Has anyone used the Celeb Luxury Viral shampoo or conditioner?

Has anyone used the Celeb Luxury Viral shampoo or conditioner?

Curious how they worked out for people. I’m kinda interested in the lilac/lavender.

Beatrice Lowe: Love love love them!

Kamila Delgado: They work great. Sometimes they’re hard to fade out though.

Avianna Cunningham: I used the purple viral and then I have also used the caramel blonde and a toning one from their gem lites line

Avianna Cunningham: They are amazingggg

Sarai Burke: They are amazing! I used joico semi permanent ruby red for years and using these i could go 2 months in between colors and it would stay just as vibrant as the day i colored it

Brynlee Singleton: I use the hot pink now and it’s great. The lavender is more blue than purple.

Raven Park: Agreee too much blue tones with the lavender, but can be balanced out with the right mix of pastel pink

Raven Park: Pastel pink

Raven Park: Lavender

Raven Park: Also be careful as they are VERY DRYING. You can follow up w the bond fix (conditioner) also joico color butters are nice too, but u would need to dilute

Angel Hoffman: I have masks for curly hair. I think the one I have right now is deva curl. Would that be enough moisture or should I get the bond fix instead. Have you just tried the shampoo version? I see they have conditioners ones too.

Carmen Arnold: I love celeb luxury viral. I use it as my main color and sell it for upkeep. It is drying but A heavy conditioner (I use and sell Kenra moisture conditioner) with it. One thing that’s nice about it for take home is that it doesn’t stain shower or sink. Yet has amazing deposit. I got a bright blue on a yellow 9. Impressive!

Angel Hoffman: I think ima give it a try. Now I’m debating if the lilac will suit my skin tone.

Carmen Arnold: I bet it would, you’re so cute. Luckily it dies wash out if you don’t care for it and the lilac is light so even more so. I would spply it damp hair bit with a brush all over. That’s what I do to saturate my few highlights. It’s pretty rush free. I bet you will like it.

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