Is it Bad not to Wash Your Hair Daily? Discover how your health affects your hair

Is it Bad not to Wash Your Hair Daily? Discover how your health affects your hair

Is your hair saying something about your health? There are some instances and medicines that may affect your body and your hair too. In various cases, you might need to take care of your health to improve the condition of your scalp.

Healthy Hair and Skin

There are myriads of skin problems and the major problem of both men and women are acne and their hair. Chinese medicine has basic principles that you can follow in order to heal your damaged skin caused by pimples. It does not matter what type of skin problem you have, because having one can be an embarrassing experience and can make you feel very uncomfortable. It can affect your daily life, since you will be shy to face people. There are important factors to easily addressed the problem and attain healthy skin. In Chinese medicine, skin problems are related to the lungs and intestines so an expert doctor will start treating it using proper digestion.

Gut treatment- leaky and parasites found in the gut can cause poor skin health condition. This is not a conventional treatment to acne as traditional way is more focused on the use of topical treatments such as oils, lotions, cream and antibiotics. Taking medication might kill good intestinal bacteria and can only make the acne worst. Once your digestion becomes better, then your skin will experience glow.

Good diet- the first step is to know if you are Yin or Yang. There are lots of information written about dietary management to avoid pimples like avoiding oily foods and more, but Chinese Medicine has a totally different approach. Maybe you are thinking why there is a need to determine whether you are Yin or Yang. Once you know where you belong, then you can now carefully choose foods that are right for you. It will be more effective in eliminating acne and other skin conditions. For instance, if you are Yang, then you should avoid taking more spicy foods as it will increase heat toxins that are already present within your body. It is also a must to observe healthy breathing. Yoga breathing and other ways can help improve blood flow and detoxify impurities from the skin.

Pros and cons of alternative medicines to health and scalp

All the treatments that are not used in a conventional medicine are called “alternative medicines” and that includes Ayurvedic treatment.  Some of these medicines are treatments are not subjected into controlled medical studies. There is lots of negative criticism about this type of treatments. The majority of these criticisms are unsupported. You will also find some positive effects of this non-traditional medicine. Actually, alternative medicines have several different fields and methods and they differ from one another. The only common ground that you can see is that all of these treatments are not supported by any researched or studies. Although, there are reported cases in some countries that scientists are trying to discover or unravel the truth behind alternative medicines.

Pitfalls have not been discovered and there is no proof that a particular treatment will definitely work. There are people who have tried a particular treatment and said that it work, but this is a rare case and may not happen to everyone. There are treatments that do not actually work and may just delay the use of a conventional medicine to treat the disease. There are diseases that should be treated in a timely manner like cancer. It is not good to try treatments that are not yet proven to be effective because it can delay the treatment and can make the condition worse. In cancer, it is very important to prevent the spread of cancer cells to some parts of the body that is why it is better to go for conventional type of treatment.

There are some alternative medicines that are conventional and can be administered by a professional medical doctor. You have to be aware that most alternative treatment for any medical conditions are not supported and regulated by the government. Anybody even without professional license can administer this type of treatments. You have to be very careful, if you want to find a quick solution to your health problem. Some people who administer non-traditional treatment may also misdiagnose your condition without having any examinations.

Variations of treatment and care are good for the society, because it can provide lots of options. This can provide opportunities for people searching for method and treatments that can work for them. There are some forms of alternative medicines that may work for them than the traditional method. There are times when traditional and alternative medicines are combined and produce positive results in curing a particular condition. There are also proven alternative treatment that really works and shows positive outcome. Massage therapy is known as an alternative treatment that can reduce stress. There are patients who survive with the use of some alternative treatments.

Overall, alternative medicines are also gaining its positive reception in the medical society. There are people in the United Sates who have tried several alternative medicines. There are also medical schools and courses in the US that teach alternative medicines. Today, with lots of the latest studies and reached about alternative medicines and its effectiveness to treat a lot of medical reacted issues, it is now becoming very popular option for people.

Is it Bad not to Wash Your Hair Daily?

Is it bad not to wash your hair daily? Well, it is not bad at all. You know the condition of your hair and scalp, so more or less you know if it is about time to wash your hair and when not to wash it. 90% of the Americans shampoo their hair regularly. During the ancient times, people used to wash their hair monthly, but in 1950s washing the hair once a week from a salon became usual. There was an advised published in 1908 in the New York Times about enticing people to wash their hair at least 2x a week and they say that this is safe for the hair and scalp too. Nowadays, people cannot go on in life without washing their hair daily. What can cause risk when washing the hair often?

It is essential to fully comprehend what makes the hair dirty and oily first. Everyone has sebaceous glands on their scalp and they became visible during your 4th month of life in the womb of your mother. They are connected to every hair follicle in the body and they are the one responsible in releasing the sebum, which you call oil. This natural oil is very important to keep the scalp well moisturized & makes it waterproof. It prevents scalp dryness and it stops hair from shedding. On the other hand, too much oil accumulation can lead to various skin conditions like acne vulgaris. It is essential to keep the balance in between hair washing and not washing the hair, by fully understanding your hair and scalp condition.

The risks of frequent hair washing

Is it bad not to wash your hair daily? Not really, but there are risks in washing your hair often than needed. Washing your hair oftentimes is really advantageous, especially if you are used to having fresh and fragrant hair, but too much washing can also make your hair dull, dry and prone to breakage. According to a dermatologist and hair expert, the hair is a fiber and you have to think of a wool fiber. The more you wash it, the worse it will look like. You don’t need to wash your hair every day, because washing it often times can make the hair look like a straw pile.

Isn’t it mocking that the hair washing regimen involves the use of foamed shampoos, which leads to depletion of the hair and its natural oils and then you will apply a conditioner afterwards to replace the lost moisture. Shampoo is linked to bubbles and tidiness, but the truth is that the bubbles you form are harsh and contain ingredients that are not good for the hair, like sufates.  The truth is that the sufates have nothing to do with hair & scalp cleaning, they are just for forming bubbles and they can cause hair and scalp dehydration. This is what commercial products brought people, you have gotten used to commercial formulated products with foamy effect. The shampoo will eliminate the oil from your scalp and it will not do any good for the hair, unless you have a lot of product in it that makes the hair looks lifeless. But normally, shampooing the hair is not good for its fiber.

Is it bad not to wash your hair daily? Well, no. because if you will wash your hair daily with the regular shampoo, you will need more hair styling products. This is because the hair is clean, soft and loose, so for it to be styled the way you want to, you need to make it harder using hair styling products.  If you want to wash your hair daily, why don’t you just use natural shampoos that do not contain suds, but they still have lots of cleaning power with additional benefits and less residue too. If you will decide to switch from a regular shampoo to a natural one, you can protect your hair from possible hair damage.

How often should you wash your hair? Well, shampooing of your hair varies depending on your scalp and hair condition, type and texture. This usually depends from person to person and the oil produced by the scalp. It really depends on the scalp, the hair kind and what you do with the hair.



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