Question: Has anyone used Aloe Vera juice? If so, what’s the tea????

Question: Has anyone used Aloe Vera juice? If so, what’s the tea????

DaNica Nikki Galbreath:

BEST Pre-Poo Routine For Natural Hair – Aloe Vera | All Textures – Scalp to Ends

Ann Elston: Thank you ?

DaNica Nikki Galbreath: No problem ?

Shaw Katral: It’s good

Beaundra Edghill: It’s very good for those of us who are low porosity. The aloe vera is a humectant. It helps your hair to pull moisture from the air.

Jewel Harden Barrios: Facts!

Ann Elston: I’m low porosity, I’m gonna try. Thanks!!!

Tina Washington: I use the aloe vera liquid on my son’s scalp. I put it in a spray bottle and spray his head every couple of nights and it’s been helping with the dry patches through out his scalp. They are gone.

Ann Elston: Yes, I’m going to try the liquid

Beaundra Edghill: Get the fresh leaf and blend it up.

Gwendolyn Preston: Love it, I use it to mix my henna

Stacy Breaux Achan: I have Aloe Vera juice in a spray bottle…. and spray my hair with that instead of water

Ann Elston: You spray it when styling for the day?

MsBinky Wms: It dries out my hair.

Beaundra Edghill: Really..I’ve never experienced that. I use the fresh aloe vera leaf. I mix mines with Fenugreek.

Que Davis: I tried it but it rolled off my hair.

Beaundra Edghill: How did it roll off your hair? Did you blend it up into a juice?

Que Davis: I wish I knew? I paid like $9 for it at the Vitamin shoppe. It was all liquid. I’ve learned since then though. If I were to ever try it again, I can find it cheaper at Walmart. I’m going to try the rice water rinse though.

Beaundra Edghill: Try using the fresh leaf. No preservatives.

Que Davis: Will do

Ann Elston: Que Davis The rice water rinse is great!!!

Beaundra Edghill: I’ve been using RWR now for almost 3 months.

Ann Elston: Beaundra Edghill You like it?

Ann Elston: Gonna make some tomorrow for Friday

Beaundra Edghill: Yes I do. I is strengthening my hair from being in locs for 10 years. I have alopecia and some bald spots. They are slowly but starting to fill in.

Ann Elston: Oh good

Vernell Bristow: I love aloe Vera juice. I pre-poo with it. And, a 50/50 mix with water is a great detangler if i need to detangle before washing.

Adrienne Jones: Yea I tried all of them, aloe vera juice is great for pre-poo, soothe itchy , good detangler to some ppl . I have it right now in my shower. But I use ACV more often than aloe vera. I only use black tea. Green tea is high in ph.

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