What brand of purple shampoo do you all recommend?

What brand of purple shampoo do you all recommend?

Margot Hudson: If it’s for yourself I would use Morris brass off. It’s more of a blue based.

Clara Bowman: Joico

Leia Ramirez: Fudge clean blonde is amazing

Rylie Pena: F18

Emersyn Crawford: Pulpriot Barcelona

Aria Cannon: Pravana perfect blonde line

Jessica Garner: I love matrix brass off – shampoo and conditioner!

Rylan Jenkins: Framesi

Ashton Watson: OSMO

Maximus Clayton: I use joico color endure violate (what my salon uses too)

Charlie Hernandez: Matrix brass off. Blue works way better than purple. I tried joico purple and was definitely not as effective as blue

Alicia Ray: I haven’t noticed a huge difference with the Joico purple either.

Charlie Hernandez: Try the brass off from matrix. 5 min and you’ll love it.

Joseph Hodges: Pravana they also have a purple deep conditioner spray, a regular purple conditioner, and a purple condition mask

Connor Sparks: Fanola no yellow

Alicia Ray: I love the effect and tone of Clairol Shimmer Lights conditioner (level 8-10 highlights on a level 5-6 base, looks great on all shades in my hair), but it is a little drying. That’s kind of a good thing on my roots, which get oily easy, so I don’t usually condition them. I shampoo and rinse, then work a good amount of Shimmer Lights conditioner from roots to ends; I’ll leave it on for a few minutes, then apply my regular conditioner (I usually cycle through a few different Paul Mitchell kinds and also Joico K-Pak) on the lengths and ends, on top of the Shimmer Lights, leave that on for another minute or so, then rinse out. I do this maybe 3 or 4 times per month. Then I have to clean my shower walls the next day :)I also will use Oligo Blacklight shampoo if I want an extra cooling boost to the color, maybe twice per month — I shampoo with regular shampoo (I really like Paul Mitchell Shampoo One, simple, cleans well without stripping, and cheap if you buy it during an Ulta sale), then use a small amount of the Blacklight for a second wash; a little goes a loooong way! Leave that in a few minutes, then condition as usual.

Jack Vega: Fanela no yellow! No. 1!

Omar Stewart: The Generic one from Sally’s! Shimmer lights dried my hair out too bad.

Ava Barrett: Malibu or so silver by matrix

Karter Ellis: Fanola no yellow. Matrix brass off.

Alanna Owen: Base

Jayce Mcdaniel: Framesi

Gracie Sims: Maria Nila Sheer Silver Shampoo

Gracie Sims: Or professional L’Oréal

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