Best shampoo and conditioner?

Best shampoo and conditioner?

I have long hair that tangles super easy

Liberty Jimenez: Biolage hydrosource, but use the detangling solution instead of the conditioning balm.

Elsie Cohen: Or the biolage fibrestrong if you straighten & blow dry your hair a lot.

Demi Harper: I LOVE Paul Mitchell Detangle conditioner. Leaves hair full and shiny and stops the damage before it starts, ie- with wet combing. You can get it at Ulta or any PM salon.

Karsyn Sandoval: Monat!

Zariah Bowman: Monat

Juliet Underwood: I use moroccanoil, shampoo, conditioner, oil treatment and mask. My hair is very happy with it! Looks kinda bad in this picture because it’s not straightened at all and I slept with it in a pony tall, haha.

Carly Patrick: Bit late.. I’m obsessed with Lush’s Honey I Washed My Hair shampoo bar. I am still looking for a decent conditioner.

Carly Patrick: I ran out of conditioner yesterday, so I only shampooed with the bar and OMG my hair was so smooth! They last a very long time too.

Clara Mccoy: Omg I LOVE LUSH!! I have happy happy joy joy, fair trade honey, and a multitude of shampoo bars as well lol…

Paxton Tran: Monat!!

Ryan Cruz: Redken All Soft!

Cecilia Adams: Yesssss. One of the best. Tried and true. And it’s been around for a while and always been one of the best.

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