Question: I’m just wondering, can olaplex No3 be too heavy for some hair?

Question: I’m just wondering, can olaplex No3 be too heavy for some hair?

Jennifer Boyce: Hi Judith! We’d be happy to help! Can you tell me how you used Olaplex No 3?

Judith Hillmer: Well, today I did the 2nd treatment I’ve ever done with it. And I focused on the top half of my head, because I have shoulerish length hair and the bottom is very healthy and the top has a lot of damage. So I wet the hair, and put the olaplex on it, and waited about 20 minutes and then showered it out.
Jennifer Boyce: Judith Hillmer I see. I always recommend using Olaplex on clean damp hair. Saturate all damaged areas first then coat all hair. Time 10-30 min. You have to wash and use conditioner after using Olaplex. It does not contain moisture or protein that hair needs

Jennifer Boyce: You may also want to consult with a stylist for a consultation to find the best path to repair for your hair ?
Judith Hillmer: Jennifer Boyce okay. Cuz my hair was on day 3, but I had no products besides Moroccan oil in it which I did after the shower 3 days ago. And then by showered I meant shampood and conditioned after it today. But yeah, I’ll ask my stylist about it. Thankyou:)
Jennifer Boyce: Judith Hillmer we always recommend using Olaplex on clean hair for best benefit ?
Judith Hillmer: Jennifer Boyce okay does that mean I would have to shampoo, and then use the olaplex and leave it in for 10-20 mins, and then conditioner after, or shampoo again and condition after
Daniel Williams: If hair is greasy then give it a light shampoo and apply no. 3 then follow up again with shampoo abd either conditioner or a moisturising or protein treatment
Daniel Williams: If you wash it frequently eg every 2 days you’ll probably be fine wetting your hair and just applying if in doubt just shampoo anyway
Jennifer Boyce: Judith Hillmer you want to shampoo twice-once before using Olaplex and then shampoo it out before conditioning for best results ?
Evelyn Holmes Tilson: What is a protein conditioner?
Jennifer Boyce: Some conditioners contain protein and some do not. A stylist can help determine the best conditioner for you to use that suits your hair’s needs ?
AK Pizano: I’ve experienced a similar issue with my curls when I use it. What I do now is only use it when I straighten my hair (which I do by roller setting – no heat).
LisaManuel Somoza: I never wash my hair before using number 3. I don’t even damping it. I simply pour some in a bowl and then use one of those brush like hair dye applicators and brush it through my hair. I leave it in for about 2 hours and then rinse wash and condition with pureology.
Brandise Brockington: We suggest shampooing your hair prior to apply Olaplaex No 3, then leaving it one for 10 to 30 minutes, and lightly shampooing it out of your hair before proceeding with conditioner. Olaplex is a treatment and it needs to be shampooed out. It can feel heavy on fine hair, so the second shampoo is vital. Hope this helps.

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