Does expensive shampoos and conditioners really make a difference?

Does expensive shampoos and conditioners really make a difference?

Do you think the more expensive shampoos and conditioners really makes a difference on the way your hair turns out? Which is your favorite shampoo and conditioner and why?

Lila Wood: With professional shampoos and conditions bought from a salon, a store licensed to sell professional products and stores for professionals only i can count on them being exactly what they say are in them plus u dont have to use as much they are consintrated. But u have no idea what gets put into professional product bottles when being sold at target walmart (not the salon in there) walgreens ect. As for none professional products most of the time when ive tried something way back when most never did what they said it could do. But these days some of the products seem to be getting better i dont know 1st hand ? my daughter will get a non professional brand from time to time and tells me about) she grew up using professional so ahe will give me a review from time to time like shes using a Moroccan one now and loves it and it isnt fadeing her color! As for my favorite i would say my go to is joico kpak

Simon Spencer: Yes it is different …. I used before drugstore hair product and after hair stylist recommend me store I went and try it Oh boy Lett me tell you I never went back to drugstore products.:)

Simon Spencer: I use protein set and argan oil set. Each set is shampoo ,conditioner, mask and oil ☺

Parker Johnston: definitely. all time favourite is kevin murphy’s hydrate wash and rinse for its ultra hydrating capabilities without weighing my hair down. recent favourite is oribe’s signature wash and rinse for the same reason.

Lila Wood: Ive never heard of these where do u get them from sounds like something i could use!

Parker Johnston: i work at a salon that carries both so i have easy access. i’m sure that both brand’s websites have a salon locator feature to see if any salons near you carry either!

Lila Wood: Im still licensed i just havent heard of em b4 but then again i stick to what i know works but i think its rime for a change ill check at some of the supply houses here thank you!!

Tristan Hernandez: Kevin Murphy’s products are divine! The salon I go to carries his line now along with Surface.

Tristan Hernandez: Yes, it definitely makes a difference. There’s a reason salons recommend their products to you. I absolutely cannot use drugstore shampoo and conditioner. Or any other non salon quality products. My hair will rebel. I’m loving L’anza right now. Awesome products, and an awesome company. They truly care about their customers.

Elias Tyler: I like salon products but now that I use monat i wouldn’t go back

Haven Morgan: i can’t use drugstore products. the silicones they have, are mostly not to wash out. they layer in your cuticles. also makes my hair frizzy and unmanagable (i have fine hair). only using salon products since years now and they helped my hair so much, although i have extensions often ?✅?

Aaliyah Patrick: Absolutely. I used Biotera shampoo and condition (from Sally’s Beauty) for my normal washing. Once a week, I wash and condition with Shimmer Lights (also from Sally’s). And a few times a month I do a restorative mask. I have been using these products for quite some time and can now go longer between colorings. The last time I had my hair colored, my stylist thought I had went somewhere else and had my hair colored in between our prior appointment because my color still looked so good. I can tell my hair is much healthier than when I used cheap products.

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