What is a good dry shampoo?

What is a good dry shampoo?

Should I buy a professional product or are drug store dry shampoos okay. I am over spending lots of money on my hair. Thank you ?

Roman Baldwin: Corn starch works well for a dry shampoo or redkin

Viviana Gill: Thank you

Aiden Mendoza: I mostly use just plain cornstarch.

Leonardo Barton: Redken pillow proof.

Viviana Gill: I was looking at the Redken pillow proof. It is a bit expensive here in NZ. I do love Redken products though.

Joy Bailey: I’ve used a lot of different drug store brands, and I think my favorite so far is the renpure coconut argan one 🙂 also, applying the night before you know you will need it the next day can help also.

Rory Baker: Corn starch can actually mix with sweat and dry or get crusty. Your better off with baby powder. Talc doesn’t combine with moisture it absorbs it

Adelaide Chambers: Amika dry shampoo

Alex Ross: Smells like heaven ?

Paxton Tran: Pantene

Ryan Cruz: Out of my own curiosity what do you consider to be “overspending” on your hair? Like this is a legit question

Viviana Gill: Oh that is a hard question. I always get my hair cut and coloured, that costs me $230 NZ, Redken shampoo and conditioner $30 each, heat protectant around $35, oil around $30-50 depending on what brand. I am a great consumer of hair products ?

Ryan Cruz: Hmm. I asked because I know it can be expensive, and I myself always see if there is at least one thing I can get away with that’s mid to lower range that still works well. I did this recently for a facial serum and had surprisingly good results. Basic…See more

Ryan Cruz: I use the Tresame dry shampoo at home some times but we carry the Davines hair refresher at my salon

Viviana Gill: Thank you so much Rinna. You have been really helpful ?

Ryan Cruz: Viviana Gill: good luck! I hope you find something that works for you and doesn’t blow your budget!

Grace Mills: Baby powder ??‍♀️

Landon Todd: Amika dry shampoo is AMAZING! ??

Viviana Gill: Great ??. Thank you ?

Madison Craig: Honestly baby powder is 10000 times better then anything I’ve ever used (including the expensive brands)

Kaden Murray: Amika

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