Facial Hair

Facial Hair

Facial Hair

All You Need to Know About Facial Hair

When men  shave in the morning do they think deeply about the stubble? They don’t. But there is so much more to the hirsute facial dimension than a chore. ET on Sunday puts together the biology, history, sexuality and economics of the beard.

Where do beards come from?
Dihydrotestosterone Its levels varies seasonally, so don’t be surprised to see bushier beards in the summer

Growing a beard has been a sign of manliness since the dawn of time

Scientists believe prehistoric men had beards for 

  1. Intimidation through a thicker stronger-looking jaw line
  2. Warmth and keeping sensitive mouth skin safe from elements
  3. Protection and cushion from punches to the face

In ancient civilization, BEARDS WERE A SIGN OF HONOUR and were only cut for punishment

But around 345 BC Alexander the Great decreed that soldiers could not have beards [His Fear being that enemies will be pulling beards in battle]

Since then, beards have regularly cycled in and out of fashion, separating men from boys for centuries

  • Celtic Tribes: Otto the Great swore by his beards when saying anything serious
  • Middle ages: Touching another man’s beards was offensive and grounds for a duel
  • 16th Century: Saw popular new beards like the forked beard and the stiletto beard
  • 19th Century: President Lincoln made beards popular for all Americans

In a study of facial hair,:

  • Women found bearded men to be 2/3rd’s as attractive as clean-shaven men
  • But don’t loose hope! These same women, as well as men surveyed, found full-bearded men to also appear: older, more respected, of higher status, powerful 

Bearded Men vs Clean-Shaven were viewed as:

  • 36% Less Caring
  • 38% Less Generous
  • 51% Less Cheerful (It seems that beard intimidation keeps less adventurous women away)

More men tend to have facial hair when the marriage market is good, But when it’s tough to find a wife, weaker men shed their ‘staches

 But real men men know better, Don’t shave, find a woman who’ll embrace the beard

And when it comes to success outside relationships:

  • 98% of the Forbes 100 list of worlds richest men are clean-shaven
  • 98% of the worlds Lumberjacks, warriors, & badasses have beards


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