Question: Does your hair ever smell like sausages?

Question: Does your hair ever smell like sausages?

Question for those who are use water only…does your hair ever smell like sausages?! Mine smells really bad. What do you use to get rid of the dirty smell in your hair? Thank you.

Min Yen Yap: Following because this is what’s happening to me too!

Sarah Masteller Seibert: Try doing an aloe vera rinse or a dwv rinse both have deodorizing properties. You can also you hydrosols to spray on your hair for a nice smell. I like rose water.

Cami Ma: Coffee rinse! Coffee even gets rid of cigarette smell

Rachel Chambers: Rose water

Jessica Caron: I make my own it’s so pretty and smells so good just roses and water

Anke Daehmlow: Jessica, how do you make it?

Jessica Caron: We have rose bushes in front of my house so I pick several flowers and get just the petals off I rinse them and put them in a pan and fill it with just enough water to come right to the top of the petals, cover with a lid without a steam hole on it and…See more

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