I want to buy silver shampoo – any suggestions?

I want to buy silver shampoo – any suggestions?

Gunner Colon: I really like shimmer lights. But just shampoo and NOT conditioner

Savanna Martinez: I use the loreal love it

Matteo Benson: I’ve done hilight and I tones it but with wash the yellow colour start showing do u think that loreal can help me to hide it plz

Savanna Martinez: I have foils with bleach then toner then in between apps i use the loreal as my hair is ginger and goes yellowy i leave on for about 10 mins its the best one ive found other ones have turned my hair purple x

Matteo Benson: OK thanks for ur help

Sylvia Shaw: I use both

Abel Gomez: Fanola is Good I Guess

Jada Townsend: The only purple shampoo I use and will ever use is shimmer lights. I love it and it works great, but it doesn’t have the best smell in the world lol

Jada Townsend: Conditioner too. Love it!

Alexia Curtis: I feel Shimmer Lights is very drying. I would like to find another option that isn’t as drying.

Jada Townsend: Joico has one that’s pretty good.

Jada Townsend: Also you could try putting a couple of drops or squirts of a rejuvenating oil into your shampoo.

Braelyn Lynch: Kevin Murphy Blond Angel is amazing the blonde angel wash is a purple shampoo and treatment in one it’s amazing

Riley Payne: Pravana purple shampoo!

Ivan Frank: I use shimmer lights shampoo but I don’t like the smell

Jada Townsend: I agree with the smell ??

Annabelle Vasquez: The generic one I use smells amazing and it works just as good, I posted a pic in the comments! 🙂

Jonah Wise: i use shimmer lights. like it alot. but i dont have issue with it drying my hair. i only use it weekly

Natalie Ellis: Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde.

Emery Salazar: I use shimmer lights. it works for me. I do have to mix it with moisturizing shampoo/conditioner because it’s drying. but you can literally use it to tone your hair.

Cristian Carroll: Wouldn’t recommend shimmer lights, it’s cheap but not great for your hair. Paul Mitchell or Fanola if you want to go all out 🙂

Adam Morgan: I use FUDGE

Sophia Adkins: I use paul mitchell

Margot Miles: Shimmering lights is really good at toning but… Its really drying. I only use it twice a week.

Taylor Parker: I recommend Loreal color correction for blondes.

Anastasia Buchanan: Naissant purple shampoo

Bryson Copeland: Shimmer lights is great I personally hate the smell

Saylor Cohen: I use shimmer lights but don’t care for the way the shampoo feels. I just use the conditioner mixed 50/50 in my co wash and got better results.

Cameron Garcia: Not shimmering lights, it’s too drying. I’ve used Pantene & jhirmack distinctions and liked both. I never tried the L’Oréal but, bet it’s good.

Julia Barnes: Silver shine milkshake available at www.kimdec.com.au its amazing and will never need to use a toner after colour service

Collin Dean: I use fudge and it’s amazing!

Roman Norris: Do you have purple highlights or is that the shampoo coloring your hair?

Roman Norris: Stop using it

Collin Dean: What do u mean?

Collin Dean: Na it’s just blonde it kinda looks purple in this photo but this is it now it’s more orange then anything

Annabelle Vasquez: I would stop using it also!

Collin Dean: Why?

Jake Mullins: Lol. Your hair is pretty. No stress. ?

Jeremiah Bennett: fudge???

Collin Dean: It’s a Priceline and coles (Australia)

Jeremiah Bennett: Shampoo?

Collin Dean: Yeah it’s a purple shampoo and conditioner I put mine in dry hair for half an hour and that’s how I get so ash but some people it can make there hair purple so be careful

Jeremiah Bennett: Oh ok.. thank you

Jackson Graves: Fanola is amazing, almost too amazing lol so u gotta be careful.

Jorge Saunders: Shimmer lights is really good!

Blakely Mann: How long does everyone leave the Shimmer lights in?

Bryson Copeland: I found that the trick is to towel dry your hair and then put it the shampoo in don’t put it on wet shower hair it doesn’t work in well

Stephen Simmons: Niassant purple shampoo on Amazon Silvia recvomends it

Annabelle Vasquez: This smells good and I loved it to be honest! I am back brown, but I loved it when I did mine blonde again.

Angel Moreno: Is this from Sally’s?

Annabelle Vasquez: Yes ma’am!

Braelyn Lynch: Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel & Blonde Angel Wash ??

Savanna Crawford: Out of many brands I tried….some very expensive, shimmer lights definitely worked the best, was the cheapest….but beware…more drying. So you have to keep hair hydratec.

Anne Cannon: I have tried many this is by far the best and less then $4.00 at Wal-Mart

Riley Garner: I had the worst reaction to shimmer lights. It gave me a terrible headache and I couldn’t breathe! I thought it smelled AWFUL. I woke up in the middle of the night sick to my stomach from the smell. I had to wash my hair 3 more times to get the smell out.

Jane Burke: Use framesi dynamic blonde it is the best selling purple shampoo at cosmoprof

Tatum Kim: My favorite is Joico from Ulta.

Justice Moore: Perfect blonde is the best removes brass.

Leilani Reyes: I use that loreal one or pro-voke

Leilani Reyes: Really good and cheap

Karla Sparks: Matrix purple shampoo works really well for me.

Avery Green: Shimmering Lights for me

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