Question: Name one homemade regime that has helped you maintain a glowing face?

Question: Name one homemade regime that has helped you maintain a glowing face?

Saturday are for facials. Name one homemade regime that has helped you maintain a glowing face. Mine is tumeric,honey and lemon

Nwosu Ifeyinwa Martha: Do you mix all together

Chinwendu Lily Emeka-Ugwuibe: Yes

Mobolaji Omidire: Can it be use on the neck inorder to brighten it.

Chinwendu Lily Emeka-Ugwuibe: Yea

Aidah Titi: can it be used daily if nt wat can i use as a daily scrub?pls

Samantha Takudzwa Matsvaire: I clean my face with facewashI scrub it with mealie mealI.rinseI exfoliate with lemonThen I put vitamin eits flawless

Tessy Onwochei: Do you make use of the vitamin e oil directly on your face or you miss it with a cream

Samantha Takudzwa Matsvaire: I use it directly on face but fo whole body I mixed with my daily cream

Aidah Titi: Thanx Samantha

Ekule Deodorine: Pls what is tumeric

Tessy Onwochei: I wanted to ask that

Hyz Cailing Corpus: Its like ginger but yellow-orange in color. U can google it…

Tessy Onwochei: Can I see an image of turmeric

Ampeire Sarah:

Tessy Onwochei: I don’t know it,its looks like curry powder lol

Ampeire Sarah: Turmeric powder, Irish potato juice,honey,and natural yurgat

Ekule Deodorine: OK have seen it I will asked of it in the market

Stephina Iyklyn: pls this tumeric do you get the processed one’s for cooking rice or the raw one

Ann Karimi: Processed

Stephina Iyklyn: and does it clear spots

Stephina Iyklyn: and does it clear spots

Chinwendu Lily Emeka-Ugwuibe: Yes

Stephina Iyklyn: for do you expect it effectiveness to show

Stephina Iyklyn: for how long

Rihanat Abubakar: I use dry orange peel mix with honey rubb on my face and rinse it after 15mins

Ekereobong Isaiah: What is turmeric

Ann Karimi: Its a spice yellow in colour n sold in supermarkets

Maudline Benwari: Almost like Curry in scent, also used as spice in Jolof rice. Good for exfoliating too

Agu Chibuzo Tochi: Mine is rice water


Agu Chibuzo Tochi: Parboiled local rice or sometimes I soaked it lik 24 hrs

Tessy Onwochei: How do you use the parboiled rice water I mean how do you apply it on your face

Awotunde Bola: I use tumeric and honey, I can not use lemon cou I have sensitive face

Abang Tessy: Pls I av serious sun burn n black under eye, will did help ?

Abenaa Beauty: Mine is oats because i have wet face

George Ann: Pls Is the oat cooked?

Abenaa Beauty: No please just soak it in water to make it wet then apply it in your face just for few minutes then wash it.

George Ann: K, thanks

Stephina Iyklyn: pls if the tumeric is mixed with egg yolk does it have any effect

Bertie Elemchi: Mine is rice water

Teeophylux Etuunuu Konfortee: Pls ma, is the rice water from boiled rice or the raw rice will be washed to get the water

Ibitoye Elizabeth: What is rice water pls?

Sulaiman Kehinde: Mine is Cinnamon power nd honey.

Alero Hope Ipinko: Pls how can I get cinnamon,

Sulaiman Kehinde: Where do u stay.

Oluchukwu Edith: Please where can I get cinnamon

Alero Hope Ipinko: Ajah,Lagos

Sulaiman Kehinde: Okay. U wld get it at shoprite or any shopping mall around u

Alero Hope Ipinko: This is what I get from the super mart and I think this one is for cooking and baking

