Baking Soda Wash Hair: the importance of hair to women

Baking Soda Wash Hair: the importance of hair to women

Women are so obsessed with their hair that they are always trying out new things to make it look lovely and healthy all the time to the extent that they will do anything whatever it takes. At present, there are new trends in making the hair shiny, straighter or curlier but all of these are not natural. It is with the help of certain tools inside a salon. The keratin treatment is one of the very latest procedures used for straightening hair. It has produced shiny, flawless straight hair just like that of a celebrity. The use of straightening iron can be damaging to the hair, and through this treatment, straightening using this equipment is no longer needed for a couple of months. Keratin hair treatment is even reported to cause less damage to the hair as it is said to be healthier.

Women and their hair

Keratin is a natural hair substance with bonding properties. Locking it into the hair gives strength and moisture. The treatment makes use of keratin compounds mixed together and applied evenly on the hair. It is locked in the hair using very hot flat iron. Depending on the length of the hair, the entire procedure may consume about 2 hours on shoulder length hair. After the treatment, hair is shampooed only after 3 to 4 days. The kit is also made of conditioners to make sure that hair is moisturized, soft and smooth after the process.

Keratin hair treatment is the same as Brazilian hair treatment. It differs with other types of hair straightening treatments in such a way that it is semi-permanent, meaning, effects will no longer be the same in a couple of months, unlike other procedure that changes the structure of the hair. In order to be safe, this procedure should only be done by qualified professionals such as licensed hair stylists as this treatment makes use of chemicals which can be harmful when misused.

There are some controversial issues concerning it that it is even banned in countries including Canada. For one, solutions used for this treatment are composed of formaldehyde, which is said to cause cancer. But for the procedure to be more effective there should be more formaldehyde and some people assert that this substance poses a health risk and should not be used just to make the hair look beautiful since the long term effect is more important to consider.

Some dermatologists also argue for the safety of keratin hair treatment, because they notice hair breakage intensely after the treatment. This is because stylists use very high temperature in the iron for the hair to be straightened completely. Eventually, hair breakage will lead to hair loss as the hair is damaged. Because of this, experts say that it should not be used by people who have sensitive hair or hair that is falling out. People who are suffering from hair or skin diseases such as psoriasis should also refrain from undergoing this kind of treatment.

The use of keratin is not necessarily harmful. It can be used to restore keratin in the hair. What makes it harmful is when it is compounded with other harmful chemicals and the procedure itself that uses very hot temperature which is very damaging to the hair. For you to be a good candidate of the procedure, you should have healthy hair and make sure to maintain it using the proper solutions. Keratin hair treatment is effective to be free from curls and frizz, just make sure to take good care of your hair after the procedure.

Salon treatment is tiring

There are lots of reasons why women go for all natural ingredients on hair products instead of using shampoo. Most of the shampoos bought in commercial stores contain harsh ingredients that can cause harm to the hair.  After going through keratin treatment and becoming tired of it, then it’s about time for you to try something new, something natural that will give your hair and scalp a boost. Do you know that new age shampoos these days were introduced in 1930s, from there up to now, the idea that you must shampoo your hair daily didn’t come around until 1970s. This mindset is covered by the oily feeling of the scalp after not shampooing it for a day or 2. The oily feeling is related to shampoo. When you use shampoo daily, the sebum, which produces the oil on the scalp, is removed. This leads to overproduction of oil by the sebaceous glands to cover for the loss.

Baking soda wash hair

As women seek for natural treatment for their hair, some have come across baking soda and vinegar to properly take care of the hair and scalp. This is also known as the no poo method. As they go through the internet for better alternatives to beauty products and salon treatment, they come across this no poo method of taking care of the hair. They find this baking soda wash hair very challenging, since they do not have an idea of what will be the outcome after the washing. There are just some important things you need to keep in mind while using the baking soda to wash your hair. As you read on, you will learn some of them.

First, your hair must adjust with this new formula you will be using; this is a shampoo free mixture and is not intended for daily use. If your scalp is used in producing so many amount of sebum, since you are always washing your hair with shampoo and you always go to the salon for treatment, then using the baking soda with vinegar can make your hair feel awful at first. But it will be shiny and smooth when you rinse the hair with vinegar. Don’t worry! Your hair will be used to it after a week or 2. You need to give your hair at least a month to adjust in this new mixture. It might feel worse during the first few weeks, but over time, it will regain back its health and shine. You just have to remind yourself that you are doing this from the goodness of your hair.

You can make your hair and scalp adjusted to the mixture by washing it gently and few times a month. You can also try the coconut oil treatment as an alternative. When you wash your hair with baking soda mixture it will not lather up and it will not become foamy, so do not expect this to happen. Your hair will not smell good, but it will not smell awful too. But you have to rinse it with the vinegar from the hair down to the hair. This may be disgusting at first for you, because the apple cider vinegar is truly smelly, but you can also add some essential oils to the vinegar mixture to prevent the awful smell from ruining your day.

Hair washing secrets you should know

When you wash your hair, consider the natural oils of the hair. This is the reason why hair experts often recommend ladies to wash their hair daily, regardless if they want baking soda wash hair. But be sure not to overdo washing with baking soda, because its pH level is not balanced. Women often ask themselves, why do they need to change their washing habits? Why do they need to try new natural products for their hair to make it healthier? Well, it is a known fact that commercially formulated shampoos and conditioners contain harsh ingredients that are not just bad for the scalp and hair, but they are bad for the environment as well.

A chemically treated hair can eliminate the natural oils from the scalp and this will lead to overproduction of oil. This can make your scalp even oilier if you will not wash it for a day or 2. As soon as you have managed to go through the no poo method, you need to wash your hair at least once a day or 2 times a week. This might sound gross, but this might be good for your hair. But you need to also do your own research before you get started. You need to understand that the pH level of the baking soda is not ideal for daily hair use. Some had encountered a problem in using baking soda wash hair. Their main complaint is that their hair became dull and dry, while the scalp became itchy. This is because of the high alkali in baking soda that makes it itchy when used daily. This is probably because of the high pH level of the mixture too. It strips away the acidic sebum, which is responsible in fighting bacteria. The sebum will be the one to help in preventing hair loss because of dandruff, bacteria and fungus too.

The scalp is just like the skin; its pH level is just between four & 7, if you will use a product with a pH level of 7 to 9 that may be damaging for the skin. But do you know that you can actually do something to balance the pH level of the baking soda mixture to conform to the needs of your hair? You can do this by mixing the baking soda with coco milk and aloe Vera gel. You can place this mixture in an ice tray to form small soap bars and then place it inside the fridge. The next time you need to wash your hair, you can just take a bar and you are good to go. The coco milk and the aloe Vera gel help in lowering the pH level of the baking soda, so it will be suitable for your scalp.




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