How Often Should I Wash my Hair? (Quiz)

How Often Should I Wash my Hair? (Quiz)

A head with long and beautiful hair is something that a lot of women wished for. You have seen a lot of shampoo advertisements that use products to add shine and volume to the hair. But to add up to that, you need to wash your hair the right way and avoid over washing that may lead to hair drying. If you think that shampooing your hair daily is right, then you are mistaken. People vary when it comes to taking care of their hair. When you take the quiz about how often should I wash my hair quiz, then you will know if what you are doing to your hair is just reasonable.

There are so many people with healthy hair. Are you one of them? Some people with healthy hair are those who keep brushing her hair and take good care of it. You need to take the quiz on how often should I wash my hair quiz to know if you are doing the right thing to your hair. This will also tell if your hair is healthy or not. Some people think that they have healthy hair, but they don’t. This test will assess if your hair is healthy or not.


Quiz Questionnaires

  1. How often do you wash your hair?

__ every day, I cannot live without it.

__ Once weekly.

__ 4 times weekly.

  1. What do you use when you first wash your hair?

__the same soap I used for the body, it can clean my hair too.

__ shampoo only, conditioners are just a waste of money.

__ shampoo & conditioner.

  1. How do you shampoo the hair?

__ put on the shampoo in my hair from roots to tips.

__ I put on the shampoo straight to my scalp and work up the lather and then use the lather on my hair.

__ I pour the shampoo anywhere on the head.

  1. What is the temperature of the water when you wash your hair? #

__ I wash my hair with hot water.

__i wash my hair with very cold water.

__ I wash my hair with warm water.

  1. How do you pour the conditioner on your hair?

__ I do not use a conditioner.

__ I pour on the conditioner on my scalp.

__ I use the conditioner on my hair & not on the scalp.

  1. How bold are you in using a regular shampoo & conditioner?

__ I want to try new shampoo & conditioner that hits the market at present.

__ I only use what is available in my bathroom.

__ I am a loyalist and I stick to my brand.

  1. How do you make your hair dry?

__I use the hair dryer.

__ I use a towel to dry my hair and use a hair dryer if I’m in a hurry.

__ I normally air dry my hair. I use a towel to cover my hair after a bath, but I do not rub it with a towel and I let it dry naturally.

  1. Which word will best describe the texture of your hair?


__ Coarse


  1. When you shampoo your hair in the morning, at night time your hair is:

__ oily

__ dry

__ combination of both

  1. Your fashion sense is:

__clean cut

__laid back, but pulled together

__whatever I feel like doing for a particular time. That depends on my mood.

  1. How old are you?

__18 years old and below

__18 – 24 years of age

__ 25 – 30 years of age

__ 31 -40 years of age

__41 -50 years of age

__51-60 years of age

__ over 60 years of age

  1. What’s your gender?

__ male

__ female

  1. How often do you use hair dryers?

__every morning

__ seldom

__after washing my hair at night time

__you must be kidding. This is just a waste of time.

__ I do not own a blow dryer.

  1. Do your hairstylists know you?

__very well, I am always in the salon oftentimes.

__ quite. I am in the salon every month.

__ no, I do not go to a salon daily, I just go there yearly for my haircut.

__who needs a haircut and updo?

__i do not have the budget for it.

  1. What is your favorite shampoo & conditioner?

__ I go for a costly brand of shampoo & conditioner that fits my type of hair.

__ I go for branded products, but I look for them on sale items.

__ I only use a shampoo with conditioner in it. This is faster and easier to use.

__ I don’t really care, I just wash my hair weekly.

__ I don’t use a shampoo & conditioner that are very costly. I like washing my hair with water only.

  1. If  I saw myself in the mirror, I will…..

__ I will look at my new hairdo

__ I will just peep In but I will go away.

__i do not need to look at the mirror a lot of times, because my hair is just the same as it is.

__ who cares?  I will not waste my time looking at the mirror all day.

__ I do not have a mirror at home. This is just a waste of money.

  1. The last time you party hard, I…..

__  I had my hair done professionally

__i made a cool type of hairstyle

__ I pulled my hair back in a ponytail and I was ready then to go.

__i will just put my hair, but who cares?

__ you must be kidding me, what will I do with my hair? I do not have the budget for it.

  1. My friend tells me that my hair looks like?

__ always look great

__ it’s shiny

__ I can go through a makeover

__me & my friends have other things to do than just styling the hair

__ I do not have any friends

  1. When should I get a haircut?

__ Every time I look in a magazine, I always find the latest style that celebrities have.

__I’d like to let the hair stylists decide about the best for me.

__ I have a style of my own and I always have the same haircut.

__ who cares about my haircut anyway?

__ I don’t have money and time for that

  1. How do you color your hair?

__i do not want to damage my hair

__ I only use the shampoo I have

__i do not like to color my hair, it’s scary.

__ why should I color my hair? It is perfect as it is.

__ I do not have the money to color my hair.

  1. How often do you comb your hair?

__ all the time

__ 3 times per day

__ once a day, every morning

__ I do not need to comb my hair, I’m scared of split ends.

__i do not have the money to buy a comb.


People are so fond of taking online quizzes, especially if they are interested in the topic. They also would like to see how much they know about the topic and themselves too. Why do people take quizzes like how often should I wash my hair quiz?  Well, aside from learning new things, they also have the chance to assess themselves and the things they normally do if they are right or wrong. A few reasons why people are very much interested in taking how often should I wash my hair quiz because this is so famous online and people can easily be gratified to get it. Every blog site has a space where you can post for the score and those who get the quiz answered are so thrilled from the questions that they allow other people to beat their scores. There are lots of quizzes online and you will spend days to finish all of them. This is from movies to your personal life. You will see from there how much you know yourself.

Online quizzes are now becoming famous just like other quizzes in magazines that women would love to talk, you can to score them yourself to know better. Now women, you know how long answer a quiz is like and if your answer is all right, then you will reap the benefits of answering an online quiz and you can go on in answering other quizzes online. By answering online quizzes, you can also get instant answers to your queries. The quicker the results are, the quicker you can share them with your friends online who also took the same quiz. You do not have to wait any longer for others to know that you got a perfect score.

People play online quizzes for the reason that some of the online sites are offering huge amount of cash prizes. There are online quizzes that offer big amount of cash prizes for participants who will be able to answer the questions accurately. The prizes range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars and in Euros too, depending on the site where the quiz was made. A lot of people take the quiz for personal reasons. Some of those sites enable you to make your own quiz. This can be very entertaining as you come up with the right answer if it is more fun than a quiz. There is no wonder why people love such sites with everything that they want to have. You just need to spend some time in taking the quizzes random and be able to encourage more people to go through the same path as yours.



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