Hair Science

Hair Science

Hair Science

Material world interviews Lais Koelle, Hair care scientist, scientific communications at P&G, for a better understanding on how hair works

The Basic, First…
In order for you to be colored or permed, the F-layer is stripped to allow pigments and chemicals to penetrate the cuticle. This can lead to drier, rougher hair. Your color and curls will also not last as long as they should.

The F-What!?
The layer is a lipid layer made up of fat. It’s a water -repellent layer that covers the surface of a hair cuticle. healthy hair with a good F-layer is shinny, smooth and manageable

So Should I Put It Back:
Of course! Without the F-layer, hair losses its hydrophobic (water repelling) nature. When water seeps into hair, it damages the hair structure, causing roughness and brittleness. If your F-layer isn’t ┬árepaired, you’d just be wasting your money coloring and perming your hair at a salon.

Pseudo F-layer (How Can I Do This)
Pantene Color & Perm Shampoo has what it takes to “put back” this F-layer. It deposits a liquid Crystal that dries down to a thin film around the hair fibre. This acts as a pseudo F-layer, reducing water entering and exiting the hair cuticle, resulting in shower color fade reduction, helping to maintain the shape of your curls for longer.

Any Other Ingredients?
This range from pantene also contains Cassia Complex. It is derived from the seeds pf two species of cassia – an ancient botanical known for its medicinal benefits and detoxifying and purifying properties. In pantene, this Cassia Complex provides an invisible protective layer on hair and facilitate the efficient delivery of the pro-V formula.


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