Can you Wash your Hair Everyday?

Can you Wash your Hair Everyday?

Can you wash your hair everyday?  Well, no. it is bad to wash your hair everyday, because daily washing can strip the natural oils of your hair. This will make the hair prone to breakage, split ends and it makes the hair weaker too. But of course, if you are always on the go and you are always in the gym, you can wash your hair daily to prevent it from soaking in sweat, which is also gross. As you read along, you will learn how to take care of your hair without washing it daily. A lot of people ask Can you wash your hair everyday?  Experts believe that there is no need to wash the hair every day.

But if you keep using Hairspray and other hair styling products, you need to wash your hair daily. You do not want your hair to become oily, so you should wash it every night before going to sleep. Washing your shampoo is natural and will help in dealing with dry and brittle hair, then you do not need to worry about washing daily may dry your hair and make it brittle too. Daily washing is not really good for the scalp, because the natural oils of the hair and scalp is stripped off when you wash your head every day. It was said that the hair gets oily faster if wash the hair every day. Well, some people just wash their hair whenever they went to the gym, but some are just blessed with normal hair type.

Before you wash your hair everyday, determine your hair type first. This is important because your hair type will dictate the days when you need to shampoo your hair. Oily hair type needs daily washing to keep the hair fresh and to prevent having smelly hair too. Every hair type needs the natural oils from the hair to keep it well moisturized and healthy. If you will wash your hair daily, it will be damaged and it’s hard to bring back its strength once again. If your hair is not the oily type, then you can take your regular shower daily and just put a shower cap to prevent the hair from getting wet.

If you will skip washing daily, the natural oils of your hair will be preserved to make it smoother, silkier, healthy and manageable too. Hair styling products are effective for the hair, but in a temporary manner. It will be good until the next time you wash your hair again. Hair styling products are absorbed by the hair and scalp, so they are not good for you. If you do not always get a nice shower, don’t worry! You are not alone. Some people are also taking the logical step of not showering their hair daily.

Compared to modified hair and washing schedule, which usually results from comments about shampoos and conditioners with Parabens and hair drying,  the opinions on the subject are quite plenty and hard to handle for a lot of people. Many of them who take a shower daily thick that they are not doing well for their health, more so with the health of their hair. It is presumed that people who do not shower regularly are smelly and greasy even if they look dry it is not really the best decision. But if you will consider this practice over a hundred years back when people only take a bath once weekly and this is during Saturdays, it is not objectively healthy.

The truth is that showering daily has nothing to do with having a better health, but it is about their skin and not about being lazy. When it comes to dealing with grime, a lot of people who work in an office do not really get dirty, so showering daily is not really needed.  What is behind the reason why daily showering and washing of the hair is restricted often is for people with eczema to have healthier skin. The natural oils of the body along with the scalp are important to keep the skin lubricated and well protected. When you wash your skin and scalp daily with warm water and soap, the oils of the skin are stripped off.

Without the oils, the skin will become prone to bacteria, viruses and it will also become dry and uneasy. This is because the body wants to make the skin healthy and well protected, so daily washing is not encouraged, because the body will overproduce the oil and it will lead to overproduction of oil, which is not good for the body as well. A lot of people have found out that after they stopped washing their hair and skin daily, they went through an adjustment period that is really hard for them.   This is the time when the body lessens the amount of oil producers and less washing is very much needed. But, of course, the number of times you take a shower depends on some factors like your hair type, your lifestyle, daily activities and how often you go to the gym. You wouldn’t want to live a smelly life right?

Women and hair treatment

Can you wash your hair everyday?  The answer is no, but that depends on your activities and lifestyle. Women tend to go to a salon daily for a boost and it is very common for women these days to go through a keratin hair smoothening treatment. This is best for women who wished to have sleek hair strands. But taking the care of the hair after a keratin treatment is hard if you do not wish to shampoo your hair every day. How can you take care of your hair if you wish to go on a no poo method of taking care of it?

A keratin treatment is a type of salon treatment that is meant to smoothen the covering of the hair to make it smoother using a hydrolyzed keratin solution and then binds it to the cuticle of the hair using a flat iron that is set on 450 degrees Farenheit. To make sure that it will work best on your hair, you will be asked not to wash your hair for 3 days after the treatment. This means you will not shampoo and you cannot swim as well.

The hair stylist will also tell you not to clip your hair and not to tie it for days.  The keratin treatment may last for 5 months for more than that depending on how often you wash your hair. There are new types of keratin smoothening treatments available these days and they are meant for the few hours of completion only, but of course the result may only last for a month. But you can wash your hair after 8 hours of the treatment and you can also do your regular activities like going to the gym and swimming.

If you have just gone through a Brazilian blowout treatment, you can wash your hair and tie it or clip it afterwards. This is another kind of keratin smoothening treatment using a polymer system that is Acai berry enriched to protect the hair cuticle and leads to smooth hair shaft. The process will only last for 1 ½ hour. As soon as the treatment is spread through the hair, your hair will be blown straight and straightened to lock in the style.

After the keratin or Brazilian blowout treatment, you need to follow the instruction of the hair stylist. You need to use a shampoo that is especially meant for treated hair. It is composed of a sodium chloride free shampoo or you can also buy a shampoo that is sodium laureth sulfate free. All of these chemicals can strip off the keratin of your hair and they can affect the long life of the treatment effect. If the product is SLS free, you also need to check the product, since most of the shampoos in the market claim that they are SLS free, when in fact they contain high amount of it.

To make the results last for the intended number of months, you need to refrain from washing your hair. You can wash your hair at least 2 or 3 times weekly after the treatment. If you always go to the gym and you are used to washing your hair more than twice daily, there result of the treatment will not long for you. But if you went through the express blowout, which is just intended for a few months and you wash your hair daily, you might not achieve the 3 months and it will be down to 3 months only.

Can you wash your hair every day after a treatment? The hair contains natural keratin protein, but those with curly hair have lesser amount of hair keratin. Keratin treatments can help in sealing the protein in the hair, thus leaving it straighter, manageable and smoother too. Though, it may sound ideal, there are certain rules you need to follow after the keratin treatment and that may be a little bit hard for people who are used for shampooing and wetting their hair daily.

You need to be aware that after a treatment, you need to wait at least 72 hours or so before you wash your hair. This is the amount of time given for the keratin treatment to penetrate deep into the roots of the hair and starts working. If you will wash your hair sooner than expected, you will just waste the amount of money spent for the treatment and it will not be very effective for you. Don’t be tempted to wash your hair, wait a little longer to make the process and your money worthwhile.



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