Super Natural!

Super Natural!

Super Natural!

Add these super foods to your grocery list for a healthier diet and a healthy head of hair!

Natural Hair +Natural Products that you can eat

Add strength, shine, moisture and a big healthy dose of vitamins A,B, D & E to your tresses with mashed/ pureed avocado or avocado oil

Sweet Almond Oil:
Another top-notch sealant, almond oil has the added benefits of smoothing cuticles to prevent shedding. It also smells deliciously sweet!

(Extra Virgin) Olive Oil:
Use this long-time favorite to deep condition and seal moisturize into your strands. EVOO also makes a great hot oil treatment and helps fight hair loss.

Say bye-bye to split ends & breakage, hello to shine and manageability when you use banana to soften & protect your curls, kinks and coll!

Coconut Milk & Oil:
Not only does coconut promote hair growth, prevent dandruff, & thicken tresses, but it makes your hair smell like a topical vacay!

Honey, a natural humectant, will attract and hold moisture in dry, damaged hair. Add extra sheen & softness to it by applying to damp hair for 20min before a shampoo!


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