Stats And Trend On The Natural Hair Market

Stats And Trend On The Natural Hair Market

Stats And Trend On The Natural Hair Market

  • The number of women who ditched relaxed hair was 26% in 2010 & sky rocked another 10% in 2011.
  • Sale of relaxers has plunged 17% ¬†during the past year, according to a report published by Mintel Oxygen

The drop is directly related to the natural-hair movement, reflected in an 11% increase in the number of black women who wear their hair “Natural” -that is, without using caustic hair products that chemically straighten naturally curly hair.

  • The black hair care market is estimated to be a $684 Million business in 2012.

“Big Chop” (BC)
This refers to when a woman who previously relaxed her hair cuts off all of the relaxed hair, keeping the new growth, also “Teeny Weeny Afro” (TWA).

During the last two years, YOUTUBE Channels And Web Blogs have  become the go-to resource for women to explore products designed to benefit their naturally textured dresses
These bloggers are the faces of the Natural Hair Movement
Much more influence among African-American women than commercials do.

YOUTUBE Searches And Result

  • 4510 results (as of 2012) for natural hairstyle for black women
  • 929 results for relaxed hairstyles for black women
  • 1770 results Hairstyles for black women with weaves

L’Oreal was convinced of refusing to hire women of color as models in France.

Now trying to cater the natural-hair market. Itz Mizani Brand, for launched a line specifically for black women with natural hair,
“True Textures,” which includes products such as shampoo & conditioner, as well as gels & moisturizer (in 2010).

9.3% Drop
In the sale of L’Oreal’s soft sheen Carson optimum care & Dark & Lovely relaxers according to Mintel Oxygen.
Mintel anticipates that the natural-hair environment will continue to cut into the sales of Relaxers expecting Relaxer Sales to decline 67% between 2011 and 2016.


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