The Story Of Natural Hair

The Story Of Natural Hair

The Story Of Natural Hair

‘Afro”, “Fro” or “Natural” – the funky hairstyle of African origin has lately been a throbbing fashion trend! From historic start in the 18th century by Annie Malone, till date, the afro Hair industry has seen a major boost in the market. According to stats, the afro hair industry stands high with a size of cover $500 billion!! That’s definitely hair-raising figure!

  • According To Reports
    African women spend approx. $1.1 billion on hair extensions and hair weaves
  • Almost 6 out of 10 black women wear wig, weave or extension.
  • From 1994 To 2002
    Black female beauty products industry grew by 48%. Major contributor? Hair products
  • According to 2013 reports, 51% black women are willing to spend more on hair care to achieve the best results while 31% like to experiment with new hair products
  • From 2013 To 2014 there was:
  1. 70% of black women claimed to have kept their natural hair
  2. 53% reported to have won braids
  3. 41% have won locks

Did You Know? the afro hair beauty show held in 2010 in north London was the largest paid-for black event in Europe!

Twisty Stats

  • Black women have moved from conforming to the global trend of straight hair to embracing their natural style reflected prominently on the black hair care market.
  • Rise in Natural hair trends has resulted in decline in Relaxer Sales

On The contrary, other hair products in the afro hair market experienced a steady growth

  • Shampoo and Conditioner
    Sales volume in million for years 2008 ($211) and 2013 ($257)
  • Hair Styling Products
    Sales volume in million for years (2008 $220) and (2013 $268)
  • Hair Colors¬†
    Sales Volume in million  for years (2008 $32) and (2013 $36)

The brilliance of the African hair care business has lured global giants like L’Oreal, Unilever and Protector & Gamble.

Afro is bold! Afro is contemporary! People now love to get out of the conventional European beauty statement and kempt hair and step out with a daring, eye-catching style!

Women find natural curls speaking out loud for them:

  • 48% say they boost confidence
  • 48% Find them daring
  • $5% Feel they’re trendy

Lets Check Out Some Of The Most Popular hairdos:

  • Traditional Afro
    Most popular form of afro hair, promoted by a number of celebrities including Beyonce, Rihanna, Ludercris & many more.
  • Tapered Afro
    Often given a twist with a fade, this cool style has been followed by many people like actress Lupita Nyong, Usher & Will Smith.
  • Flat Top Afro
    An edgy version of the traditional afro, this style has been made popular by singer, model and actress Grace Jones & the spunky hip-hop duo Kid-N-play.
  • Afro Bob
    While it’s wide lock makes it tough for most people to carry it, this style is quickly and a bold fashion statement.
  • Heart Shaped Afro
    Daring and totally out of the box, this style is only for those people who are ready to make a bold statement.

A Head Of Curls
The steady rise of the Afro hair market would make anyone believe that it holds a blooming future for itself. Let’s see what market experts have to say:

Mintel projects the size of the industry to grow to $761 million by 2017. This excludes the huge share of general market brands, weaves extensions, wigs independent beauty supply stores distributors,

Hair Expert Anu prestonia, founder of khamit kinks, believes that the future of natural hair care belongs to business that consitently prioritize the customer. And now, the customer demands afro!


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