Get Rid Of ‘Oily Hair’

Get Rid Of ‘Oily Hair’

Get Rid Of ‘Oily Hair’

Egg MASK: (Yeah!)
Egg yolk strengthens your hair & Egg white prevents your hair to become oily and greasy.

Banana & HONEY: (Conditioner)
Go for a homemade conditioner which is made by use of banana and honey

Lemon JUICE:
Get rid of the oil in your hair bu using lemon juice as it keeps your scalp clean & free from dandruff.

Aloe VERA: (Magical PLANT)
Applying Aloe Vera Gel on your scalp is excellent for your hair as it prevents not only dandruff but resist the oil gland to secrete excessive oil.

Baking SODA:
Baking soda has oil absorbing property, alkaline in nature & it maintains the PH level of the scalp and prevent dandruff.

Take Oil Treatment: (X1)
Oil treatment for your hair once in a week will result in nourishing your hair.

Black TEA
Black tea consists of an element known as tannic acid. It tightens the pores and do not allow the oil glands to excrete oil on your scalp

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene & has acidic nature that helps in maintaining the PH level of your scalp


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