Bed head shampoo and conditioner or Aussie shampoo and conditioner?

Bed head shampoo and conditioner or Aussie shampoo and conditioner?

Elliana Hughes: Both are good. But bedhead smells so amazing

Archer Watkins: I love them both babe? I use dove at the minute! Hairdresser has told me to switch shampoo and conditioner ?X

Elliana Hughes: If it helps when I run out of my current ones I’m gonna go back and try Aussie again

Kendall Garza: Aussie miracle ?❤

Maria Murphy: Bed head. Aussie has paraben in it.

Archer Watkins: What’s paraben?

Annabelle Jimenez: Bed Head from a professional. Otherwise you don’t know what’s in it.

Blake Carter: Definitely Aussie.

Maria Murphy: It’s wax that can bulid up. Pantene is notorious for it. It coats the hair and then melts to it, eventually drying out the hair.

Archer Watkins: Oh my hairdressers said Aussie was good!!! Is dove any good

Maria Murphy: I prefer professional products. I think dove isn’t as bad as it could be

Quinn Tran: Then you’re hairdresser is shit Hannah x

Archer Watkins: She’s really not x

Quinn Tran: If she’s saying Aussie is good then she’s shit. X

Dallas Walton: God I must be the worst hairdresser on the planet because I use aussie and virgin coconut oil… Hairdresser fail ?

Dallas Walton: But then again I’d use Matrix or Osmo products over bedhead any day.

Archer Watkins: I’ve just brought Osmo hair mask!! I will probably get bed head but honestly she’s got me from a dark brown to a light ash blonde and I’m naturally ginger! She’s done amazing she’s not shit haha x

Aiden Santos: I thought parabens are anti-fungal preservatives that aren’t waxes…are you meaning parrafin wax?

Aiden Santos:
No Paraben is not related to Paraffin.

Manuel Wade: Bed head!

Edward Ford: I just bought Bedhead Resurrection shampoo & conditioner. It smells gorgeous and it really makes your hair feel so good and revived! ? X

Carter Bowers: Love that stuff I use it on the back bar in the salon.

Edward Ford: It is amazing stuff! Cheap affordable products that work and smell divine ?

Archer Watkins: Where was it from babe xxx

Edward Ford: You can buy it online.
TIGI Bed Head Urban Resurrection Shampoo &…

Edward Ford: Bigger bottles, but look at the price drop! Xxx

Archer Watkins: Oooh thank you xxx everything is so expensive when your a girl haha!!!

Edward Ford: Tell me about it! It’s really good stuff 🙂 a little goes a long way! Xxx

Grant Henderson: Bed head. And yes it goes a long way!!!

Grant Henderson: The liters are always cheaper. I use color obsessed and it smells like a vanilla milkshake. Yummm!!!

Edward Ford::

Kylie Beck: Neither!

Beckett Cannon: Davines is wonderful but the price point is so high

Beckett Cannon: Bed head.

Margaret Soto: I don’t love either but bed head way before aussie. I’m not a fan of grocery store products. I sell, use, and fully believe in the value of professional products.

Cora Washington: bed head

Archer Watkins: What about dove or Aussie people? Shall I stick with my dove xxx

Quinn Tran: Leave both

Aaliyah Adkins: But doesn’t bed head contain sulphates? I’m sure I read the bottle the other week and they all had sulphates which are not good for the hair.

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