Question: My hair is coming out like crazy…HANDFULS. I am freaking out and panicking at this moment. Can Olaplex stop this and save my hair?

Question: My hair is coming out like crazy…HANDFULS. I am freaking out and panicking at this moment. Can Olaplex stop this and save my hair?

Joleen Marie Thicklin: I’m sorry this has happened I would have her do a stand alone treatment immediately followed by a good deep conditioner and protein treatment and use no 3 every time you wash

Angeles Jonske: Ok thank you!! She just put in the #1 right now. Do you think I should do several of these treatments a week or will 1 treatment do wonders?

Joleen Marie Thicklin: You can not over use Olaplex so I would recommend prob doing more if you are having serious breakage
Angeles Jonske: Joleen Marie Thicklin thank you!
Michelle LyNn: This is exactly what I am doing too it’s working use it’s a10 mask every time you wash massage it gently but be thoroughly in the ends leave it on for at least 5 minutes each time then follow up every week with shea moisture mask stuff together altogether does wonders
Michelle LyNn: I did two stand alones in 24 hours this stuff is my savior
Angeles Jonske: Michelle LyNn it’s called a10 mask? I will chk it out. My roommate got me joico kpak and reconstructor today and I did both of those after the Olaplex treatment.
Michelle LyNn: Angeles Jonske it’s called” it’s a 10″ they have an entire product line and all are amazing but the one you much have is the mask. It’s pricey but you can get the generic version from Sally’s if you have one in your area
Michelle LyNn:
Michelle LyNn:
Michelle LyNn: I do recommend the shampoo as well
Michelle LyNn:
Rachel C. Hall: I agree with Joleen❤❤ and please don’t forget the deep conditioner and protein treatment.
Angeles Jonske: Thank you so much!!
Rachel C. Hall: Thank you for asking?? it stinks that you are in the position that you are in. I just want you to save the hair that you can . Olaplex is my savior of hair,, like really!!! It is important to get a protein treatment to restore moisture to the hair. I have dealt with it first hand and the 2 together are a life saver!!???❤
Angeles Jonske: Rachel C. Hall super!! We went and got a protein treatment and deep conditioner and it is a bit better! I am going to do the whole treatment process again next time I wash my hair also. I am kicking myself for not using Olaplex with Blank Canvas. Lesson learned for sure! I looooove Olaplex!! I truly appreciate your help!!
Rachel C. Hall: I try to help anytime I can. ❤❤ please keep us posted.
Diane Marie: I have a question: does deep conditioner include protein treatment or do you buy 2 separate products. Can you recommend a protein treatment? thanks.
Jennifer Boyce: Every head of hair is different and has different needs. Some needs both moisture and protein and some only one or the other. Best advice is to consult with a stylist(many offer free consultations)and have your hair evaluated to make sure you’re using the best products. Olaplex is compatible with all lines and brands also and will help them be more effective ?
Diane Marie: Jennifer Boyce thanks
Maria Mello: Agree with Joleen Marie Thicklin ???? &

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