What shampoo and other products can I get for bright pink hair?

What shampoo and other products can I get for bright pink hair?

I don’t want it to fade too quickly. I wash in cold water and only once a week. Should I do some overnight conditioning?? Heeeeelp. My stylist wasn’t very helpful. She also said not to straighten/curl/etc because the heat will make the color fade??

Lorenzo Moody: Viral shampoo

Lorenzo Moody: But use a heavy conditioner with it because it’s drying

Jameson Norris: Your stylist is CORRECT. Purchase a professional product like Viral color shampoo and conditioner. Do not forget the conditioner, Viral shampoo is very drying

Peter Parker: Overtone:D

Zachary Willis: The Pravana Vivids Shampoo, Conditioner, and Vivids Protectant Spray. They are canonically charged to help your color adhere to your prelightened hair, has coconut and palm kernel oils for gentle cleansing, and a rich protein formula. The spray aslo includes sun screen to prevent fading overnight

Isabelle Sandoval: Viral shampoo and conditioner

Hannah Nichols: The shampoos mentioned above, and only use COLD water when washing/conditioning. Use a good swim cap at the beach or pool

Rylan Gordon: Viral is amazing line. They are tinted in multiple shades, makes a huge difference in hair coloring

Madison Edwards: Olaplex #3 will not only repair and maintain your hair integrity but will preserve the color as direct dyes fade out rather quickly.

Kehlani Bradley: Overtone!!!

Vera Diaz: Call around and see if you can find a stylist who can custom blend a shampoo just for your hair color.

Madison Edwards: You can have your stylist add some of your direct dye color to Olaplex#3 for a color bomb…incredibly effective to save your color!

Adriel Watkins: they sell this clenditioner at Ulta. it’s very pigmented!

Adriel Watkins: and since this is a cleansing conditioner, it’s not drying!

Adriel Watkins: but if your hair still needs some extra moisture and TLC, as most bleached hair does, overtone is a great color deposit conditioner brand to use after the keracolor!

Alyssa Johnston: I love this product ^^^ I use the purple one.

Amir Nunez: keracolor Clenditioner! It’s my favorite! It’s a cleansing conditioner. ULTA

Aurora Murray: Tressa watercolors intense shampoo is amazing and doesn’t dry out your hair like viral shampoo can.

Angelica Washington: Hello fellow Pinky. You can also add your color into your own shampoo. I don’t know the ratio, but I know I am going to find out myself as my pink hair fades with every shampoo. Some say mixing with shampoo doesn’t work but my hairdresser did it for me once and it worked great. I use a leave-in conditioner: Mielle White Peony, (got it at Sally’s) and I love it. I use leave-in so I don’t have to put anymore water on my hair after I shampoo. (I used Flare Me from Sally’s and it went to cotton candy in 3 shampoos. I am def going to try this shampoo thing.

Adriel Watkins: a tried and true method i’ve used many many times over the years.

Kendra Burns: Overtone conditioner and their mask, the mask is much more concentrated and they have both light and hot pink, it’s not drying. For shampoo, Viral, a little drying though, but works great,

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