Alero Hope Ipinko: Can you send the picture of the one you got

Unique Q Oyin: Lemon and honey

Yahaya Fatima: Turmeric And Lemon

Azuka Nwanne Orizu: Tumeric ,egg White and honey

Gugu Tugwana: It makes m very dark yoo

Azuka Nwanne Orizu: What

Gugu Tugwana: Lemon,honey, tumeric mix for my face

Azuka Nwanne Orizu: Don’t use lemon use only t,egg and honey

Gugu Tugwana: Oh ok thx

Abenaa Beauty: I think the white egg rather

Ifeoluwa Bolaji: Use palmoil,honey,&tumeric for fair skin dear,

Gugu Tugwana: Thanks

Blessing Madueke Amadi: Cucumber gel

Chinwendu Lily Emeka-Ugwuibe: Blessing Madueke Amadi please throw more light

Blessing Madueke Amadi: Just get a fresh cucumber, cut a little out of it, rub the water all over ur face. It clears up pimples and glows ur face

Blessing Madueke Amadi: Another one is fresh tomatoes, cut it into two, put sugar on top. Use as facial scrub. Works like magic

Chinwendu Lily Emeka-Ugwuibe: Yeah I do this too. Thanks

Sharon Ifeoma: White sugar or brown one

Kuda G Clement: White or brown sugar

Blessing Madueke Amadi: Either of them

لطيفة كمال الدين: Wat can I use to remove kunucles& black spot

Oyinda Ayodele: Milk and Honey Gold Smoothing Sugar Scrub. Best body exfoliating experience, removes dark spots and knuckles.

Lemoha Ngozi: Pls house which one works for a fair complexion person.

Lemoha Ngozi: And also how do you clear heat rash marks

Lemoha Ngozi: Apart from face can it be used on your body.

Maureen Chinonso Aguihe: D turmeric u used Wil u grate d it or u bought d powdered one

ObaSeyi HavEaze Ajibade: In my case, I realise that most of these ingredients used are often in their natural state. This is what most industries are going back to now as #organic#cosmetology and the likes. Even the so-called most recent technologies being marketed now have long been used here as a regular culture by we #Africans. Well done #ladies. You rock!

Oluchukwu Edith: Thanks

Rachel Ajani Onuche: I’m learning

Abba Rita: Same too

Hauwa Audu: Homemade sugar scrub

Partial S’bocks: How

Onyi Ejindu: Yes how?

Akujo Grace: Am starting today yoo

Abdullahi Maimuna Ibrahim: honey n olive oil

Grace Bejide: The facial Scrub can it be used on other parts of the body?

Saddiqa Muhammad: If u so wish u can apply it all over.

Lilbet B Tezikuba: Lemon n honey,tumeric n honey

Ibitoye Elizabeth: Can the homemade facial scrub of honey,milk and white sugar be used daily?

Chinwendu Lily Emeka-Ugwuibe: In my opinion no. 2x a week is ok

Tessy Onwochei: Is it a liquid milk or a powder milk

Precious Ekpenyong: Please can I use aloe Vera and tumeric on my face?

Ibitoye Elizabeth: Powdered milk.

Thandeka Bayeni: i hv eye dark circles what can i use plz help

Celestina Chy: Use aloe vera gel and sugar or honey on it as ur day cream that’s what I used on my.All thanks to Sunval Princess Adaeze Valerie

Sunval Princess Adaeze Valerie: Celestina Chy thx sis

Ezenwamma Faithful Faith: Sis white sugar mixed with Vera gel??Celestina Chy

Gladis Adaeze Madu: Plss where can I get fenugreek oil and soybean oil in Lagos.its scarce in my side

Faith Omozuwa: I want more

Omoigho Rita: Pls want will i use 2 remove sunburn

Makonese Tumelo: Tomatoes juice

Chinwendu Nwuzor: Pls wat can i use to make my haïr grow faster

Makonese Tumelo: Just plait conrows only it will grow very fast

Chinwendu Nwuzor: Wetin be conrows

Anaesty Ante: wat is conrows pls

Onyi Ejindu: Pls does potash clear dark knuckles?

Precious Ekpenyong: Please what can I use to remove tumeric

Precious Ekpenyong: Can I use aloe Vera and tumeric on my face?

Chinwendu Lily Emeka-Ugwuibe: Yes you can

Gally Kaelo Kenneth: Drinking warm water in the morning before u eat is good too

Nmasi Obieze: it dos wot in the body?

Gally Kaelo Kenneth: Glowing skin especially face

Nmasi Obieze: thank dear…

Precious Ekpenyong: Nawa so I asked something no response

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