Question: Just wash my hair with the co-wash n not much lather but my hair is clean. Anyone else had this experience?

Question: Just wash my hair with the co-wash n not much lather but my hair is clean. Anyone else had this experience?

Just wash my hair with the co-wash n not much lather but my hair is clean. Anyone else had this experience cus I kept adding more shampoo n I was like wait I think it this way, am I right ? Thanks N advance .

Shawnice Perry: Co wash usually don’t lather

LaTrenda Walker-Wood: Didn’t kno this due to my 1st time using it I figure that out

Shawnice Perry: Co wash is what you use to clean your hair and when u use the co wash you don’t need to use a shampoo

LaTrenda Walker-Wood: Knew this thanks

Shawnice Perry: No problem

Josette Eliston: I need to order some co wash

LaTrenda Walker-Wood: Get it ! It really works great

Josette Eliston: Thanks

Jaunetta Owens: Well the first step we have been use to having a lather an thats are sign for good clean but the step one really strip ur hair of all the grease build up so ur on ur way to the new way of hair life

Jesseena Adams: It won’t lather. It’s a conditioner based cleanser.

Edy Clark: Thanks for the lesson ladies. This is why I love the group. Sisters helping Sisters.

Shareta Caldwell-Rippatoe: Nooe, no lather with a co-wash. You aren’t tripping. I’ve been co-washing for 5 years and my hair prefers it to shampoo. My hair doesn’t even respond well to moisturizing shampoo. I just use ACV to get rid of build-up. Then follow with my co-wash.

Edy Clark: What’s ACV Shareta Caldwell-Rippatoe?

Shareta Caldwell-Rippatoe: Oh sorry, LOL. Apple Cider Vinegar.

Shareta Caldwell-Rippatoe: I put distilled water and organic ACV in a spray bottle and it gets my hair clean without striping it. But I started following this other hair page and there is a homemade shampoo video so I’m going to try that. The recipe has ACV in it so I’m optimistic.

Edy Clark: Okay. Let me know how that goes.

Shareta Caldwell-Rippatoe: I sure will. I’ve just had zero luck with shampoo since going natural 5 years ago. Prior to that I transitioned for 18 months and I didn’t have any issues. But once all those relaxed ends were gone and my hair started growing, everything changed. And I’ve tried at least 20 different shampoos with no luck.

Edy Clark: Do use half distilled water and half ACV in like a 8 ounce spray bottle?

Shareta Caldwell-Rippatoe: 6 oz bottle; 2 cap full of ACV and then fill the rest with distilled water. I think I originally started with 1 cap of ACV but that didn’t do it. I tend to be heavy handed on my styling products and I only wash my hair every two weeks. So there is a lot of edge control, gel, leave-in, oil, and Shea butter to get out.

Jasmine M Moore: Me! Lol, I was so used to lather and my hair feeling all tough

Lavender Blue: No lather with cowash.

Joyce Sartin: Co wash doesn’t lather, it cleans and conditions

Tabitha Johnson: It caked my scalp

Dana Brooks: Do you grease build up or scalp issues?

Tabitha Johnson: No

Dana Brooks: I use all Kera vada products on my hair and it never happen to me. I don’t know why that why that happen to you then.

Tabitha Johnson: I tried again with less and it wasn’t to bad

LaTrenda Walker-Wood: It haven’t happen to me but with other products it builds up badly… I think I’m hooked on these products ?

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