Washing Hair Everyday: Good or Bad?

Washing Hair Everyday: Good or Bad?

Scalp itchiness

Though, men and women are both aware of the causes of hair dryness, oiliness and brittleness only few know what are the real causes of scalp itchiness and irritation. It is very essential to know how to take care of your health and how to prevent scalp itchiness and dryness as well. Having an itchy scalp is a result of something like washing hair everyday. But, there might also be underlying skin problem that requires you to seek immediate medical attention. Whatever your problems may be with your scalp, you need to discuss it with your doctor when home solutions fail to help you.

One of the usual causes of scalp itchiness and irritation in women is dry scalp. The scalp may be very dry, because of the weather. Hot and cold weather may affect the condition of the scalp. Or if you are fond of showering under extreme water temperature or you are always in a sauna, then your scalp might suffer. Dry scalp skin is a big problem of men and women during winter time. This is when the skin of the scalp is subjected to extreme weather and windiness outdoors can also contribute to the dryness of the scalp.

Washing hair everyday

Washing hair everyday and not washing your hair daily may both be the cause of hair itchiness and irritation. If you will not wash your hair, the dead skin cells, oils and irritating debris may accumulate on the scalp. However, if you will wash your hair everyday using harsh shampoo and conditioner, it can also cause scalp dryness and itchiness. If you will shampoo your hair daily, that may also leave residue to the hair and may also act as a skin irritant.

Itchy scalp may be a result of seborrheic dermatitis and it will lead to hair loss, because of severe scratching that may damage the hair. As soon as the hair cuticle is damaged, the hair fiber will be prone to breakage that may lead to hair fall. You can solve the itchy problem with a shampoo that contains zinc, selenium, tea tree oil and pyrithione. Head & Shoulders extra strength can help you. There are also over the counter solutions or you can also ask your doctor about prescription antifungal shampoo that is best for your case.

Stress causes hair loss

Stress is hard to deal with, because you don’t really know the stresses that are causing you troubles. It will be best for you to identify it first before you can deal with it through proper stress management strategies. There are effective ways to cope with stress everywhere, so equipping yourself with all those powerful tools will be very beneficial to you in the long run. Stress can be very risky because it will not just affect your output and performance at work, but it will also affect your disposition in life and how you interact with people around you.

Learning ways to cope with stress will be very helpful to you and to people you love too. Negative experiences like loss of a love one, marital problems, child custody case, separation of parents, funeral, emotional pain and anger are just some of the mental stress that are visible today. You shouldn’t ignore stress because it can be damaging to your health and to you as a person. Do you know that the result of stresses to a person can be risky because it may result to mind problems in the long run when ignored and not properly attended to? It can also result in drug and alcohol addiction to those who have tendencies. Good thing there are ways to aid you in coping up through medical tests and through a holistic approach.

There are various approaches when it comes to stress management strategies and to relieve anxiety too, but cognitive approach is one of the famous because it deals with the step by step ways to cope with stress. Identifying the varieties of negative things that put stress into your mind will be done by the expert along the way. When you know that you are suffering from stress and a hard time solving your concern, it will be best for you to know that there are ways to solve it using the cognitive approach given to you by the expert.

Stress can also affect your scalp and hair condition, so it will be best to address the problem accordingly and go through a stress management process to prevent hair fall and scalp itchiness and irritation from developing. But you also need to do some other things to help your scalp like to avoid washing hair everyday. Men and women do not need to wash their hair daily and shampoo daily, because it breaks down the natural structure of the hair and strips the natural oil as well. This doesn’t mean that you need to skip the shower, but soaking up your hair in the shower daily with shampoo containing harsh chemicals must be minimized.

Addition hair care tips

  1. When you wash your hair, do not soak it with hot water, because this can cause dehydration and it may lead to hair dryness and brittleness. The hair will be prone to falling if you are always washing it with hot water. You are not just washing off all the nourishments and protective oils from the scalp, but you are also causing overproduction of oil, which can actually damage the roots and may lead to hair fall.  Washing hair everyday with hot water is bad for your scalp.
  2. When you style your hair, do not attempt to use heated tools like blow dryer and irons, because they can cause damage to your hair. The proteins of the hair will be damaged along with the protective cuticle too. As soon as the protective cuticle is damaged, the moisture balance will be disturbed and the hair will be prone to breakage. But you can do something by limiting the hot tools you use to just 2-3 times weekly or as needed only. You can use them, provided you set the cooling system at the coolest level. You can also use a heat protection spray, which serves as a thermal barrier to lessen the friction.
  3. Do not starve yourself. When you go on a diet and you starve a lot, the body will be forced to direct the energy to various important functions like aiding the heart and the brain to work properly than making hair. The truth is that when women are diagnosed with anorexia, one of the symptoms checked by doctors is severe hair loss.  You can do something to save your hair and that is by eating a healthy diet and includes lean protein such as fish, chicken, beans and lentils in your diet. The hair is made up of protein and it is also one thing that can make and break the hair. Not having as much as 46g of protein a day will make your hair fall. Make sure your diet is composed of at least 30% of protein daily.
  4. Some people tend to mishandle their wet hair. The strands of the hair are very delicate and prone to breakage when wet and soaked in water for several minutes. This is because the protective cuticle of the hair rose. When you brush it in the shower and then you do towel drying, snapping it off can make the perfect storm. You have to minimize brushing your hair after every bath, instead brush it before you take a shower. Do not rub the towel into your hair after shower. You also need to check your brush, because you might be using the wrong one.
  5. Women who are fond of tying and braiding their hair should be cautious. Styling the hair like braiding it or tying it with so much pressure can put tension to the hair follicles that may lead to damage and scars that will destroy them permanently. It may lead to alopecia, it is a condition wherein the hair follicle weakens and it is impossible for the hair to grow again. It is not bad to tie your hair, especially on days when you are too busy and you cannot handle your hair anymore. But make sure you loosely tie it. Never put clips or never tie your hair when sleeping nor roll around the pillow. This can make friction which is bad for the hair. You can use a soft ribbon and not tie it tightly.
  6. If you are prone to hair fall, because of hormonal change, then you must be using a wrong type of birth control pill that weakens your hair.  Birth control pills with androgens can cause hair fall for women with androgen sensitive and they do not know about that. You need to ask your doctor about other options of pills with a low androgen index such as norgestimate. If you want if you have an androgen sensitivity issue, you can go to a hair restoration doctor and do the check swab test. This can help in solving your problem if your hair loss has something to do with androgen.
  7. There are certain types of medicines such as anti-depressants, anti-hypertensive pills and statins that can cause hair loss. When you use these drugs, they may interfere with the usual cycle of the hair growth that may lead the hair to go on a resting phase and fall out prematurely. You can ask your doctor about other alternatives that will not cause hair loss.




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