Question: I had balayage done my hair last Friday and my hair is so dry and my former wavy-curly hair is limp. The stylist used olaplex and I have the take home treatment. Any suggestions to remedy my hair issues?

Question: I had balayage done my hair last Friday and my hair is so dry and my former wavy-curly hair is limp. The stylist used olaplex and I have the take home treatment. Any suggestions to remedy my hair issues?

Tiffany Merry: Use the olaplex and go in for deep Conditioning Treatments
Marcella Corry: How often should I go in for deep conditioning treatments? Could I also do them at home?

Tiffany Merry: Are you a stylist?

Tiffany Merry: Maybe every 4 weeks for a little

Tiffany Merry: If your not a stylist your stylist will have something stronger 🙂

Marcella Corry: No, I am not a stylist. I do weekly olapex and deep conditioning treatments at home. I don’t straighten my hair and my hair was healthy until I did the balayage.
Tiffany Merry: Hmmmm that’s a tough one. If done right it shouldn’t have damaged you
Tiffany Merry: I love the joico kpack. It’s a profession mask. That with olaplex has brought back some of the people that have sat in my chair.. DEFINITELY olaplex aswell though..
Ann Brinlee Cochrum: I agree!! K-pak reconstructor is the best to replace your protein and rebuild the cortex layer of you hair!! You can also add K-pak intense Hydrator to replace moisture and with a ph of 3.5 will keep that cuticle closed!! Be patient and use these products like meds. It will work. Olaplex also!
Cheryl Burrows Was Williams: Use the olaplex at home .I would just wet your hair then sleep with it on then in the morning shampoo the olaplex out and condition your hair will feel amazing ..your olaplex should last you 4 may be 5 treatments depending on length of hair..the olaplex activates when the hair is wet to in the morning it will feel crisp but as soon as you rinse the next morning it will feel so a hairdresser and been 25 years qualified and it’s definitely one of the best I’ve used.xx
Taylor Gaminde: Protein or deep conditioning possibly needed! ?
Marcella Corry: I washed and deep conditioned this morning. I just bought a packet of ApHogee 2-step protein treatment.
Cheryl Burrows Was Williams: Just use it once a week which is recommended but I love the way it leaves my hair so I sometimes do 2 or 3 times a week.xx
Julie Scheppard: My hair is a bit dry now too. I’ve been using Olaplex weekly and just recently started using Pureology Hydrate mask. I’m pretty happy with how my hair feels after using both.
Marcella Corry: Thank you. I will get the mask! How long did it take to start seeing improvements?
Julie Scheppard: I’ve only used the Pureology mask twice so far and it already feels better. Be aware that Pureology is a bit spendy but well worth it, for me at least and probably less $$ than getting a treatment at the salon. I insist on being super blonde so my ha…See more
Parker Watson: You’ll usually always need a little extra something! Olaplex doesn’t contain any conditioner or proteins, so you’ll always need to address moisture & protein separately☺️
Teri Pope: Living proof hair mask is UHHHMAZING
Cody Wilbanks: Hi there Marcella, Olaplex is going to be amazing at strengthening the bonds that have been broken and need repair. It sounds like we have had some amazing suggestions for you on here if there is anything else we can help you with please let us now!
Jennifer Boyce: Hi Marcella! I’m sorry your hair feels less than amazing. These ladies have some great advice. Olaplex will help make and keep your hair strong, but using chemicals can dry it out so using a good deep conditioner will help. Olaplex also helps your hair retain moisture and protein better. To be sure you’re using the proper conditioner I would ask your stylist to recommend one that is either balanced with both or heavier in one or the other depending on your hair needs ?
Julie J Holland-Linden: use carrols daughter shampoo conditioner and the monoi oil
Teri Pope: Do back to back treatments of olaplex
Maria Mello: I would get an Olaplex stand alone treatment follwed by a deep conditioning treatment I ? Joico kpak, Moroccan oil hydrate, so many out there ? followed by #redken curl refiner as a leave in ? Let us know please how everything goes & if we can help further ???
Marcella Corry: Thank you Maria!
Marcella Corry: Thank you for all of the great suggestions. I am going to buy the Joico Kpack and I have Olaplex No. 3 already.I’m just trying to figure out when to do my treatments. I normally only wash my hair every third day. Can I keep the same schedule?
Teri Pope: I wld wash/condition every other day until u see results I typically wash every 3rd day too but when its dry I do every other
Jennifer Boyce: Yes! And make sure to use a moisturizing conditioner or regular conditioner every other wash and alternate it with the kPak. A balance of moisture and protein will help make your hair feel amazing!

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