Washing Hair Twice a Day

Washing Hair Twice a Day

There are lots of myths about washing hair twice a day, because it can cause hair drying and may lead to hair damage along the way. If you will leave the hair for years without washing it, will it be able to cleanse itself? Nowadays, men and women unite in washing their hair more than twice daily than the earlier generations did. A lot of people practice daily hair washing and this is more than once a week. According to the latest data in UK about the sales of shampoos and conditioners along with hair styling products, it went up by around 5%.  But is this data bothersome?  You must all have heard the myth about a woman who has not shampooed her hair for several years now and it looks like silk, instead of having greasy and waxy hair.

The options vary

So how frequently do you need to wash your hair? There is no wrong and right answer for this question, because the answer differs from one person to another and with the type of hair he/she may have. If you have a fine and limp hair, you can wash your hair after a day or two, but if you want to always make it clean and fresh, then you can wash your hair daily as you wish. But make sure you only use a gentler type of shampoo for it, so that no further damage may occur to your hair.  For those with curly and coarse hair, washing your hair every 3 days is just a good idea.

Men and women find their hair more manageable and they look great after days of not washing their hair. They like it that soft and bouncy. If you cannot tell when the best time to wash is the hair is when it is waxy and oily. If there is no indication that your hair needs a good wash, then it means that you shouldn’t wash it if not needed. Those with thick and long hair must spend some time in styling their hair and they need to spend some time daily to wash the hair accordingly.

But, there are people who believe that washing the hair every day is just right. The body must be clean all the time and it is just like having clean teeth. Why will you make the hair differ from the teeth when in fact they both need the same treatment and cleanliness?  With all the residues coming from the cars and from the shampoo and conditioner you use daily, your hair must have been colored, treated and needs less washing, since the oil will travel going down to the shaft of the hair, so it can be dry and needs less washing.

Washing hair twice a day & myths you should know

Myth 1: lathering the hair to know the shampoo is effective

This is a mere myth, the more foam the shampoo produces, the cleaner your hair will be, but this is not true. You might really love and enjoy working up a good a good lather on your head, but those are just suds that were made for psychological effects only and it has nothing to do with cleansing the hair. The foaming effect happens whenever the surfactant molecules of the shampoo are mixed with the air and that makes the little bubbles. Usually, when you shampoo your hair, the head must only have enough lather to glide the hair and the scalp, so a pea size amount of shampoo on your palm is just enough to make a good hair wash.

Truth 1: the use of a clarifying formula to eliminate build up is true

If you are using a heavy hair product such as mousse, gel, pomade and wax, washing hair twice a day are just fine. If you need a clarifying shampoo, you shouldn’t use it as often as once weekly. It is composed of heavy detergent, which will eliminate the build-up on your hair and will also lead to hair damage if used daily.

Truth 2: washing hair twice a day is bad for the hair

Washing hair twice a day is bad for the hair? Daily washing is safe & healthy for the hair. Well, if you have oily hair, it is just right to wash the hair every day or even twice a day, but even if you have oily hair type, you still need to be very careful in choosing the right type of shampoo and conditioner for your hair. A gentle formula is composed of moisturizing agents, silicones, Shea butter and Panthenol. Those with coarse hair type or those with dry hair should be more careful in washing their hair daily. Regardless of the type of hair you have, if you will stay away from harsh formulas and products that will take off the natural oils from your hair, they cannot do any harm on your hair.

Myth 2: the hair will get used in the shampoo, so switching to a natural one will be the best decision

The truth is that where do people come with all of the myths? Hair is dead, so it cannot get used for anything you use. It is just your perception of how the hair will respond to the new formula you are using. If you love the brand of shampoo or hair product you use, there is no reason to switch for as long as you are just using a pea size of it.

How often should you wash your hair?

Choose the right product

The key is to choose the right type of shampoo and conditioner for your hair. If you knew that there is a need to wash daily or even two times a day, then it will be best to use a gentle type of shampoo instead. If   it is quite limp or lifeless the next day after you have washed your hair, then you may be using a shampoo and a conditioner that is very rich and thick for the type of hair you have. It may be the cause. A lot of people believe that washing the hair daily can strip off the hair’s natural oils.

Though this is really true years back when shampoos were the basic type, but these days there are brands that offer replenishing of the moisture back to the hair and scalp. A lot of researches were made about shampoos and conditioners, if you have just colored your hair, then you need to pick a shampoo that is especially intended for your hair type. Just the same, if you want your hair to become bouncy and lively, pick a shampoo that is best for your hair type.

If you feel that your hair is oily, you can use a dry shampoo or a baby powder to absorb the oil in between washes. It is probable to freshen up the hair, without wetting it and washing it with shampoo.  There are really people who haven’t shampooed their hair for several years now and they are still fine with the way they look and with the way their hair looks like. Some of them are using dry shampoo, while some are just wetting the hair and rinsing off the dirt, but they never used shampoo to clean it.

Do you know that there are 2 kinds of people out there? One is who wash his/her hair every day or even twice a day while the other one is depending on dry shampoo. If you will see someone with a headband covering the roots of the hair, probably this girl has not shampoo her hair for the past 4 or 5 days. There are conscious women who are actually hiding their hair behind a cap or headbands to hide the oiliness. These people are hiding something you don’t know and you cannot tell at all. Even if the hair washing Gods says that you need to wash your hair daily, 10 years later, washing the hair every 3 days is just a perfect routine.

But would you believe that there are men and women who actually wash their day every 8 days? It is not because they are too busy with their daily lives or they are just lazy to throw out their hair in the shower, but because they do believe that daily shampooing is not needed. If you have been worried about hair drying after shampooing your hair, you can use a coconut oil to the ends of the hair. This is the most damaged part of the hair, before you shampoo put on a small amount of coconut oil to the ends of the hair and make sure you only lather the roots of the hair.

When you rinse the hair, the shampoo will go down and glide over the ends of the hair, worry no more, because they are protected with the coconut oil. Make it a point to rinse your hair with cold water. Though this is not good during winter time, it can help the hair follicle to become shiny and frizz free too. If you have colored hair, the color will be preserved and protected if you will use cold water for rinsing. It will get harsh with hot water.

If you are a fan of hair masks, then it will be best to go natural with egg yolks. All you need to do is to mix 2 egg yolks w for 30 minutes and then rinse it from your hair. This might not smell good, but it will work. It can help in bringing back the protein and it will add shine to the hair and make it glossy. This is something that is not costly and cannot be taken from a bottle. It has a natural way of making your hair look great without damaging it.



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