Is Washing Hair Everyday Bad?

Is Washing Hair Everyday Bad?


Hair odor is possible and it is somehow equivalent to body odor, while they smell awful, B.O may also happen if you do not wash from head to toe daily. You shouldn’t skip the shower for more than 3 days, so why would you wait that long to wash your hair? Washing hair everyday bad is not true, but that depends on the condition of your hair and scalp and the type of hair you have.  Normally, the scalp’s skin is just like the skin on the body. It has sweat & oil glands as well. If you will not wash your body for days, the sweat & oil will build up and the bacteria will start to break down and cause an unpleasant smell. This is the same thing that will happen on your scalp. Naturally occurring bacteria on the skin will start to react with the air and oil and it will start to spoil, leaving bad smell.

Be familiar with your body

The dirty, oily and smelly issue will not arise after not washing your hair and not showering for a day, but as you go along, you will find out that the odor is quite lingering. Washing hair everyday bad is not really true. That depends from person to person. Not washing your hair 3 days and even more is when you will find out that there is a sour smell starting to emit off your scalp and then you will know that it is about time to shampoo your hair.

Hair experts tell their clients to wash their hair every day, because this is a part of a good hygiene, even if they know that this is impractical though, and it is also not the best practice for someone with color treated hair. It is because washing the hair every day can lead to color fading. If this is the case, then they tell them that washing the hair every other day if not sweaty is also ideal. Washing hair everyday bad is not true if this is the only way to prevent having smelly scalp and hair.

Ladies with thick & coarse hair, on the other hand might not be able to reach this time frame in a little bit, this is because they have lesser oil glands per square inch, this is because their hair strands are quite thick. But ladies with finer hair may have more hair strands & they have more oil glands per square inch that makes the hair get oilier faster. For your information, it is not the end of the world, yet if you will not wash your hair on the second day or 2, but you also need to be polite with your co-workers, especially if you have tight quarters with them to share.

Using a dry shampoo can help in preventing body odor and hair odor from taking place? The powder will work by soaking up the excess oil and imparts the fragrance that can help in toning down the entire unwanted odor.  You need to be sure you wash your hair on the 3rd day. You can prevent hair odor from taking place and it is not just about having good smell, it is about maintaining the health of your scalp. The hair will grow even better if their environment is healthy.

If you will wash daily, your hair will grow even better and they will have a healthier environment as well, this is another reason to wash your hair regularly. The act of shampooing can also help to exfoliate dead skin cells of the scalp that causes the itchiness and flaking too. There is no reason for hair odor to happen to you, especially if you are very much concern about the health and growth of your hair.  Washing hair everyday bad if you will overdo it, washing your hair every time you step into the shower is not a good idea at all. You will be doing more harm than good to your hair.

Even if there is no handbook to let you know how often you should wash your hair, there are some handouts that say there is no need to wash the hair every time you step into the shower. But you still hold the key; you know your hair and scalp much better than those handouts, so you still need to decide if you will wash your hair daily or not. Shampooing your hair three to four times a week may depend on the thickness of your hair. Varying customs have different hair types & textures and these will help in determining the frequency of hair washing.

The length of the hair and if it is straight or curly is another thing that must be considered. Those with processed, curly and thick hair must wash after three days.  Ladies with fine and limp hair may wash their hair every two- three days. But do you know that daily styling can make the hair stressed out, so unless you have your hair, you can wash it and go with it, it’s up to you not to wash it every day if you want to, as long as it will not affect the quality and odor of the hair.

If your hair has been producing high amounts of oil on your scalp, daily shampooing may be done if this is the case. But of course, you need to keep in mind that your hair needs natural oils from the scalp or from the sebum for it to become healthy. Some shampoos can strip off the natural oil on the hair and the nutrients too. It may lead to scalp dryness and irritation, which may lead to serious problem along the way.  There are some shampoos that can actually strip off the oil from your scalp, so instead of shampooing, why don’t you try using cornstarch or powder? You can also use dry shampoo in between washes.

If you need to wash your hair oftentimes, why don’t you switch to a non-foaming type of shampoo? There are shampoos that are sulfate free. The bubbles are cute, but do you know that they can actually cause damage to your hair? You can try the natural way of cleaning the hair and that is by making your own baking soda mixture. You can rinse afterwards with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. The smell might be awful at first, but when the hair dries out, it will smell naturally.  If you will get rid of all the natural oils of your scalp, your body will make more oil to cover for the loss, this must not be, because overproduction of oil is also bad for your scalp’s health.

The Smelly Hair Syndrome

If you are a person who party every night and went through hot and humid day, it’s about time for you to make your hair free from that awful smell. Shampooing and rinsing the hair can solve the problem, but what if after shampooing your hair daily, the problem is not solved accordingly.  You might be suffering from what they call the Smelly Hair Syndrome or SHS. This is a condition wherein the person suffers from embarrassment and the person may be lost, since she/he doesn’t know what to do with this issue.

The signs however are very obvious. Anecdotal reports online has described that the odor may range from old sponge to wet dog, but some of the reports say that the awful smell is sour enough to make people go away from the subject. People with this problem suffer from work and social related problem that makes them feel very much embarrassed and it affects how they deal with life and their capacity to deal with a relationship. SHS is not about having dirty hair; it’s not about how often you wash your hair. But there are theories that it is about the sebaceous glands. The sebaceous gland is attached to the hair follicle and it makes the oil. The oilier your hair becomes, the more prone it will be to adapt the pollutants in the environment like smoke, cooking odors, perfume scents and others.

The scalp is very much populated not only with the oil glands, but also with the sweat glands. Just the same, whatever deodorant people use, some are more prone to sweating and body odor than other people. You will find some people’s scalp oilier and has an awful smell than others. This points out that those with certain types of hair might find themselves more prone to having smelly hair than others. If you have coarse hair, it will soak up in oil, but those with finer hair might find that the oil in their scalp is smellier than others, which will eventually be a problem for them.

If you will use products like mousse and gels, they will just attract the odor and lock them into the hair that makes the hair smellier.  If you never had smelly hair before, your hormones may change and that may also trigger the problem that could happen overnight. But how much oil does the scalp makes? Well, the scalp is quite ruled by the hormones called androgens. If you are going through stressful days, this will alter the levels of the adrenal hormones in the body and it can affect your androgen levels that might lead to overproduction of oil that can cause smelly hair. In rare instances, the androgen secrets tumor in the pituitary gland and the adrenal glands may cause hormonal imbalance, so oftentimes, washing the hair is not really a problem, but it is a perfect solution to the problem.



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