Question: Has anyone tried Bentonite clay?

Question: Has anyone tried Bentonite clay?

MsBinky Wms: Beaundra Edghill

Beaundra Edghill: Bentonite. I have! It will bring out your natural curl.

MsBinky Wms: she need more info than that Beaundra~~hmmm

Beaundra Edghill: What do she want to know?

MsBinky Wms: Beaundra Edghill ??? ask her, cause I’m listening again too…KML

Kecia Dixon: Beaundra how often do you use the clay?

Beaundra Edghill: Kecia Dixon I used it when I did the maximum hydration method. I used it fir 7 days straight. But my daughter only uses hers once a month.

Kecia Dixon: Thanks Beaundra.

Iliana Figueroa: What is this clay?????My ears are open too???

Kecia Dixon: I’m right here taking notes.?✍?

Norma Seymore:

Bentonite Clay Review and Demo | Natural Hair and Skin

Ann Elston: What is it used for? Does it work? What’s the process?

Rosalyn Grant: I works wonders on my daughter’s hair… I have also used it to make an amazing facial mask.. I found a recipe on Youtube.. My face was smooth smooth smooth…

Ann Elston: Sorry ladies, I wasn’t clear in asking my question.

Destri R. Evans: I’ve used it. I mix it with apple cider vinegar (until stirable but not runny) and put on damp hair- not wet. I also put any remaining on my face. About 20 minutes later I rinse out and follow with the Hydromax cowash. Once I’m done my hair is softer and has a really good shine. Curls are also really pronounced

Destri R. Evans: I have also added olive oils and essential oils. I Didn’t really see additional benefit though.

Kecia Dixon: Thanks Destri for how you use it, because I want more shine to my hair.

Andrea Foreman-Graham: I use it on my face too…. it’s AWESOME!!

Norma Seymore: Just like Beaundra said, it brings out your natural curl pattern, you mix it with acv or water, I use acv and apply it to your hair from root to ends, I use it in place of shampoo and deep condition afterwards, leave on for 30 min

Ann Elston: Ok thanks ladies. I’m gonna try this wash week

Rosalyn Grant:

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Review + Demo | samantha jane

Gwendolyn Preston: Yes I love it

Michelle Anderson: I also use it as a detox

Montrell Jackson: Where do you get it from

Gwendolyn Preston: You can order from amazon, I order mines from eBay.

Montrell Jackson: Gwendolyn Preston thanks

Linda Summlin Aitch: Whole Foods market

Janine N Davis: If you are concerned about moisture, rhassoul clay is more moisturizing. I’ve used both.

Gwendolyn Preston: Yes rhassoul clay is moisturizing I also have and used both.

Renée Gibson: I use bentonite clay to wash my hair and I nearly abandoned shampooing

Zaheenah Zawjatul Habib Johnson: I use it all the time for hair and skin

Linda Summlin Aitch: Yaaaaaassss! With just Apple cider vinegar, it’s great for facials. I use it monthly with ACV, aloe vera juice, liquid amino acids, fenugreek, nettle, amla, and carrier and essential oils. Spray my hair with water, apply bentonite clay mixture, leave on for 45 minutes to an hour under a plastic cap, rinse and continue with my wash routine. Don’t use a metal spoon or bowl. I purchase my jar at Whole Foods.

Andrea Wright Dilworth: Following

Andrea Foreman-Graham: I use it and love it! It not only cleanses your hair, but it also removes toxins from your scalp. It’s a great treatment!

Ann Elston: Where do you get it from?

Andrea Foreman-Graham: Ann Elston I get it from Good Earth, but I think any health food store will sell it.

Ann Elston: Andrea Foreman-Graham Thank you!!

Andrea Foreman-Graham: Ann Elston you’re welcome!

Tara Eskin Anderson: I have used it and it is an awesome product to clean not only your skin but your hair without stripping. Also part of the Max hydration process. Promotes health and curl patterns.

Kecia Dixon: I cant wait to try it. I ordered me some last night off Amazon

Jessica Leigh: Following ?

Leeha Liteskinn’: I love it, I used to do it monthly because I would wear protective styles like sew ins & braids all the time but now that I rock my hair most of the time, I just feel it when I need to do one (if that makes sense) & its not too often because I’m using a lot more natural products now

Aneetrai Rowland: I’m doing mine today as I’m typing

Ann Elston: Okay!!!

Starlan Hoke: My grandma use this on her skin it work she was 93 when she pass I started putting it in my hair but rinse it good it work

Nefertiti Johnson: Following

Barbara Williams: Yes and I love it

MsBinky Wms: Soooo, is there a preferred brand and should you get both types and mix them???

Janine N Davis: The different clays do slightly different things. It’s best to use the one that best fits your hair needs.

Ann Elston: Janine N Davis ??

Gwendolyn Preston: They say rhassoul clay is more moisturizing and that you can skip your deep conditioning.

Janine N Davis: I wouldn’t suggest skipping deep conditioning. It’s more moisturizing, but still may not be enough moisture.

Ann Elston: Gwendolyn Preston That’s what I read

Gwendolyn Preston: I never do a deep conditioning after my rhassoul clay mask, I guess it depend on how your hair feel after washing the clay out of your hair.

Linda Summlin Aitch: Haven’t tried rhassoul clay yet but did buy a rhassoul clay shampoo bar. I use Aztec bentonite clay.

Gwendolyn Preston: Linda Summlin Aitch they even have rhassoul clay in cubes as well, I want to make a rhassoul clay hair wash.

Linda Summlin Aitch: That sounds interesting Gwendolyn Preston! I just happened upon this little gem when I was at Marshall’s shopping for essential oils. I’ve heard good things about rhassoul clay but just haven’t gotten around to using it.

Robin L. Newell: I’ve never heard of this. Any particular brand on Amazon and how it’s it used?

Linda Summlin Aitch: Robin L. Newell, are you referring to rhassoul clay or the shampoo bar in the pic or bentonite clay? There’s a few different things going on on this post! LOL

Barbara Williams: Linda Summlin Aitch yes this is the one I use also

Beaundra Edghill: I use the Aztec clay brand

Ann Elston: Think I’m going to try the Rhassoul clay

Nicole Johnson: Today is the last day of the 25% off sale at Whole Foods. I got the aztec clay for $6.99 – 25%. I also got Rose Water, Tea Tree oil, aloe vera gel and a few other things.

Trina Donnings:


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