Question: How do you use Olaplex No.3 !? I’ve heard so many variations!

Question: How do you use Olaplex No.3 !? I’ve heard so many variations!

Jennifer Boyce: Hi Jazmine! The best way to use #3 at home is start with clean hair. I wash and towel dry. Then apply about 1/2oz at a time and comb it through with a pick. I clip it up and time for about 10-30 min-sometimes longer if I get caught up cleaning or whatever I am doing ? It will actively strengthen the hair as long as it stays wet. You can rewet it if it dries out also. Then shampoo and condition your hair as usual ?

Jazmine Arzate: I hear you can leave it on overnight as well… is this true?

Jennifer Boyce: It’s not recommended but some users do. The reasons are that it’s only active while hair stays wet, it’s not good to sleep with wet hair(this causes breakage)and always make sure to wash and condition after using it since hair still needs moisture and …See more

Denise Paddack: I love it! It has helped my hair become soft and healthy again 🙂

Marcia Loughney: Sounds easy enough!
Cheryl Ann Estes-Brown: I need to get some of this!!! How much is it?

Jennifer Boyce: It is sold in local salons and also here on the Olaplex website with free shipping!

Cheryl Ann Estes-Brown: Jennifer Boyce thank you! I have been following the “wonderfulness” of this product ( a friend of mine is a long time hair wizard), I just wanted a general idea of prices. I will research further. Thanks!

Jennifer Boyce: You’re welcome! It’s a really great treatment (There are about 6 uses per bottle)

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