How often should you Wash your Hair?

How often should you Wash your Hair?


Shampoo contributes to a good hair care. Women are too busy seeking for makeup; they tend to forget the essence of having a good hair care. The hair is one of the very first thing people notice about you, so it should be taken care of accordingly. Is your hair dull?  Is it damaged? Is it shiny & healthy? Well, proper hair grooming contributes to your perfect look daily and it also boosts your personality at the same time. There are lots of good shampoos and conditioners available in the market these days to help you in keeping your hair healthy and clean all the time.  Sometimes, you need to do a trial and error in discovering the type of shampoo meant for your hair.

How often should you Wash your Hair? Don’t take shampoos for granted. Unluckily, it is hard to know if a shampoo is good enough from a not so good one, especially if the cost, the smell and the foaming effect are some of your basis. The truth is that good foaming means using a lot of shampoo on your hair or you are wasting a lot of it that might not be good as well to your hair. Preferably, your head must have enough lather to assist your fingers in massaging the shampoo into the scalp and then grease the hair.

This will enable the sebum and other essential oils to ruin the foam right away. At present, there are variety of shampoos available for different types of hair like dry hair, color treated hair, limp hair and normal hair too. There are also shampoos that are not found inside the shop. Shampoos nowadays are filled with high quality ingredients that make the products expensive. For instance, salon shampoos are filled with higher amount of protein based conditioners or moisturizing conditioners, so the conditioner will penetrate deep into the shaft of the hair and the moisture will be locked.

How often should you Wash your Hair

You might be washing your hair more often than needed. Answering the question how often you shampoo your hair is really a personal choice, but that also depends on your hair and scalp type and what you do to the hair. Well, according to dermatologists there is no motive to shampoo your hair every day. Hair is a fiber, you can just think of a wool fiber, the more you wash it, the more you will see its worse look. If you have a long, thick and curly hair the longer you must do the washing. This is also the same thing if you have processed hair.

Since the oils coming from the scalp travel down the shaft of the hair fast, the hair tends to become dry and it will need less washing.  Even if you have an unprocessed short and thin hair, you do not need to shampoo every day. Shampooing your hair daily is only required if the oil production on the scalp is very high. Some shampoo their hair just to keep it fresh and smells good. If this is what you want, then you can just use a mild shampoo.

Wash, rinse or none at all


Check your hair type. Even if it is oily, there is no need in washing it every day. You need to train your hair instead. How often should you Wash your Hair depends on a lot of things. Frequent washing can strip the hair and will cause it to produce more oil. Just to prevent routinely washing schedule you need to plan for a hair washing schedule. Some do this every other day, while some do this every 3 days. You need to pick a shampoo that is sulfate free and paraben free. The body will respond to the surfactants such as sulfates and it will naturally replace the moisture. When you do this cycle, you can boost the hyperactivity of the scalp and this will make your hair oilier. How many days are ideal to do a blowout?  For those with normal hair type, every 2 days is just fine. For those with dry and coarse hair, you can do that every 5 to 7 days. You can use a shampoo and a conditioner alternately with a regular one.




People with fine hair may tend to showcase oil even more and if you have a thinner hair, it will be very obvious. Girls can go on for 2 days without washing their hair. You can alternate your regular shampoo with a volumizing conditioner, so you can still wash without taking off the natural oils of your hair. If you have a thick type of hair, you can try some dry conditioners in the market to change your style. This will be very ideal for you, especially if you have plans of changing your hairstyle after a week or 2



You can experiment by using dry shampoo. Dry shampoo will be of help to you by absorbing some of the oil. There are herbal dry shampoos available in the market these days that are not just best for your hair, but they are also very convenient to use. You can also use them as a styling formula for more texture, more volume and more body. It will make your hair look fresh and newly blown out all the time.  Using dry shampoo is recommended by some hairstylists and hair experts daily. But before you do that, check your hair if it is dirty and if it is, then you need to dip it in oil. This is better than waiting for it to accumulate.


Sleep well at night. When you sleep, you can tie your hair using a silk scarf. You can also tie it loosely in a bun of soft fabric. This will make the hair go through less tension, which is much better. You are advised to sleep with your hair in a top knot. You can use pins to secure it; it will save you a lot of time the next day. When you wash the next day using a shower cap, you need to make sure that there is no humidity that will degenerate your hair to its natural texture.


As soon as you are familiar with your hair and with the water, you need to avoid using hot water for your hair. It can dry out the skin and the scalp too, so it will produce more oil. You need to use lighter products in the shower instead like organic or herbal shampoo with conditioner. Put on the conditioner at the middle shaft of the hair. You must work on it through the ends to spare the scalp area. You do not need to shampoo and condition your hair every day. If you wish to add volume to your hair, just condition the ends before you shampoo, it will leave the roots clean yet lifted and the shine will be kept.

To prevent your hair from getting dry before you wet your hair, use the shampoo on the scalp. As soon as you applied it to your dry hair, you can massage it into the oil and residue. This will help in binding the cleansers to the oil even better without diluting it in water. Keep in mind how oil and water never mixed anyway. After massaging, wet the hair, rinse it and lather. Repeat this step every time you wash your hair. When you follow it up with a conditioner, make sure you focus on the middle length and at the ends.

Additional facts about how often should you Wash your Hair

Humans have the sebaceous glands and they start to appear underneath the skin during the 4th month of life in the womb. They are seen in their highest concentration on your scalp and face. Even if they are found everywhere in the body except for the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, these glands are connected in every hair follicle. The sebaceous glands are the ones responsible in secreting sebum, the natural oils that moisturize & waterproof your hair & skin.

Within the dermal layer of the skin, there are specialized secretory cells that absorb the fats from the body entering the sebaceous gland and degenerate it. These cells become sebum that expressed into the hair shaft or follicles where it’s expelled up to the outer part of the skin known as stratum corneum. A simple explanation can be the body burps excreted fats & cellular debris onto the skin and hair; this is the primary reason why you use shampoo to clean the hair.

Though it may sound gross, sebum waterproofs and moisturize the skin and the hair too. Without these the skin can become dry and shed prematurely, leaving the cells exposed to the elements. Bathing and washing the hair routinely is just based on some strange system of draining the skin and the hair of their natural oils by lathering up using soap and shampoo and then refill them by using moisturizers and conditioners.

The process has been routinely for certain reasons and by the western standards too. Having oily, unwashed hair is not acceptable usually. It can also make you feel quite gross to go out without taking a bath or without washing your hair for a couple of days. Another thing is that these natural oils can also lead to acne breakouts; this is where the sebum backed up in the hair follicles building bacteria build up. It may beak the fat into fatty acids. These things can cause allergic reaction and will cause acne later on.





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