How Often To Wash Your Hair: secrets to stop hair loss and have thicker hair

How Often To Wash Your Hair: secrets to stop hair loss and have thicker hair

Men and women are so worried about hair loss and hair thinning, even if balding has something to do with your genes, it may also be because of some factors like poor nourishment, pollution, poor hair care and the use of harsh chemicals on your hair. Some solutions are now available for you to be able to enjoy thicker hair and also boost your self-confidence. Hair transplant is often the solution to those who suffers from baldness, not knowing that there is something else that they can do to prevent hair loss. This solution promises good things, but what is in store for people who do not have enough amount of money to spend for a hair transplant? Will they die without hair at all? As you read on you will learn some secrets about how to stop hair loss and not go through hair transplant.

Common issues with hair loss

Most hair loss problems are caused by vitamin deficiencies, misuse of enormous hair treatments and enhancements, improper hygiene, thyroid problems, and even age. The hair loss is just normal to a certain extent about 50-100 or even 150 strands a day. Yet if your head is losing so much without regrowth, that is already a subject of hair treatment. For most of us, hair fall sets off esteem and confidence. Nobody likes to be bullied as 12 year old teenage kiddo wrapped with a head of a 99-year-old adult. Nobody likes to be bald at a very young age.

The hair loss problem has triggered a lot of people to try different hair types and products that are said to allow more hairs to grow on a bald area of included is the long list of tonics, creams, shampoos, and supplements. But in most cases, these products offer a little or even no benefit to the patient. This is why certain methodologies have been developed to ensure hair growth after just one surgery and one of which is an FUE hair transplant.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant is one of the most effective methods of hair growing today. It is a method that is done through extracting a hair follicle at a time from the donor and transplanting it to the spot where the problem is. FUE can be very advantageous as it provides no scar to the donors if there are the scores obtained are very microscopic or are hardly visible. This is also a less aggressive method as it one pulls hair follicle one at a time, leaving no cut on the scalp of the donor.

Furthermore, when a hair follicle survives it can be seen that new hair strands are growing naturally on the bald part and there is a very marginal amount of chances that one gets to notice it. The transplanted hair starts to grow in 3-6 months and will have the same color, length, texture, life span and strength with that of your donor’s. Right after the duration, the hair can be combed, clipped and groomed like your real hair.

Although invasive, Follicular Unit Extraction, Hair Transplant needs an amount of consciousness, cautiousness and care during the process because if the small cylindrical punch used to separate hair and surrounding tissues from the scalp is not aligned properly, it will form a slit and will damage the hair and will weaken the chances of survival. If the hair follicles do not survive, the entire FUE Hair Treatment process becomes ineffective.

To ensure safe, hair transplant, the patient must know all the pros and cons of the said method. He or she must take note of several things needed to be prepared and needed to be done prior, during and after the treatment. The patient must also choose a donor that achieves the standards set for a perfect donor and must have observed proper hair care prior to the treatment. This is to ensure that the patients get the hair that naturally and healthily grows after the process.

How often to wash your hair

If you will go easy in washing your hair, hair loss might be controlled. Your scalp secretes oil and to prevent it from secreting too much, you shouldn’t wash your hair often. People are used to washing their hair daily to keep their hair shiny and clean, not knowing that daily washing can be damaging too. How often to wash your hair matters most, but you don’t need to have a bad hair odor to stop hair loss. You just need to wash your hair every other day if it is fine with your hair or every 3 days if nothing changed. From there you will know if you can go on not washing your hair for days.                                             The oils on your scalp are what make the hair healthy, shiny and well protected. If you will wash it off, you will leave the hair naked and very much prone to perils.

Tips to keep in mind for healthy hair

  1. Eating a balance diet can make the hair healthy and thick. You need to include fruits, veggies, and healthy proteins such as eggs& nuts. Hair professionals suggest that you also take multivitamins with aquatic proteins & amino acids to have profuse mane. Particular doctors also recommend you to take biotin & fish oil for hair growth and durability.
  2. To protect your mane from sun damage & contamination, whenever you go out of the house, make sure you cover your mane with a cap or headscarf. This can help.
  3. Picking the right type of shampoo is also important. A lot of hair products are filled with cruel substances that can strip off the moisture in your hair and cause hair damage. These shampoos & conditioners might contain sulfates, which are for the reduction of dirt and grease. Pick a hair product that is sulfate free like organic and herbal shampoos. Shampoos with eucalyptus or peppermint oil can provide the scalp with a refreshing sensation. How often to wash your hair with the right shampoo matters most, especially if you suffer from hair fall.
  4. It might be time to alter your hair washing habit. How often to wash your hair? If you suffer from hair loss, washing it 2 times weekly for cleaning the scalp & hair without undressing off the moisture is very essential. Shampooing your hair daily may lead to hair breaking &split ends later on. You can use warm water instead of hot water when you rinse your hair. You can also use a conditioner to the hair at times that you do not use a shampoo; this can help in preventing the hair to become dry. Dermatologists also suggest that you use a deep conditioning product on your hair or at least once weekly.
  5. Do not rub the strands of your hair. Rubbing them or wrapping your hair with a towel after washing it can cause hair breakage and the cuticles will open up if you will continuously rub the hair. This may also lead to hair frizzing later on.
  6. Don’t comb your mane all the time. Combing your hair a lot of times can lead to hair damage. What you need to do is to let it air dry, just detangle it using a wide toothed plastic comb as an alternative to brush. This can also stop split ends from breakage. When you blow dry your hair, do not use a curved brush if you do not want the strands of your hair to break. It shouldn’t be pulled too hard as well. It will be best not to brush your hair oftentimes.
  7. Prevent heat damage is important. You need to limit the use of heat styling tools like hair straighteners and hair dryers. You also need to refrain from using styling tools with direct heat, since they can all contribute to hair weakening and they may damage the cuticles of the hair, makes them thin.
  8. Stress management is also important. Too much stress can cause hair fall and thinning because of the release of hormones. With stress management, hair falling and thinning may be lessened and you can also do a scalp massage when you engage in some physical activities.
  9. There are certain treatments to get thicker hair and you can start by experimenting with 2 eggs. Beat 2 eggs and then apply them on your wet hair. Let the eggs stay there for ten minutes and then rinse them off with warm water. You can do this every 4 days.
  10. You can also try the Fenugreek seeds. All you need to do is to soak the seeds overnight for at least ten hours and then put them on your scalp and hair the next day. Let the mixture stay on your hair for an hour before you wash with warm water.

If you will minimize hair washing, your scalp and hair will go through the adjustment process which will make the hair less perfect and coarse, as a matter of fact, some even hated this period to the point that they wanted to just go back to their old routine. But don’t be discouraged, if you want to have healthy and beautiful hair, you need to go through this adjustment process to be able to achieve beautiful hair. How often to wash your hair depends on your hair type and lifestyle, if the hair is soaked in sweat, then you need to wash it daily, otherwise, you can just use a dry shampoo to just lessen the oiliness of your scalp.






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  1. hi for the last 6 months I’ve noticed my hair coming out in handfulls and it is now very thin. I’m on blood pressure medication and epilepsy medication which I’ve been on for years. I suffer with low magnesium for which I have an infusion every week. I have vitamin d injections as well. I only wash my hair about every 8 days. could this cause it to fall out. I would appreciate some advice on this. many thanks

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