave the pores and be washed away. It is very essential to cleanse the hair from all the styling products. Using warm water will be very beneficial.

Daily washing of cold water can help in sealing the moisture into your hair. This works just the opposite of hot water, because it closes the pores thus preventing the dirt from penetrating and gathering onto the scalp. It does not just close the pores, but it also closes the cuticles of the hair. This way the moisture is sealed from the conditioner that you have applied onto your hair. While hot water can eradicate the moisture from your hair, the cold water will keep the moisture along with the natural sebum, which is very advantageous. Your hair will not be prone to frizz when you use cold water.

After learning all the things about how many times a week should I wash my hair, it is about time to know how to properly cleanse it. Washing is different from cleansing your hair. Not everyone knows about this, but there is a right way to wash the hair for thorough cleansing. If you have not washed your hair for some time accordingly, you will notice that the shine, the bounce, the cleanliness and the health of the hair suffers. But just like others, you might have never seen someone who has washed their hair accordingly. Then you can start by giving the hair a good brushing before you get inside the shower room.  This can help in lessening the breakage after the shower.

Shampoo the hair with the right product meant for your hair type. Lastly wash your hair properly by massaging the scalp and not leaving the shampoo there for a long time. You need to give your scalp a good massage before you go out of the shower.  Washing your hair accordingly can make a big difference into the appearance of your hair. Soon you will see that the tips given here can make your hair bouncy, vibrant and healthy once again.  No matter how many beauty supplements you use, how you wash your hair really matters at the end of the day. You need to be aware of how often, the shampoo and conditioner you use and the styling products too. These things can affect your hair quality.

Having glorious, shiny and tangle free hair has been everyone’s fairy tale. Nowadays, men and women are both obsessed with their hair and they invest so much on dyes, styling products, wigs and salon treatment daily just to keep the hair healthy and shiny. Having a bad hair day is just like having a bad life for men and women nowadays. Well, this article aims to help you in taking care of your hair, so that you will not need expensive products anymore to cover up and boost the look and quality of your hair.



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