Benefits of Not Washing Your Hair Daily

Benefits of Not Washing Your Hair Daily

Normally, personal hygiene is a good thing and it is an acceptable standard of normal behavior. No one wants to smell awful whenever they get along with their friends and colleagues. There are just some things, on the other hand, that cannot be applied with such like brush. For instance, washing your hair daily, is it good or bad? Are there any benefits of not washing your hair daily? It is very surprising for a lot of people to not wash their hair daily. Though, this is not true for everyone, but you need to take a closer look at how not washing the hair daily can make the hair and scalp healthier.

You might have heard about the relation of washing the hair daily with acne. Do you know that over washing your skin can actually cause acne? This is because the skin overworked and increases the production of oil that leads to oiliness. This is also the same with the scalp. After few weeks of not washing your hair daily, a lot of people report that it takes longer time for their hair to become oily. Though, during the first few weeks, a lot of them can say that they almost gave up, because they cannot manage their hair without washing it. But, given a time, the body adjusts to its usual schedule and this also goes the same way with the hair and skin.

When you wash your hair daily, the body produces a natural oil to keep the hair healthy. If you will wash this off often and apply new oil in the form of conditioner, then the scalp might react poorly to the chemicals than with the usual ones. The new chemicals you used may have synthetic formulas that can cause severe scalp dryness while making the hair smoother. This means that this short term effect may cause long term damage to the hair and to your scalp too. Washing daily can actually cause itchiness of the scalp and dandruff.

Benefits of Not Washing Your Hair Daily

Are you aware that there are benefits of not washing your hair daily? Even if you are an active individual you can go on without washing your hair. There are some who do their daily yoga session, run, jog and go to the gym. They sweat a lot, but they can manage without washing their hair daily. Though, it is somehow tempting to wash the hair every day.   Not washing of the hair daily is inspired by the NO POO MOVEMENT. The followers of this group are dumping their shampoo bottles and they use dry shampoo and baking soda instead. They admit that they have more beautiful hair in a very natural way. It is best for them and for the environment as well without spending a lot of money and with little effort only. Most of them gave up in shampoos their hair for life for certain reasons. Some benefits of not washing your hair daily are as follows:

  1. Avoiding chemically formulated products

A lot of ingredients that are hard to pronounce has something to do with the safety of the public. Most of them are carcinogenic and they can disrupt your hormone balance like DEP, which is responsible in making various products in the market fragrant. SLS is responsible in making foam for shampoos, but it can cause skin irritation and can also lead to cancer. Parabens usually work as a preservative, but they have been found to cause breast cancer tumor tissue. Washing less can help in lessening the use of the products containing these components.

2. Using less water

If you will not wash your hair daily, you can lessen your water consumption, which can also cause a big impact on the environment. Not washing the hair every day and just having a quick splash of water on the body can be a good alternative. But, lessening the amount of water your hair is using is also good for the hair and scalp, especially if your hair is colored. This is because the heat and the minerals in the shower water can strip the color from the strands of your hair. Water on its own is responsible in stripping hair color by about 80%. When you wash your hair, be sure you expose it to little amount of water if possible.

3. Save more time

Washing and styling the hair can take up a lot of your time in the morning before going to work or school. If you will lessen hair washing, you can have more time for other meaningful things in the morning like extending your sleeping hours; have a morning jog and others. Designating a day for hair washing can help you in making your time more flexible. For example, you do not wash your hair until midday comes or during your swimming time or you take a full shower at night time after going to the gym or after your tennis game.

4. Have healthier hair

One of the many benefits of not washing your hair every day is that you have healthier hair. Those who do not wash their hair for several months claimed that they have not experienced severe oiliness on their hair and scalp when they have decided to stop washing their hair. Their hair became shiny and bouncy, but never oily. Some hair experts believe that the sebum is good for the hair, the oils on your scalp have natural protective component and they are also known as the natural condition of the hair. On the other hand, there are no studies shown yet that sebum works on a supply and demand method. What you do to eliminate the oils is more about the effects of your actions.

5. Be familiar with your hair

At the end of the day, you can go on without washing your hair, but you still need to listen to your hair and scalp. It will tell you if it is about time to wash the hair and clean it. You can also use a dry shampoo, baking soda mixture and talcum powder to keep off the grease for a week or so. After summertime without washing the hair, a girl has testified that her scalp became healthier, but she learned that letting go of the routines and some regimen can help a lot. She found out that her hair has more body when it’s dirtier than when it is clean. She can go on without washing her hair for 3 days or even more. You too can also do the same; you just need to go through the adjustment period, which is the hardest part of the process. Some quit due to the hardship of this adjustment period, but when you win the battle, you will be glad and you will be proud of yourself, because you did a great job.

Additional information about the benefits of not washing your hair every day

How often do you wash your hair? This has been the question of a lot of people who wish to go through the NO POO MOVEMENT, but they are thinking twice, because they are not sure if they can go on without shampooing their hair daily. It has been said that shampoo is not good for the hair, since it has chemicals that may lead to hair dryness, hair loss and dandruff. Washing daily is also not good for the hair, because the natural oil of the scalp is stripped off during the process. There is a research saying that plain water to wash the hair is also not good for daily use, because it can cause damage to the roots of the hair.

This simply means that even if you wash your hair without a shampoo or conditioner, with water alone, you are still putting the health of your hair at risk. This is because of the contents visible in the water. Hard water is bad for the hair when compared to soft water. This means it has less number of chemicals though. You must not wash your hair daily, since hot water can eliminate the strength in the roots of the hair. The natural oil responsible in delaying premature hair graying is prone to damage from the hot water. The natural oils visible in the hair will be stripped off. Natural oil is good for the hair and scalp too. It gives the natural shine and glow on your hair, so you shouldn’t wash your hair daily.

Do you know that it’s hard to style the hair if it is newly washed? If you want your hair to be manageable and easy to style, you shouldn’t wash it daily, so you can enjoy the advantages it can bring.  Those with colored hair must keep the color for a longer time and daily washing is not a perfect solution to this. Daily washing can make your hair color fade right away. This is one of the reason why hair stylists suggest you do not wash your hair daily to preserve the color and to make it last longer. Do you know that not washing your hair for some time can make you look even better? This is true! The day you do not wash your hair will be the start of better days and perfect hair day. When you start to skip using your daily shampoo, it can help you keep the frizz off your hair and it will not look dull and dry at the same time. Refrain from using a hair dryer or hair iron to prevent the oil from stripping off.



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