Whats everyones favorite shampoo and conditioner that wont break the bank?

Whats everyones favorite shampoo and conditioner that wont break the bank?

Melissa Fisher: Maui moisture!! You can get it ulta , target or Walmart!! I love it. It’s only 8.99 hands down love it. They have a lot of different shampoos an other products too it’s organic!!:)

Charlotte Kelley: Ty!?

Melissa Fisher: Your very welcome ??ulta had it buy 2 get one free last week and so I tried the one for chemical damage haired and got my fiancé the one he like as well.

Thea Medina: I loooove Kenra’s shampoo line ?????? a local stylist should sell it. It’s amazing

Charlie Jenkins: Renpure Coconut milk! $14 Big litre bottle!! Winners/Marshalls! Best stuff I have ever used!

Charlotte Kelley: Ty ty!?

Charlotte Kelley: Ty!?

Grant Cox: Nioxin!

Charlotte Kelley: Ty!?

Malachi Holloway: Pureology hydrate, its $30 a bottle but if you get it off look fantastic or feelunique, you can get it for cheaper. It’s the only product that has ever made a difference in my hair. I swear by it.

Phoenix Simmons: I was able to make my small bottles last 6 months.

Alexandra Taylor: When ulta has the 20% coupon I stock up.

Beckett Tyler: Pureology hydrate is great. I loved their sleek line too but they’ve changed the formula recently.

Jessica Stevenson: Gr.pn

Pureology Hydrate, Strength Cure, or Pure Volume Shampoo and…

Malachi Holloway: so kind of you

Eloise Meyer: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Repair (NOT the mirrorshine), pureology, or Oribe. Just remember, you get what you pay for

Sarai Francis: Kera care dry and itchy scalp

Amy Owens: Bed Head Colour Goddess!

Charlotte Kelley: Ty everyone!? just looked up my hair type 2a-2b wavy frizzy mess lol dunno if that makes a difference when looking but probably lol anyone have similar??

Eloise Meyer: Deva Curl

Charlotte Kelley: Ty!?

Eloise Meyer: No prob!

Cassidy Perry: I’m a Monat girl.

Vincent Huff: It honestly depends on where you go! I know this sounds cliche, but I can’t stress enough how important it is to support your local businesses! Most of the time local salons will run their products so much cheaper than a drug store or franchise! I would definitely go around and check prices before committing to any one place for product. When I sell shampoo at our salon it’s literally $15-$20 less than Walmart!! I have a heart attack when I look at their prices (don’t get me started on Ulta) and then I just get mad. They’re the reason people can’t commit to professional products! I promise it’s not that expensive everywhere.

Clayton Burton: #supportsmallbusinesses ????

Itzel Henry: I adore Lush’s shampoo bars/solid shampoo. My favourite at the moment is Honey I washed my hair; it’s so good I actually have used it without conditioning after!

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