Will purple shampoo be enough to tone after a bleach bath?

Will purple shampoo be enough to tone after a bleach bath?

Will purple shampoo be enough to tone after a bleach bath? Or could you use purple shampoo for a bleach bath?

Louis Copeland: Depends what color your hair turned out

Henry Carter: I use purple shampoo in all my bleach washes, but do know it’ll eat the purple pigment in about 5 mins

Peter Mack: That makes sense

Peter Mack: I’ve got really blond ends covered by a brown demi that’s pretty washed out… my roots are like a 7… I want to take out the demi and lift my roots like 1-2 shades, not too much.

Peter Mack: I think I’ll need to get a toner just to be sure… I’d rather just use purple shampoo though!

Jazmin Schmidt: I find toners as more stronger than the purple shampoo but shampoo is good for maintaining that colour once you have toned

Knox Lane: You could try removing some of the demi before bleaching. In the past for me, a purple shampoo/baking soda paste has worked well. But you could always try an actual color remover instead.

Celine Christensen: Ya that needs to be lighter for purple shampoo to work love ?

Celeste Gill: Just keep your colour wheel in mind, I would bleach bath it one more time and tone with a blue based shampoo.

Peter Mack: Oh I haven’t bleach bathed yet! Going to buy the supplies today! Would like to avoid buying a toner beforehand because I’m not sure which one to buy before doing the bleach bath… but I guess I’ll just do the bleach bath and see where I am after…

Emerson Morton: I skipped toner this time around because i don’t want hot roots and i used my blond brilliance lathering toner shampoo and it worked perfect! I freaking love that stuff. It’s at Sally for $8

Peter Mack: Keep your fingers crossed for me! I’m bleach bathing now, have some t15 (don’t want platinum) and 20 vol, and the blond brilliance lathering toner…

Emerson Morton: Yay! You’ll love it!

Peter Mack: Should I dry hair before applying toner? Or is towel dried ok?

Emerson Morton: It’s really a purple shampoo. Use it like that. Leave it on for 5 minutes

Knox Lane: Just curious, did you use 20 developer for the bleach bath? What did you mix with it? And how long did you leave it in for? Thanks!!

Peter Mack: I did use 1 oz bleach, 1 oz 20 vol developer, 2 oz shampoo. I should have had my hair more damp… Processed 50 minutes, the max on the packet. I used Salon Care bleach (blue flash I think?) and developer. Then I toned with t15 and 20 vol for 30 mins. …See more

Knox Lane: I think you lifted quite a bit of levels actually. I’ve never gotten that much lift from a bleach bath.

Knox Lane: Besides, the slower the process, the less damage that happens on your hair.

Peter Mack: Well it was rather terrifying upon wash out, really weird patches. Toning with t15, hopefully it’s something I can live with otherwise back to Sally’s for demi in a 7 lol

Peter Mack: Needs one more bleach bath

Peter Mack: Covering up my makeup less face lol

Peter Mack: Can I bleach bath again the next time I shampoo? Like 2-3 days?

Peter Mack: It feels the same, good condition

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