Wash Hair Every Other Day

Wash Hair Every Other Day

Salon care

A woman going to a hair salon is just like practicing a religious routine. Women go and visit a salon to pamper their hair, especially after a tiring week at work. This whole experience of women is just like total cleansing, encouraging their self-confidence and boosting their ego as well. It seems that all beauty salons are alike, but there are different experiences and stories of people having horrible salon experiences. Actually, you can find a salon that can provide high quality of services to people. All hairdressers within a salon have a huge impact in providing good services to the people. Salon employees should be attentive and sensitive to the needs of their clients.

Another important factor of having a good experience inside a salon is the quality of their equipment and their cleanliness. Who wouldn’t want to enter a salon full of old equipment and clutter? You will not feel safe and satisfied if a salon looks like this. A salon should be lavish in order to provide the best services to people and they do not have to overprice their services to give satisfaction to their customers.  From the very first moment a woman enters a salon, they are entering into a world made for them to look good. Every salon is specially designed to welcome men and women and enjoy their attractive packages, lavish furniture and helpful and polite staffs. Men and women will be the attention of a salon staff, so it will make them feel like they are king and queen even just for a while.

Salons can offer a wide array of services to people, especially for women. Aside from the services about hair care, they can also provide services such as hair extension, which is the newest services offered today, waxing, facial treatment, pedicure, manicure, as well as massage. You can save more of your time, if you will consider doing all of these services done on the same day. You can call a salon right before you personally visit one. It is better to call different salons to compare their prices and services. Hairdressing salons have not standardized pricing, they differ in the services and prices offered.  The hairdresser will also help you and give you advice about the proper ways to take care of your hair. From there you will also know if you need to wash hair every other day, or if it must be done daily.

You can encounter salons that are giving away very cheap cots for all their services. There are reasons for giving cheaper services such as inexperienced employees as well as low quality equipment. It is better if you will go for a salon that is trusted and has been in the business for years. There are services that are complicated, such as hair straightening. When it comes to this complicated hair procedure, it is better to always opt for hair straightening specialists. This is also known as a senior hairstylist, so more or less he/she knows if it is right to wash hair every other day, especially if your hair went through the heavy chemical procedure.

Going into a salon should be relaxing and enjoying experience, especially for women. Actually, there are also salons for men, but sometimes men do not give much importance when it comes to their hair. You have to look for a salon that will make you feel very comfortable and welcome. Salon sink should have soft neck pads for ultimate comfort. If your salon is providing you with this kind of comfort, then you should go back to this salon for your next haircut. Entrusting your hair to someone is a bit scary, but if you will find a salon that provide quality if service there is no need for you to worry.

Wash hair every other day


In terms of hair washing women tend to ask if it is possible to wash hair every other day or is it just right to wash it daily? This may sound confusing, but of course, everyone just wants to take care of their hair and they want it to look fresh and lively all the time. How often should a person wash his/her hair is an important consideration. But only few know the answer.  The human scalp has its natural oil that is eliminated when if you will wash your mane every day; the oil is stripped off from the scalp. This may lead to dryness of the scalp, which will later on cause, drying and scalp irritation. It will flake in no time if you will not lessen the washing schedule.

You can do a wash test to see how your scalp and hair will react to it. You can start with not shampooing your mane for a day and then see if your scalp will be itchy and your hair will be oily. Wash hair every other day may start if you are fine with one day of not washing. If the result is ok with you, then you can go on for the next days. If you can handle 2 days of no washing, then you are more likely to be capable of wash mane every 2 or 3 days method that others cannot handle. This means that you can control dryness of your hair and scalp at the same time. When you shampoo your mane, be sure you use a gentle and high quality shampoo for it to prevent dryness.  It will be nice if you will spend in a quality conditioner. Whenever you shampoo your mane, keep the moisture locked as much as possible.

Ladies’ habits regarding hair washing

Shampooing your hair less and then conditioning it every 3 or 4 days is just appropriate. If you have thicker hair, you can wash it every 3 – 4 days. Some women wash their hair only 2 times a week and they are ok with it. But of course, it’s your hair and you know what will be good for your hair and scalp and hair washing also depends on your daily activities. If you often go to the gym and you sweat a lot, you need to wash your hair daily to wash away the sweat on your scalp. There is still nothing better than having fresher and cleaning scalp. At the end of the day, you will still be the one to decide if you can go without washing your hair daily.

Tips to have beautiful hair

Having a beautiful hair can really uplift your self-confidence. The beauty of a person relies on his/her hair. With the right care for your hair, it is essential to give it a healthy boost to prevent hair fall and to also make it grow faster.

Shampooing your hair is the very first step to take care of it. But make sure you use a natural based shampoo like Lauat and others that are gentle on the hair and on the scalp too. Shampoo with herbal components was used to prevent hair loss and dandruff as well. You shouldn’t shampoo your hair more than once a day. If you can, why don’t you just shampoo your hair every other day to prevent oil stripping that makes it look dry. Be sure you will rinse the hair accordingly to wash off all the residues and clog pores on your scalp.

You can brush your hair to make your scalp and hair healthy at the same time. Brushing can help in spreading the oils from the scalp in an even manner throughout the hair. It will also help in the proper blood circulation of the scalp. Because wet hair is also weak hair, it will be prone to breaking. You are recommended to brush your hair when it dries out. After you take the shower, make sure you squeeze out some of the water from the hair. You shouldn’t rub it with a towel, because that can cause damages.

If you are fond of blow drying your hair, then this is not right. This will cause severe dryness of the hair. You can use your towel for squeezing some of the water and then allow the hair to air dry naturally. You can only use a blow dryer if your hair is long and you will be late for work. When you use a blow dryer, just set it to medium or cold, or better yet do not use the dryer too close to the hair.

A balanced diet can also help. There are foods that are best for your hair care. But of course, there is nothing better than eating a well-balanced diet to give your hair ample amount of nourishments it needs. Lots of fruits, veggies, fiber & protein will be good for the hair. Because the hair is mainly composed of protein, your diet must have enough amount of protein from fish, meat, cheese and milk. The protein in your hair will become stronger and it will prevent the hair from breaking.  Make it a habit to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep you hydrated. If you will not be able to get enough amounts of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from food, it will be best to take supplements for it.

Avoid hair styling products that contain chemicals. You shouldn’t also perm your hair, color it and expose it to too much chlorine. When the hair is exposed to chemicals, it will be bad for your skin and hair. When you shower using contaminated water, your body will be under harmful and risky contaminants.  You have to be conscious with all the products you use on your hair to keep it healthy and stronger.


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