Question: Can anyone tell me what signs to look for or how to tell if my olaplex 3 is authentic? I purchased off Amazon and olaplex said they are not authorized dealer and could be fake or tampered with. ?

Question: Can anyone tell me what signs to look for or how to tell if my olaplex 3 is authentic? I purchased off Amazon and olaplex said they are not authorized dealer and could be fake or tampered with. ?

Jennifer Boyce: Hi Amy. Amazon is not an authorized source to purchase Olaplex and it cannot be guaranteed to be authentic. The only authorized sources to obtain authentic Olaplex are on the Olaplex website offer free shipping)or through local authorized salons. There is also a salon locator on the Olaplex website you can use to shop locally

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Jennifer Boyce: (You can also request to return your purchase and buy through an authorized avenue)

Amy Lake: Right. But is there a consistency or scent that I should look for. The product arrived today
Jennifer Boyce: Amy Lake there is really no way to tell. It could be harmless fake conditioner or it could be contaminated and counterfeit which could be harmful as many fakes made in other countries are made with unclean and non fda approved materials and could possibly cause infection or illness. I would just send it back to be safe

Amy Lake: Ok. thanks. So shipping is free to Canada?

Amy Lake: I tried to find a salon on the website and it only has zip code, no postal code
Jennifer Boyce: Amy Lake you can email [email protected] and let them know what province you’re in. They can help you find Olaplex near you and assist you in ordering in Canada ?

Amy Lake: Jennifer Boyce ty
Jennifer Boyce: Amy Lake you’re welcome! ?

Amy Lake: I emailed. Thank you

Dana McCook: I contacted Amazon about this last year. They say the merchants providing the product are clearly identified on the descriptions of the the product. Every listing I saw on Amazon For Olaplex the source was a salon or a beauty supply store

Jennifer Boyce: Anyone can call themselves a beauty supply store and we do not supply Olaplex to supply houses that sell to the public. Olaplex only sells through authorized distributors that supply licensed professionals

Dana McCook: So someone needs to order from Amazon & send the merchandise to a lab for chemical testing. If Amazon were selling fake merchandise they would’ve been reported and or sued by now

Jennifer Boyce: Dana McCook no. They are clearly stated as a third party sales platform and have a clause that removes any responsibility on them for anyone buying through them

Jennifer Boyce: You would have to go after who was selling it and that’s exactly what Olaplex does. Try to remove unauthorized sellers. As you know as soon as one is removed, many more pop up. It’s an ongoing battle and not worth saving a few dollars if you end up in the ER with an infection from contaminated product

Dana McCook: Many salons in my area have stopped selling or using Olaplex because the majority of clients here are not willing to pay what Olaplex charges. It’s becoming near impossible to purchase here. If I have to pay for shipping on top of the regular price to order it online it’s too much

Jennifer Boyce: Dana McCook ordering on gaurantees authentic Olaplex and shipping is free within the US
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Amy Lake: That’s my problem..I can’t afford $40+

Jennifer Boyce: Amy Lake keep in mind-There are 4-6 treatments per bottle and the repair Olaplex provides is a permanent strength. Broken down to $6-$8 per use its very affordable for the strength and repair it provides

Jenny Ellen: I get that it’s cheaper to buy on Amazon….TRUST ME!! but, you dont know what you are getting. #3 on Amazon sells for roughly $20. The “real” stuff is generally only $20 more plus free shipping. I dont think that this is THAT much more in cost. In al…See more

Dana McCook: I’m not a salon owner. I have many friends that are stylists and/or salon owners. I am a avid fan of Olaplex having gone from a very dark black to blonde. What I’m saying is the salons in my area AND stylists are all saying they no longer use or sell O…See more

Amy Lake: I’m not sure what the cost is in Canadian but I’m sure it’s more than $40 if you are talking USD. I cannot afford this, it would be over $50 in Canadian and of course taxes and maybe even shipping. This is why I went with Amazon for $30 CAD including taxes. I was just inquiring as I had no idea if these sellers on Amazon were carrying authentic products or not. That’s what this is all about

Jenny Ellen: I feel like this went from a coversation about fake products to not being able to afford Olaplex. If you cant afford it, don’t buy it. I cant afford a TON of things….but it’s not the maker of said items fault. I agree it is pricey as a one-off item, …See more

Dana McCook: Salon owners can not make any profit on products that do not sell at the recommended retail price! If they end up having to mark it down to below their cost to get it off their shelf there’s a problem & the problem I assure you does not lay with the salon owner nor the stylists!!! Don’t need a PhD to see that!

Jenny Ellen: I get it….where I live, they make profit big time. But, it varies per region. that’s why I dont think it’s very fair to just ask them to lower prices just like that

Donna Hogg: Dana McCook The recommended retail price of Olaplex#3 is $28.00. A stand-alone treatment in the salon is recommended to be equal to that salon’s best treatment mask. If those salons you speak of have higher prices than that-then THEY have priced themselves out of the market. The greed-driven profit margin is not coming from Olaplex.

Dana McCook: Clients in this area say they cannot afford & even if they could they would never spend $28 on one hair product

Annette Van Goodman: From my understanding, you can only get #3 from two places: the website or a salon authorized by Olaplex to sell it. I would not take the chance. Otherwise, if you dont buy from Olaplex website or an authorized salon, you could be buying 99 cent hair conditioner that was placed in a olaplex #3 bottle. My hair is too precious to find out that I’ve got the wrong thing. I only buy from the olaplex website.
Prevent Damage. Repair Hair with OLAPLEX

Rebecca Clements: This is correct.

Melanie Kay: sells olaplex 3. I have bought it from them.
Welcome to Costco Wholesale

Amy Lake: Thank you!

Jennifer Boyce: Costco is not an authorized reseller of Olaplex and any Olaplex purchased there could be counterfeit or contaminated. Safest to buy through authorized salons or the official website ?

Theresa Meyer: How would a huge retailer like CostCo even get the product to sell? I can’t imagine them intentionally selling counterfeit products or contaminated products due to the liability issues.

Jennifer Boyce: Theresa Meyer there is not a huge amount and it’s not available in stores. The owner of Olaplex has contacted Costco and they have refused to cooperate in telling us how they acquired what little product they do have and he has taken action. We cannot …See more

Theresa Meyer: Jennifer Boyce I purchase from stylists. But, as a small business owner, I was trying to figure out how Costco would even take on the potential liability issues.

Jennifer Boyce: it’s sad that all products are diverted. True, some companies own many salon and otc lines and actually do allow big box stores to carry their products to make more money but Olaplex does not. IF it is real, it was illegally acquired and Olaplex did not authorize them to resell it

Melanie Kay: Costco has a great reputation as an ethical business. Are you sure there’s no way that olaplex sold them some of their product? It’s hard for me to believe that they would sell counterfeit product.

Parker Watson: Melanie Kinney absolutely sure. The owner of Olaplex has contacted Costco to have them stop, & to release the name of who supplied it to them but Costco refuses. It’s unethical, dangerous, & just plain wrong.

Kimberly Helmers: Not only does diversion hurt stylists, who are indeed small business owners. It is dangerous for the consumer as well. I see so many posts about supporting local businesses but yet hear so many clients willing to buy from a big box store to save a few dollars and risk their skin or hair using a product that may or may not be authentic. This article helps to shed some light on diversion.…/gray-market-beauty-industry…

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