Best shampoo and conditioner to Brighten blonde hair?

Best shampoo and conditioner to Brighten blonde hair?

Elliott Norman: Fenola no yellow or no orange works wonders

Alayah Vargas: Not a pro, but if you mean like a purple shampoo to tone Paul Mitchell has a good one!

Amina Burgess: had a great deal on joico purple shampoo

Willa Berry: Joico blonde life shampoo and conditioner or matrix brass off

Elliott Norman: On that note it does dry your hair right out you would need a hydration mask after

Jaxson Frazier: What mask would you recommend?I used Fanola and indd dryed my hair☹i use olaplex 3 once a that enoough??

Elliott Norman: Jaxson Frazier: I get a olaplex treatment in store I use the 18 in 1 range and the fenola mask

Elliott Norman: But I actually stuffed my hair up not using the olaplex so I’m into the hairdressers tomorrow to get it fixed

Jaxson Frazier: Ah ok thanks?i have the balm but not the mask?

Elliott Norman: Ok darl I take everything back about the fenola no yellow I found a way better one that does not dry your hair out and omg it is amazing

Jaxson Frazier: ??do share?

Holden Fitzgerald: pravana the perfect blonde… sulfate free too

Paige Watson: Pravana’s purple mask is amazing

Kassidy Williams: Honestly the best blonde brightening shampoo I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried all the ones listed above besides fanola) is celeb luxury gem lites flawless diamond colorwash. A close second would be amika or Pravana

Kassidy Williams: It’s worth noting that celeb luxury can be drying if used too often

Holden Fitzgerald: how does it compare to pravana?? i like that it’s sulfate free and the shampoo is pretty pigmented… honestly the shimmer lights conditioner does a better job on my hair i feel like it’s more pigmented… but i’ve only tried pravana and shimmer lights

Camden Roberts: Ion has a nice conditioner for blondes that brightens

Kassidy Williams: First and foremost, I’m a Pravana colorist and their color line is amazing. But their shampoo is straight purple, whereas the flawless diamond has more of a blue violet base. It’s a unique tone that really delivers if you’re looking for a platinum tone for a light blonde!

Kassidy Williams: The celeb luxury is all sulfate free as well

Holden Fitzgerald: i like the shampoo just the conditioner could be more pigmented… and i’ll try that thanks

Kassidy Williams: I really like the Pravana perfect blonde toning Masque. I do keep that on my back bar at my loft

Holden Fitzgerald: and actually really thanks cause i was mixing some of the brunette one w the purple cause the previous stylist left me w some horrible orange!! i get to have it fixed next tuesday though thank god

Holden Fitzgerald: i looked at it but before i had demi permanent put in to cancel some of the orange when i washed my hair i sat w the pravana in my hair for an hour orelse it looked horrible!! shimmer lights gave me a similar color for a cheaper price… w the demi i been using only pravana… i didn’t get the mask cause it had a lot less product… when i get my hair done next tuesday i’ll prolly go get some

Holden Fitzgerald: what i don’t get is why stylist don’t recommend it more… it really is awesome stuff!! esp since it’s sulfate free, sulfates strip toner from ur hair so much quicker

Kassidy Williams: Honestly a lot of the blonde shampoos just don’t deliver in my opinion. Celeb luxury is truly different. Try it, you’ll be amazed

Holden Fitzgerald: where do u get it??

Kassidy Williams: Also I don’t recommend shimmer lights because it’s too drying and doesn’t deposit enough for my liking. It’s not terrible but not great either

Kassidy Williams: Where are you located?

Holden Fitzgerald: i didn’t use the shampoo i used just the conditioner cause the shampoo like u said is drying… the conditioner i mixed w hydrosource… it was just cheaper than using pravana the two weeks before i saw a new stylist

Holden Fitzgerald: near houston tx

Kassidy Williams: Its only been out for about a year now, but you can buy it through their website or use the salon finder to find a shop that retails it! I know its available on amazon but I wouldn’t risk paying that kind of money for counterfeit. Its expensive but once you try it you’ll see why

Kassidy Williams:

Kassidy Williams: This was after 2 5 minute washings with their viral hot pink, to show how pigmented these shampoos are :p I was blonde underneath there

Holden Fitzgerald: honestly the amazon olaplex i got is legit… it totally saved my hair!! i won’t lie to make me feel better about having bleach next tuesday i just snipped a piece of my hair and put bleach on it in a foil for 40 min w heat for 5 then used olaplex on i…See more

Holden Fitzgerald: omg that’s awesome!

