Baby powder vs dry shampoo for blondes?

Baby powder vs dry shampoo for blondes?

Cheyenne Knight: Always used to use talcum powder back in the days before dry shampoo was ever invented…always did the job!

Kara Bowman: Baby powder if your roots are greasy, i love this stuff

Jessica Bowen: Use to use Baby Powder…..just not directly on the roots…..

Blair Mathis: I’ve been using baby powder for a year and recently within the past 6 months have noticed thinning, within the last 2 months even more dramatically. I couldn’t figure out what was going. I recently did a little researching and yes it does smother the follicles causing thinning. It may not react the same for everyone this is just my own personal experience with baby powder as well as powder (not aerosol) dry shampoo. Aerosol is no better though as most contain butane. Everything in moderation, as in only use when you have to. I have been using it quite excessively. Again this is just my 2 cents…

Jillian Page: Yikes that’s so good to know

Ainsley Gray: You have a picture of a baby in your profile… Is she yours? How old?

Blair Mathis: Ainsley Gray: yes that’s a very old pic ?She is 7 now

Ainsley Gray: Okay. Sometimes you can go through a shedding/thinning phase postpartum.

Sloane Craig: Baby powder usually contains talc which is known to clog pores.So dry shampoo, or a talc free powder.

Ainsley Gray: Baby powder. I’ve been using it for years. Talc is the main ingredient in a lot of foundations.

Sloane Craig: Just because talc is in a lot of foundations doesn’t make it any better.

Ainsley Gray: No, but there aren’t devastating side effects like listed above.

Steven Becker: Baby powder can suffocate your hair follicles and cause hair loss. It’s fine in the beginning but will be worse later on

Ainsley Gray: But baby powder (at least Johnson and Johnson) is now made with cornstarch, so…

Sloane Craig: …there must have been a good reason to cut out the talc. ?

Melody Weaver: Baby powder , kinda works like a toner whilst sucking up the oil … I love it lol

Melody Weaver: Maggie Kime it’s white , it makes your hair appear less yellow ..

Melody Weaver: Obviously you can’t use it in dark hair

Ainsley Gray: It makes it ashier and reflects light less. #magiv

Ainsley Gray: Because it was linked to uterine or cervical or something cancer in women……

Brynlee Newman: Cornstarch over baby powder.

Cristian Bradley: Baby powder will eventually cause hair loss.

Kara Bowman: Where you have read that? Just curious

Liam Lindsey: Hey Heather, I really love my dry shampoo! It gives me extra volume, doesn’t leave a white residue and smells amazing!

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