Not Washing Hair for a Week: is it bad?

Not Washing Hair for a Week: is it bad?


How often should you wash your hair? This is a common question among men and women who are confused with how often they need to wash their hair. Not washing for a week, according to some can prevent massive hair loss.  Well, you need to shampoo daily if you are using gel, wax & other styling products, you need to wash your hair daily.  For those who are not fond of using styling products, then you do not need to wash your hair for fourteen days or so.

This is because styling products can clog the pores of your scalp, so to prevent it, you need to shampoo. Not washing for a week to prevent hair loss is effective for some people. Ideally, you shouldn’t use styling products; on the other hand, if you really want to style your hair, you should look for all natural styling products that only contain natural ingredients and nutrients to nourish your hair. If you can do this then you can wash your hair as follows.

Proper washing of the hair

  1. For those who are not fond of using styling products and their hair is not greasy, washing can be done every fourteen days.
  2. For those with greasy hair, but do not use styling products, you can wash your hair every three days.
  3. For non-greasy hair, but you are using natural styling products, you can wash your hair once a week.
  4. If your hair is Greasy and you use various styling products for your hair, then you can wash your hair every other day. But, if you are using products for your hair, you need to rinse it out before you go to bed if you do not intend to shampoo your hair. This will prevent you from rubbing the product into your scalp and leads to clogged pores.

Not washing for a week? Is it bad?

There is no harm in not washing your hair for a week or so, but that depends on the condition of your hair and scalp. If you do not have a greasy hair and you do not use styling products, then you can be better without washing.  But it is not bad to wash your hair daily too. There are also advantages you can get from washing your hair weekly. So, the big question is how often should you wash your hair to keep it healthy? There is no risk in washing your hair daily, but if you do not feel like washing it daily, then you should at least rinse off your hair before you sleep.

Reasons why not washing for a week is good

Washing hair daily causes overproduction of oil. You might have heard about the relation of acne with oil. When you over wash your skin, it will cause over production of oil and it will lead to greasiness. This is the same with the hair and scalp too.  After not washing hair for a week, there were reports of people saying that their hair is less oily. During the first week, a lot of people gave up and say they can only control their hair if they wash daily. After some time, your body will be able to adjust to this natural schedule and your skin, hair and scalp will all benefit from it.

Washing the hair replaces the oils

The body is able to produce natural oil to keep the hair healthy. When you wash it off, there will be new oil in the form of conditioner. The hair and the scalp may react badly to these chemicals when compared to the natural ones. These new chemicals are filled with synthetic materials that can cause dryness of the hair while making the look smoother. This means that short term shine may lead to long term damage to the hair and scalp. Washing can make your scalp itchy and you may suffer from dandruff like signs.

Curly hair is dry hair

If your hair is curly, washing it daily may cause frizz and dryness, there are lots of people who promised not to shampoo their curly hair anymore and this is not just because of water and shampoo preservation, but because this is healthier and more beneficial for the hair and scalp. You should try it for a few weeks or so and once you see the difference, your curls will be much better and less frizzy too. Sulfate free shampoo can be very helpful to you along the way.

Learn the proper way of shampooing your hair

Learn the proper way to wash your hair

Have you ever wondered why your hair is looking healthier and cleaner when you go to a salon than when you wash it on your own? For so many years, women have figured this out, because some shampoos and conditioners cost more than your monthly bills. But after you go through this article, you will find out that you have been committing mistakes for years by shampooing your hair in the wrong manner. Applying a conditioner to the whole head than just at the ends of the hair is one of those mistakes. But, how to know that this is bad, well as you read along you will learn lots of essential things about taking care of your hair.

Not washing for a week

If your hair is telling you to stop washing your hair daily, then you will truly understand that washing daily can cause damages to your hair and scalp. It will not just strip off the oils from the scalp, but the natural nutrients will also be gone. You may also suffer from breakage, brittle hair strands and dryness of the scalp.

Use hair cosmetics appropriately

People have this tendency to overuse certain hair products. All you need to do is to put on a pea sized amount of the hair product on your palm and then apply it onto your hair. Hair products can contribute to unwanted oiliness, so if you want to wash your hair weekly, then you need to do yourself a big favor and that is avoiding greasy hair serum products and be very careful not to put on straightening creams, mousse and sprays for the hair.

Do not touch your hair often

Not touching your hair often is also a good idea. Some women touch their hair more than a million times per day, doing lots of things to your hair like tying it, braiding it and others can lead to hair damage.

Buy a shower cap

You can always buy a shower cap for your hair, so it will not get wet whenever you go to the shower.

Use a dry shampoo instead

Have you heard about a dry shampoo? This can help in removing excessive grease from the hair without washing it. It is preferred by most women these days, because it is convenient and very easy to use.

There are certain opinions out there about washing the hair like how often to wash it, to wash it with shampoo or not and others. Some people suggest that washing the hair weekly is much better than washing is every day. But of course, this depends on the type of hair you have. Clean is considered as beautiful hair, but regardless of your option is, you have to be sure you treat your hair with the right care.

It will be of help if your hair is free from tangles before you start shampooing your hair. You can use a natural bristled brush to help in the proper distribution of the sebum to the ends of the hair. Sebum is responsible with the natural oils that are secreted from the scalp. You need to be very gentle with your hair when you wash it. Make sure you use a high quality shampoo with neutral pH balance too. When washing, concentrate on your scalp, massage it well with your fingers and not with fingernails. This will allow the suds to flow on top of the hair. Massaging will help your scalp in stimulating the blood flow, thus nourishing the hair follicle and aids in hair growth too. It pays to know the proper way to wash your hair, because if you do not wash it for a week or so, if you do not know how to properly wash it, you cannot see any changes along the way from your hair and scalp.

Not washing for a week doesn’t guarantee healthy hair at all, you need to listen and observe to your hair to know what it needs. The hair is the crowning glory and it must be treated well with love and respect. The principle of cleansing the hair and giving it some strokes before going to be at night time is becoming a tradition for lots of women today. A well taken care of the scalp will result in healthy hair, so if you treat your scalp well you can be sure that it will show off on your hair. If you are like some women who are used to washing their hair every day or weekly for as long as you are comfortable with your hair washing schedule and your hair do not emit a bad odor and it is not oily yet, then your washing schedule is just right for you. The scalp must always be cleansed, so that the hair will be healthy and free from oil and dirt at the same time. You will know when the right time to do that is, your hair will let you know.




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