Holden Fitzgerald: i dunno if i need something that strong but being able to put it in and not have to sit w it to work woulda been so awesome a few weeks ago… but maybe just quick in and out would work

Kassidy Williams: see here’s the problem, I wish more stylists educated people on olaplex. because there’s no need to buy it and do it at home yourself ? you get the same results from doing regular #3 treatments and you don’t risk using too much of the active ingredient (which can be bad)

Holden Fitzgerald: idk i tried the 3 before and i felt like the standalone was way better

Kassidy Williams: buying the stylist kit is a waste of money unless you’re doing your own bleaching. The 3 has to be used regularly to achieve the results the standalone can do, but olaplex 3 is literally the SAME THING. its just a more diluted mixture of the active ingredient

Holden Fitzgerald: and my hair was snapping in super small pieces maybe that’s y the 3 didn’t work as well… like i saw a huge difference

Kassidy Williams: 3 does work just as well, but I tell people to use it every wash until they get the desired results they need. Its much more cost effective for at home use. but now you know 🙂

Holden Fitzgerald: my hair needed intense stuff… idk why she put all the stuff on me she did… she bleached me twice and did like 3 or 4 diff toners… my scalp hurt i couldn’t brush my hair for days after cause it hurt

Kassidy Williams: lord, I question what a lot of stylists do ? olaplex is a god send

Holden Fitzgerald: my hair is in much better shape after… i only did two treatments like 3 weeks apart and one aphogee 2 step… omg my hair feels much better!! tbh i’m scared to go back to a stylist but with all the crazy colors i have going on there’s no way i can ev…See more

Holden Fitzgerald: and i have plenty of no 3… ima keep up with it i just freaked out when i saw my hair breaking!! i just didn’t wanna lose it all… thank god i have super thick hair

Kassidy Williams: Sounds like you might need to try some liquid gold

Kassidy Williams: I use this on my fragile long bleached hair. Its AMAZING and since I started using this with olaplex 3 at home, I don’t even need a leave in conditioner.
Bio-Cleansing Conditioner – UNWASH

Holden Fitzgerald: honestly i ended up chopping off the super bad stuff… i wish i woulda known about these other things before… i’m def thinking about that flawless diamond… i bought the living proof restore shampoo/conditioner and i like the leave in but those two weren’t as good… so those are awesome stuff??

Holden Fitzgerald: ooh my hair doesn’t like cowashing… sulfate free works well but i’ve tried cowashing, granted on my virgin hair, and it just didn’t clean very well and ultimately my hair didn’t like excessive moisture

Kassidy Williams: See I’ve tried tons of the cowashes and this one is different. it absorbs in the hair but DOESN’T weigh it down at all. My hair actually feels clean and fresh after, I can still go my normal 6-7 days between washes using it. One thing a lot of people don’t know about cowashing is that you NEED to rinse it better than you would regular conditioner. That’s half the problem when cowashing doesn’t work for someone

Kassidy Williams: I’m a product junkie and I have a license to get stuff cheap lol!! I’ve tried soooo many products and I definitely have my favorites

Holden Fitzgerald: oh i def rinsed it out super good

Kassidy Williams: but yeah. try it if you’re in the market for something new. Pretty sure both products I recommended are available in smaller sizes to try 🙂

Holden Fitzgerald: but my hair seemed to break until i did protein more often… it seemed to get to a point i was just doing one to counteract the other… maybe the moisturizers i was using were too heavy for my hair that really coulda been a prob… but doing just sulfate free my hair seems happy

Kassidy Williams: you’ll have to contact a salon to get the smaller size of flawless diamond 🙂 but I know they exist. I’ve seen them at the beauty supply by my work

Holden Fitzgerald: tyvm!!

Elliott Norman: I literally got my hair done today I usually use the fenola no yellow which has sulphates in it I will never ever use it again after today the best I’ve used now is the hi lift true blonde

Juliette Barber: My hair is currently brown with grey roots.. Was thinking of just letting my grey grow.. Just wanted to know what silver shampoo would Brighten my hair without bleaching it.

Brody Garrett: Perfect blonde

Juliette Barber: I’m in uk ☺

Juliette Barber: Lol its not that bad ?

David Glover: Matrix brass off is amazing xx

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