What kind of shampoo do you use to rinse off the bleaching?

What kind of shampoo do you use to rinse off the bleaching?

And also, do you apply your toner on wet or dry hair? One more little question: usually (because I think it depends on your hair and your scalp), when bleaching you hair, after applying the products on the length, how much time before rinsing do you start bleaching your roots? Oh, before I forget, in order to not overprocess your hair, do you start monitoring when you start bleaching or when you’re done? Because when it’s when you’re done, I’m concerned about the time you take to do your whole head. Like, do you have a number of minutes when you tell yourself “let’s start monitoring even if I’m not done yet so I don’t overprocess it”? lol Thank you 🙂

Rose Nelson: I know it’as a wise piece of advice, and it’s because you wouldn’t like me to ruin my hair. I thank you for that. But I won’t, because of several reasons. I do get for stylists the best answer will be “you’d better see a stylist of you don’t want to ruin your hair” because I understand that as pro, diyers who bleach their own hair make you cringe, since you know it better. And I agree, you know it better. But since it’s a group of diyers also, I really would appreciate some other answers lol. Don’t worry, I’m making a lot of researches (it’s been like a month and a half now lol, still hadn’t done anything, but I’m getting closer) on a lot of platforms to not do anything until I’m fully prepared. Not saying it’s gonna turn me into a pro, no, not at all, I’m just talking about what I would like to do to my hair for that specific case.

Rose Nelson: Oh no don’t worry, it wasn’t rude at all ^^ I wrote a long reply just to “prevent” (lol) other answers like this. Because the first time I posted on the group I almost only got this answer lol! But thank you Terry 🙂

Kayla Olson: I use my regular shampoo to wash out bleach, but I generally shampoo, condition, shampoo again, and then do a deep conditioning treatment. As for toning, you should do it to towel dried hair if you’re using something like wella and you really only need a 10 vol developer for that. Be sure that your hair is actually light enough for toner. A common mistake diy-ers make is toning hair that’s too dark which can turn crazy colors and look muddy or uneven. Definitely watch the condition of your hair as you’re applying and if you need to do it in sections to avoid overprocessing that’s okay, I recommend a 30 vol developer for your bleach maximum. What is your hair now? And what is your goal?

Rose Nelson: Thanks for your anwsers! My hair is kind of half-bleached lol, I have a balayage, but she didn’t color, just bleached and toned, back to January. My hair feels good, though I need to cut the ends that are splits, but I’ll cut more because I want a hair…See more

Roman Boone: Shampoo just use a hydrating shampoo as normal. For processing time go in sections. You can always rinse the back before the front. If you rinse all at once, whatever your using to hold in heat and moisture take off where you started. Once bleach dries it stops processing. You can always go in steps also, place 20 or 30 vol on you roots then with foil go to your length with 10 or 20. Your heat from your head will process that bleach but the lengths will need that extra heat and moisture from the foils. Watch the foils, you can always pull yellow and wear it up or with a hat for a couple days and go back. Better than leaving the bleach on too long and frying it.

Rose Nelson: That’s what I thought, waiting in between the bleachings, and sectionning the hair. I won’t use foils though because I’m gonna use Blond Me by Schwarzkopf. When do I have to start monitoring (let’s say I do the back first)?

Roman Boone: Rose Nelson: right away, you just need to get the bleach on as quick as possible and make sure the second time your not overlapping. Let’s say it takes you 10 minutes, you monitor from when you started. I usually leave on for 40 min but if I took too long to get it on I’ll pull the bag off my head and wrap the hair that needs to process little longer.

Rose Nelson: Ok thank you 🙂

Khloe Harrison: I just use an after colour shampoo. Once I pop the ends and mid length (if there even) I’d then start monitoring and watching it closely. Your heat band is very different for everyone, some take 10 minutes to come down and some may take more than 15.It’s easier to have a friend help you for the back of your head so your not missing parts. Depending how copper it comes down, or a orange/yellow, I may put it on dry just to have the colour soak up faster into the areas I’m concerned about. If I have an all over, even blonde, I’d towel dry after shampoo, really well, and then apply toner

Rose Nelson: Ok thank you! 🙂

Kelsey Payne: I wash my my clients hair with a hydrating shampoo and then put a purple shampoo and leave that on for 3-5 minutes and I tone on towel dried hair. I watch the hair through the lightener or will wipe away the lightener to see if it’s at the desired level. The ideal is the inside of a banana peel color and I can work with a yellow tone because that’s easier to cancel versus orange. Based on your comment and post I can tell you’ve been traumatized and as stylist we want clients to feel beautiful and happy. My #1 is see a stylist and have a thorough consultation and find one who you feel comfortable with and you’ve seen their work. And relax because when clients don’t trust us or are stressed it can affect our work.

Rose Nelson: The last one it’s exactly what I did. She really understood what I wanted (not a light blonde, just a beautiful one, whatever level it was, whatever tone it was, rather than what I’ve got from the previous stylist i had gone to)

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